New Years Weekend & Little Baskets

New Years Day morning was one degree with a wind chill of -15.  The youngest was watching a friends house and staying there with his dog Koopa. I ended up with Merle overnight….none of the action shots of him playing with my dogs came out ; they were just a blur.

I had Merle because my middle son and family wanted to go to their friends house and stay overnight. They have done this for several years. The friends have a big old house and a big family. I took one of the photos that the girls uploaded to Facebook this morning and played around with it a bit. It looks like they had four of my son and DIL’s, their five, and three more around the table. The children are saying their first grace of 2018 :)

Here, pork roast with caramelized onions and some apples simmered in the crockpot, and sauerkraut was in the oven.  The traditional New Year meal around here is pork, kraut, and mashed potatoes, as well as keilbasa oftentimes.   I had enough to send some home with my son when he came to collect Merle.

For my Little Baskets, I had been following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color suggestion of the month. It kept me on track to make a few each month but in November and December I focused on some floral applique blocks instead.   Playing catch-up, the colors for the end of the  year were browns or blacks.

Now I have a recommendation for you. I stumbled across “The Shelbourne Hotel” on Amazon, thinking that it might be a period piece like Downton Abbey or something similar. If you like that sort of show, you will like this ( I think! ) though it is a real-life series.  The Shelbourne is a famous hotel in Ireland and this series walks you through its 190th year.

If you think “Upstairs Downstairs” this is all about the Downstairs and what the staff go through to created absolute perfection for their guests. Each segment is around 20 minutes or so…an easy watch while having lunch or something.  On Friday, I watched one while having lunch and came up for air 3 or 4 segments later, lol!   I especially enjoyed what goes on in the kitchens….anyway, try it out if you are looking for something new to watch:)

Happy New Year  :)

Merle empties the beer keg

I was going to blog-break through Christmas but couldn’t resist posting this story.

This is Merle, two Christmas seasons ago, as a Rottweiler-Lab mix Christmas puppy present to the grandkids.

And this is a Kegorator picture that I pulled off of the Internet via Best Buy. My son was the recipient of one about a year or so ago, free, via a friend of a friend.   ( Not this particular model but something similar )

While Merle is now a rambunctious two year old, when my son posted on Facebook over the weekend that Merle had emptied a half keg of beer that he’d purchased in anticipation of the upcoming holidays, while he and my DIL were at a Christmas party…..I couldn’t understand how Merle could have tipped over and emptied a keg??

It wasn’t until the next day that my DIL explained. Evidently the cat was on top of the Kegorator and Merle jumped up to play or something….pushed that lever, and the beer began to flow.

I don’t know if any of you have read the book about the dog “Marly” but this reminded me of it, and I think that Merle one-upped Marly in this incident! :)

Merry Christmas from Merle who luckily is not your dog  :)

Seriously, while they had a big mess to deal with, they didn’t even punish him…it was an accident.

Here’s hoping that your Christmas and New Years goes smoothly with no accidents :)