Applique & Quilting Mid-March

Here in southwestern PA, we were not to worry about Stella the blizzard very much. We were *just* to get either 3-6 or 4-8 inches of snow. In the end, something changed and we got very little snow on Tuesday. Just enough to cover the ground.  We did have the wind.

There was a constant steady wind, percieved  by hearing the bamboo wind chimes out on the front porch. Then a gusty wind would come up ( we had up to 40 mph gusts ) and the howling and whistling through the cracks and crannies of the house was heard.

Next perhaps a minute or two of stillness, and just the ticking of the kitchen clock and the sound of the needle & thread as I pulled stitches through on the quilt, and then the chimes and the howling / whistling would start up again.

Meanwhile, as to applique & quilting, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge suggested color of the month is red. I finished appliqueing a Little Basket and another Airship Propeller block, and also finished hand quilting a red colored block in my Scrappy Granny quilt.

I am using perle cotton in the colored portion and regular quilting thread and smaller stitching in the other areas. This is the first time that I have done this and it makes for an interesting texture.

The nine blocks in the center of Scrappy Granny are all finished so as to the border blocks I can pretty much pick and choose what to do next. I decided to move on to another block with reds and birds.

Wintry birds to match the weather :)

Like this little titmouse…

In this case it is a cardinal and chickadees.

Real chickadees :)

Chickadee Collage

Real cardinal…

cardinal 2

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randoms & a bit of quilting / applique & you can’t make this sh** UP!

WINTER : Food, Doldrums and Weather :

Most winters I buy a few tomatoes and they have no taste whatsoever and I wonder why it is that I wasted my money.  Then the grape tomatoes started appearing in the stores, and they were a bit tastier. Last year my grocery store started getting these in off and on.

They are the closest thing to a real tomato that I have found yet. They are not cheap….I pay 3.99 when I can find them in the store, but they are worth it for a tomato lover. They are much larger than cherry tomatoes so one of them sliced up works on a sandwich or for a single serving salad.

If you see them in your store and have not tried them, I think that you will be pleased. They are from Mexico.

Having the winter doldrums one day I fried up a batch of zucchini just like in the summer…

It’s not the weather so much as the lack of light in the winter…but on February 1st, someone posted a meme on Facebook from our local weather guy stating that we’d be getting 1 hour + 8 minutes of extra light this month, which was a cheerful thought :)   Here’s a throwback photo of February light streaming in from a few years ago. I was working on my snowball quilt and rag rug on the loom that year:

On the 6th of February we had mild weather. It went up to around 55 degrees. The twins and I walked their dog Merle after school while Javis and Brent took off ahead of us on their bikes. It did not last..rain moved in and then colder temperatures followed, but it was a nice reprieve. This winter has had more rain than snow…not a typical winter here.

Quilting / Applique since the beginning of the month : 

As to recent sewing projects, I had put aside the Gradient Quilt tying project for awhile. I pulled it back out, finished the tying, removed all of the pins, and trimmed it up prior to binding.

As to applique, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month is Teal/ Seafoam Green/ Aquamarine…whatever we have in the way of those shades.

I appliqued three Little Baskets and am in the process of working on an Airship Propeller block in that shade as well.

Everything is sewn down aside from the caps on the propellers. I can work on those for Slow Sunday Stitching and perhaps continue on with the applique for this 2nd Flower Basket Medallion border.

I had set a One Monthly Goal to get 1/3 or 1/2 of that border done. I’ve met that goal already and I am not sure if I’ll continue on with the border and finish it or just put it aside to work on other things. I’d like to keep my focus more on hand quilting for the remainder of the month.

I have around 5 or 6 blocks done in Scrappy Granny ( meaning blocks, outlining and sashing around them ) and have started on this blue one…

Meanwhile, I have never been very political. Nor did I ever intend for this blog to be so. But I do want to mention that while I do not know the equivalent of this saying in other countries, we have one here and it is “You cannot make this sh** UP!”  meaning something so crazy or ludicrous…that it is hard to believe.

Every morning since Trump was elected, when I click on the news, I find something to remind me of that statement. Today it was Trump, holding the highest office in the land, tweeting against a store who had dropped his daughters apparel line.

Thank goodness that I am a quilter and can work it out of my system with some hand quilting or applique time.

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