6 OLD / 6 NEW 2018 Challenge : January

Meridethe  at Pomegranate and Chintz and Anne  at Frayed at the Edge came up with a new challenge for 2018.  6 Old and 6 New.   The 6 Old do not have to be finishes…just some substantial progress.

” Now is the chance to put forward your list of 6 old/ufo’s, and if anything bright, new and shiny has already taken your fancy (like me), you can start your 6 new list here too.”

6 & 6 in 2018

Last year, while I did not link up every month, I did start out with their 17 in 2017 projects list and ended with it, surprised at how much I actually got done.  ( Here )

Initially I dismissed the 6/6 idea due to thinking that I’d not start anything new. Halfway in to January it dawned on me that I’d started 4 new projects already :)  So I decided to get on board with this and perhaps I’d surprise myself at the end of the year again, who knows? :)

It is my understanding that we are to focus on / link up new projects in odd-numbered months and what we are doing with our old  projects in the even numbered months.

As to the new projects that I worked on in January :

  • I had been making some Little Baskets last year following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month. Most are light and bright. I’ll continue on with that but decided to veer off into a different avenue, focusing on making them from darker, more reproduction era looks for a separate project.
  • I started an EPP Starflower project.
  • I started piecing blocks that I am calling “Blend” for this years’ Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I hope to do 3 per month.
  • I started a baby quilt project for some friends.

Right now the baby quilt is my main priority.   I know that babies love bright colors and I selected red, white and blue as my main focus, adding yellows into the border treatment.  Since the photo that I took in the collage above, I’ve finished another border and am ready to start on the last one.

As to selecting the six old projects that I want to focus on, that is difficult. I have many projects left over from the 17 in 2017 list.  Should I focus on adding a border to one or two that may not get quilted yet for ages or should I focus on finishing up some that have been started but then put away and not touched.

ONE on my list of 20 was simply a few pieced baskets and honestly, if I went back to them, having only made  3 or 4 of them, I could consider that a new project :)

I picked these 6:

  • As soon as I finish up the applique on the baby quilt and it goes to the hoop, February will find me finishing up the Botanical quilt top and binding it.
  • Orange Peels requires a border.
  • Crossroads to Jericho requires some sort of border finish.
  • Making Airship Propeller Blocks is ongoing.
  • Elizabeth’s Pride is ongoing.
  • Before I decided to make this baby quilt, Rose of Sharon was going to go into the hoop for quilting.

Hopefully I’ll make progress on each of these as well as the other leftovers from the 2017 list :)

Sharing at : My Quilt Infatuation  and Confessions of a Fabric Addict as well as with Merideth & Anne ( mentioned earlier )