Sewing Review : Back to that 17 in 2017 list

Back in January I joined this, that and the other organizational thing about completing quilt projects on a monthly, quarterly and yearly goal agenda. I lasted a few months and stopped linking up and just went my own way.

My original January list is HERE for my records. With 2/3 of the year gone I thought it might be a good time to do a sewing review.

While I did not work on the entire list I did tackle some of it.

  • I had 5 Airship Propeller blocks done, and just followed the Rainbow Scrap Challenge suggested color of the month and now have 12.
  • I did the same with my Little Baskets, and now have 31.
  • I had 7 Elizabeth’s Pride blocks completed and am up to 10.
Some Quilt Finishes :
  • February 2017 : Finished tying and binding this gradient quilt for my youngest son / I’d started it while participating in  a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project
  • April : Stars and Spools was completed : Applique, EPP hexies and extensive hand quilting
  • July : Tied my Quilty 365 quilt top
  • August : Scrappy Granny finished : extensively hand quilted
  • Also in this collage another border was completed for the Flower Medallion.
At some point during the early months of the winter I’d machine quilted this ( very simply ) but I can’t find a photo once I’d done that / it was given away.
whimsy table runner TOP on line
 Nor could I find a photo of the Flower Basket Medallion with the second border attached, so perhaps I’d worked on these around the same time and just forgotten to update. I brought the Flower Basket Medallion out for a photo today.
Also out for a photo is the 1857 quilt, tied and binding finished, prior to going in to the wash with some color catchers.  Scrappy Granny is down at my son’s house and that is where this one is going as well.  ( Though Scrappy Granny has not been washed as yet….the kids can use it for awhile and I’ll bring it home for a wash later on. ) It will go to my oldest son for his birthday in November.
 This Botanical Album top has been sandwiched and is in my hoop for hand quilting, with one block completed.
From that very long list of mine in January, I progressed on four projects, and finished 5 quilts, with the 6th one in the hoop.
Meanwhile, as I sat sewing the binding on the 1857 top this week I had the news on quite a bit, online. Hurricane Harvey and the devastation, the horrific flooding, the heroic efforts of the rescuers ( both professional and volunteer ) is pretty much all that I could think of. And with its second landing and Port Arthur and other areas flooding today, it just gets worse and worse.  I add my thoughts and prayers with everyone else for the people in Texas.

OMG: Flower Basket Medallion Border Finish

Early in the month I had posted for my One Monthly Goal ( OMG )  that I would like to get at least 1/3  – 1/2 way through this border. At the beginning I had the basket and stems sewn down.

I am happy to report that I managed to finish the second border section for my Flower Basket Medallion project.

As a reference, here is the first border that I finished up at the end of December.


These are to go around a center that is from a Kim McClean design, though the borders are my own.

This center was finished up in early December.

These two finished borders will go along the sides. As to what I will do for the top and bottom I am not sure yet. I’d like them to be similar but a bit different.

As to 17 in 2017 this month ( I actually had 20 on my list ) along with working on this border,  I appliqued another airship propeller block and some little baskets in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month, finished tying and binding the Gradient quilt, and progressed a bit futher on my current quilt in the hoop. The Gradient quilt has gone home with my youngest son.

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