Weather Extremes, Applique & Quilting

Our morning temperatures have been in the 30’s lately. Friday was an unusual day for our area as it climbed to 73 degrees in the afternoon.

I spent time outdoors late afternoon taking down the hyacinth bean vine, doing some more cleanup in the front, and trimming more bushes in the back. When I was out there I loved how the light was shining on one of my tall grasses, so I went in for the camera. And to change shirts as I was beginning to get hot ! 


Thinking that Saturday was going to be rather full, I also took a photo of applique projects as they stood that afternoon.

I had started a new Airship Propeller block.  When I am prepping fabric for that or other projects, I thought to also start some little baskets. This basket is done.  The Airship has a ways to go. The Elizabeth’s Pride floral block had the pink portion of the blooms sewn down, and I just had to go in with crimson thread and sew down the remainder of the flowers and add berries.


Karen got me interested in the Airship Propeller blocks and then I thought that it might be fun if she did some baskets too.  Ours are both a bit different so that will be enjoyable to compare them as we go along.  It’s a great long term project for using up scraps. Karen’s first set of baskets are HERE.

I had mentioned that I thought that Saturday would be pretty busy. My DILs’ sister had organized a large contingent of her family and in-laws’ family for a photo shoot at a local park. I was going to photograph all 15 little cousins, then do group family shots. Well, when she had planned this, it was due to a 5 or 10 day forecast that said we’d have a high of 52 degrees.

We didn’t realize that 52 was going to end up being an early morning high with temperatures plummeting rapidly. When I came out of the grocery store that morning at around 10:30 it had already dropped down to 39 degrees and I was bombarded with an icy rain and bone-chilling wind.  Needless to say, it was all cancelled.

So I visited with my sons’ family for awhile…I had picked up a Christmas cactus at the store for them as well as for myself. After unloading groceries, doing some laundry and having lunch, I finished up the Elizabeth’s Pride block. Here are all seven thus far :


I started back to work on the Airship Propeller block.


At this point I went in to the kitchen to start some dinner and noticed our first snowflakes coming down. I do not think that my area is due for much accumulation overnight and in to Sunday but we are to have the cold and wind continue ; down to the twenties tonight and not much warmer on Sunday.

I have plenty of applique and quilting to keep me busy for Slow Stitching time on Sunday.

Here is where I am in regards to hand quilting the Stars and Spools quilt. I have to finish outlining this leaf, add another set of lines below it, one set further on, and then I am ready to move the hoop to work on a feather motif at the end of this border.


I doubt that I’ll post anything else prior to Thanksgiving so here’s wishing all of you ( in the U.S.A who have this holiday ) a wonderful one! :)

As to the weather and the drearies, well we had a nice long extended mild fall…this was bound to happen. Cheer up, Kanga kitty….at least the steam heat radiators will be nice and warm for you as you watch the birds outside.


Did you get hit with a big change this weekend where you are? 

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Sewing Under the Supermoon

I read on several news sites that our November full moon was to be a Supermoon.

The supermoon (perigee full moon) on November 14, 2016, will bring the moon closer to Earth than it has been since January 26, 1948. What’s more, the moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. That makes the November 2016 full moon the closest and largest supermoon in a period of 86 years!”   (  From )

I had read that she would appear to be the largest prior to dawn in my area, so that is when I went outdoors for a photo. Had I not read any of this, I would have just appreciated the full moon; she didn’t appear much different to me :)


There’s a lot of interesting info out there in regards to how the moon affects our behavior, and the tides, and growing things, and how prior to electricity womens’ cycles were mostly attuned to the moon.

Therefore, this Supermoon’s influence is most likely why I decided to start something new after recently vowing not to.

However,  I did say that I didn’t want to start anything new for 2017, and it is still 2016 :) I decided to start making some little baskets here and there.

No big deal….when I have some fabric out for something else, I’ll just add a basket or two to the prep.


Prior to further prep work or anything else,  I wanted to finish up the last Orange Peel block for this row. I sewed that completed row onto the others. This is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.


While many Rainbow Scrappers are working on finishing up their projects for the year, I’ll be putting mine in the closet to bring out at some point next year.  I think that the seasons affect my quilting and I’ll want to work with brighter colors again in a few months, but not now.

I seem to want to work with darker colors that reflect the season. I have started another Elizabeth’s Pride block.


The moon was just as pretty on the 15th, with some clouds surrounding her that morning, so I got a few more shots.


Meanwhile, as to our Small Town Tragedy that I posted about last week, the funeral is on Wednesday. At least four school districts as well as the Catholic and Christian private schools have early dismissals or have cancelled altogether due to the traffic issues. Many businesses are doing the same.

The staging area is in one town, the funeral home is in a different town, and the church another. Then they’ll proceed from the church down to my little borough and turn right to go through Canonsburg and then to another township for internment in the Veteran’s cemetery.

There are to be 1000 police vehicles, firetrucks ( he was also a volunteer fireman ) and then family, church members, friends, community supporters, etc. After all of that, there is to be a Celebration of Life service at the County fairgrounds, so all of that traffic and more will come back this way again. My DIL and I will probably walk down into the borough to pay our respects as the procession goes by…I do not think that the children will ever see such a thing again. I hope not, anyway.

These roasted vegetables ( leeks, potatoes & cauliflower ) coming out of the oven will be the basis for a nice hearty and creamy the- kids-are-home-from-school soup for us all tomorrow.


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