Flower Basket Border Progress & RSC Blend Blocks

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month of April is yellow.  It goes along with my poor droopy and sad daffodils that tried to welcome spring and succumbed to too much cold, snow, heavy rains, wind, etc.

We warmed up a bit towards the end of this week though Thursday was incredibly windy, with some local power outages.

I managed to piece my 3 yellow blocks for my “Blend” project this month and get them sewn on to the others, and here they are on the laundry line.

I hope to applique some yellow Little Baskets during the rest of the month and perhaps get back to my Airship Propeller blocks as well, though at this point I need to lay them all out and determine what colors are needed and what are not, etc.

I did make some progress on the latest border of the Flower Basket Medallion quilt…I added my ‘boy bird’… see how the girl is prettier…and more leaves and berries. I will have to prep more leaves for further applique which I hope to do for Slow Sunday Stitching time this weekend.

( The actual border is a bit longer than this photo but I am just showing progress thus far )

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Easter, RSC Blend, and Back to the Flower Basket Medallion Project

While I have very clear memories from my childhood as to what we did at Thanksgiving and Christmas, in regards to our Easter dinner it must have been informal….or fluid in regards to custom.

As a young adult raising small boys some of my best Easter memories in regards to dinners were when my husbands’ family all gathered together at a restaurant in Prosperity, PA, called The Mansion House. This was a family style restaurant…it was almost as if you went to some super-Grandma’s house :)  We’d all be seated at long tables with lace cloth and beautiful china, and there would be nut breads and other appetizers, then the soup and salad would come, followed by the traditional Easter ham, turkey, etc. dinner.

This went on for a few years and I think it closed down or something, and after that Easter was usually about a home-cooked dinner.

A few years ago, though, the kids thought that I was joking at first when I suggested that we go out for Chinese food, versus cooking the same things that we’d basically just had at Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Well I wasn’t joking and we did that. It was wonderful…no food to prepare ourselves and no dishes to wash.  My DIL’s family has a large gathering early in the day, and then going out for Chinese in the evening works just fine.

In our area most restaurants now feature both Chinese and Japanese cuisine and the grand kids love sushi! ( No raw fish sushi, but items such as California rolls )  The restaurant that we went to this year has an ‘all you can eat’ feature which we selected for the kids. HA! The restaurant clearly lost money on those kids. Kate and the twins ate normal amounts but Brent and Javis devoured huge plates of California rolls, salad, and miso soup. Javis himself went through FOUR bowls of that soup!

Meanwhile the weather has been back and forth / up and down. Saturday was very cold. Easter Sunday when we ventured out to the restaurant we just required light jackets.  On Monday we woke up to three inches of heavy wet snow, which was pretty but we are a bit over it by now :)

By late afternoon the snow had melted and I could put this Flower Basket Medallion  out on the line for a picture since it’s been so long since I worked on it that this was faster than looking through older photos :)

Back in September of 2015 I’d ordered a Kim McLean pattern  ( some photos of that pattern and finished quilts of it are HERE )  but in the end I opted to make a version of the center but veer off on to my own in regards to the appliqued borders.

It’s been ages since I worked on this and I decided to get back to it. I have the basket and stems almost completely sewn down for the 3rd border, and then I thought to do the same on the 4th one as well.

On the 4th one, I only have the basket sewn down but I’ll continue to work on the stems during the week. I thought that if I completed the boring parts on both borders it would inspire me to continue on with the rest :)

I showed in my last post that I had been working on catching up with a piecing project for this years’ Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I did manage to finish one more green ( for March) block and get the three month’s colors for the first quarter sewn together /Here is my Blend project thus far :

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