Can I come up with 17 UFOs for 2017? ( January Sewing Review )

Meridethe at Pomegranite and Chintz has a linkup in regards to 17 UFO projects for 2017. HERE is her original post about the challenge. ( It’s not about attempting to finish them all but progressing somewhat on each one. )

I was curious if I could come up with that many. I went back to my sewing review from the fall, updated it, and then if I add on completed flimsy tops requiring quilting or tying down the line, I can easily list 17.

Actually, MORE than that. So can many other quilters, lol…we are a crazy bunch, are we not :)

  1. Stars and Spools : in the hoop, hand quilting: my OMG goal for January is to finish the 4th border.
  2. Flower Basket Medallion : Center block and one border are appliqued. 3 more borders to go.
  3. Airship Propeller Applique Blocks : a longterm project ; I have 5 done and one prepped. I plan to do 1 per month, possibly two.
  4. Elizabeth’s Pride:  7 applique blocks are completed.
  5. Orange Peels : This was an RSC project for 2016. Needs a border.
  6. Crossroads to Jericho, also a 2016 RSC project : the pieced blocks are done and it requires a thin border then piano keys.
  7. Hourglass scrap quilt : Whatever I do, it requires that I purchase more white fabric, as I’d used that all up.
  8. To pick up again down the line : Spools, Reproduction Fabrics Blocks ( just one set done last winter for a possible row quilt )
  9.  Cake Stand Baskets ( just 4 blocks made ages ago )
  10. Another piecing project I’d started last winter; a row quilt or sampler / who knows. I made around 8-10 blocks and stopped there.
  11. I have a basket full of HST blocks ( small ) to add to for something or other down the line.
  12. Isabel’s Rose : 4 large applique blocks surrounded by a wide border to be quilted down the line.
  13. Ben Biggs: I’d thought to combine some Ben blocks with Isabel’s Rose / plans changed. At some point I want to make more Ben Biggs blocks. I have 4 appliqued thus far for this. It may be that I’ll combine these with other red and green block patterns / on hold for now.
  14. 1857 couch quilt top to be quilted down the line
  15. Botanical couch quilt top to be quilted down the line
  16. Whimsy table runner to be quilted down the line
  17. Scrappy Granny quilt top to be quilted down the line.
  18. Improv ( of sorts ) Gradient quilt to be quilted down the line.
  19. Quilty 365 to be quilted down the line.
  20. Almost forgot Little Baskets….started to applique some of these in the latter end of 2016.

 SO FAR, I am leaning towards tying this gradient quilt fairly soon, and the next hand-quilting project after Stars and Spools is done will be Scrappy Granny.

gradient top


It’s a good year to not start anything new :)  I think this will inspire me to work on existing projects and revisit some of the piecing ones that I’d started last year and then did not pick up again. So much of what I do is slow poky applique ….I should do more piecing now and again.