Slow Stitching in the Christmas Season

I hope that you are enjoying the Christmas season thus far. I’ve been watching Christmas-themed flash mob short movies on You Tube recently ; everything from the carefully staged and magnificent United States Air Force band during the past few years to Gospel singers flash mobbing in Macy’s and the entire store singing along with them.

Each and every one of them had me teary-eyed.  There were others that showed up as well….dancers showing up doing a Lindy Hop at one location and Irish dancers at another. I realized that I was getting teary eyed about everything because the political climate has been so awful this last year, there is so much going on around the world in the way of war and suffering, there are so many disasters….the horrific fires in California going on now…. and yet these videos showed what I think that God intended for us to be like.

Earlier in December I was able to get a quick but decent shot of the Super Moon from my front porch. Wasn’t she a beauty!

There’s a new sweet shop in town. They have the cutest name! “Glazed and Confused”.    My youngest son’s been there on two occasions and raved about them and brought home some donuts.  The middle son and DIL took the kids there the other day and she posted a picture on Facebook.  They too were raving about it and said that it was not expensive, either. Eight people at a cost of 25.00 for desserts and drinks.

As to my Slow Stitching, this week I quilted inside the four motifs of this Botanical block, and am on the final one in regards to outlining them. From there, I’ll move to a cross hatch.

I have two more applique motifs to add on to this Elizabeth’s Pride block, which I’d been working on over the last two days and hope to finish up on Sunday along with other Slow Stitchers over at Kathy’s Quilts.

I don’t know if I’ll post again prior to Christmas ( though I’ll still visit around )   If not, wishing you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah.

Meanwhile, I recently saw some close friends of my son on FB. Wife is urging Husband to give her a puppy for Christmas.  They have a two year old son. I chimed in advising them to wait until the spring unless they want to go out every 20 minutes in the bitter cold during winter to potty train, like I did helping my son and DIL when they got this baby two Christmases ago.

I think that I convinced them to wait after thinking about the COLD hard truth :)  I am in PA. Currently highs in the 30s and lows in the teens and that is just the beginning :)

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Elizabeth’s Pride blocks thus far

In a previous post I showed Lori Smith’s Elizabeth’s Pride pattern that I’ve worked on here and there.

I just finished up my 11th block and decided to photograph all that I have completed thus far , since I have worked on them sporadically.

The latest completed block  is the 3rd one over on the top of the collage.  I do not have a design wall so I was placing them on a little white board on the floor; helter skelter.

Prep work on the next one is started :

We finally had a frost that killed off the majority of my flowers, followed by rainy days all week, making it impossible to do anything outdoors in the way of cleanup in the garden.  More rain is on the way.

The back yard is too muddy….just chill indoors :)

I also finally completed the hand quilting in another Botanical Album block and have moved over to the next-to-the-last one.

These are big blocks so they take awhile : )

Finally, a Great Recipe for you  : )  A few years back, my Dil’s aunt had made this pumpkin pie cake. We all loved it and I made one later on.

cake slice

Well, she made it for Halloween night and I thought to share the recipe again ( Trust me, it is a good one :)

Delicious Pumpkin Pie Cake Recipe

Sharing at Kathy’s Quilts