Applique and the Ever Changing Weather Forecast

Many of you may already be experiencing winter storm Liam …he’s on the way here as well. The forecast keeps changing. Yesterday they said 1-3 inches of snow on Tuesday night and 1-3 on Wednesday. Then that changed for 3-5 on Wednesday. Then it changed to 1-3 / freezing rain…now it is at 3-5 / freezing rain.

On Monday I had just been up for a wee bit, when around 6:00 I received a text from my DIL asking if I could watch the kids due to the 2 hour school delay. What? I didn’t see much snow out there. However under it was ice, so this seems to be a common pattern lately.

For those of you who do not have this experience, let me tell you…. it’s so much fun to take 5-6 inches of snow off of your steps, walkway and car just to discover ice underneath, all in bitter temperatures :)

At time like these I am glad to be a dog” says Koopa, my youngest son’s dog, a blue nose pit bull.

Recently I finished up a Little Basket, the last two sections of this EPP  Starflower, and the last little Elizabeth’s Pride applique block.

Elizabeth’s Pride has a large center applique block with an Eagle. I am not sure if I want to make that block or a floral alternative so I’ll think on that for awhile :)  One reason is that I used the Eagle block for a different quilt a few years ago. There are plenty of other things to work on while I come to a decision :)

And whatever I have to shovel or scrape in the morning I remind myself that this will follow eventually :)

For those of you in the path of Liam I hope that you are safe / will be safe.

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Applique, Quilting, and a Christmas Recap

My oldest son, girlfriend and her son came in from St. Louis over Christmas. They stopped at Ogleby Park in West Virginia on Saturday night for the Festival of Lights.  Then they split their two days between our family and his dad’s.  One of their gifts for the children was making slime.

The other gift was some controllers to go with the XBOX that my youngest son and I went in on for the kids.

Here’s the middle son’s family ready to go to a Christmas Eve party. I can’t believe that they didn’t get poor Merle a blue bandanna to match for the picture ! :)

I am happy to just use the girl’s photos from their Facebook posts. I never brought out the camera once…though I had a cold and how can you take photos when your nose is running 24/7 requiring a blow every ten seconds? Well, you cannot :)  Nor did I want to spread my germs and stayed away for most of the celebration. It’s just not worth it to make everyone sick along with you.

My youngest son’s dog Koopa had sympathy and cuddles for me…if I am watching something from Netflix on the computer, he jumps behind me and cuddles up. I started watching “The Last Kingdom” after finishing up “The Crown”.   I loved the second season of the Crown as much as the first. “The Last Kingdom” is riveting…I just turn my head away a lot during the battle scenes!

I finished up the motifs on an Elizabeth’s Pride block ( left ) and then started the prep and applique on another one ( right) a week or so ago. I finished it up the day after Christmas.

I think that I have just one more small block to applique prior to tackling the center one. It’s something that I work on here and there….no hurry.

I’ve been doing more reading than quilting over the last few weeks but I have made progress on the last Botanical block. I finished hand quilting the one set of parallel lines and am now on to the second to create the cross hatch.

I hope that you had a nice Christmas. We had a White Christmas with about two inches of snow on the ground that morning. Just enough to be pretty but not enough to cause too much trouble. I am in Southwestern Pa. I read that up north, Erie PA set some records….they got over 4 feet of snow .  We’ve had close to 3 feet here off and on ; I know what that is like. I certainly wouldn’t want that over Christmas. Yet I know that the horrific fires in California continue on….so much destruction and loss.  Snow melts eventually. Fires consume :(

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