2017 Finish-A-Long 1st Quarter

I was visiting Bernie over at Needle and Foot, and she had posted about a Finish-A-Long that she was joining.

My projects are generally very long term….lots of hand work….but this party is a quarterly one and I actually have a few that might be finished by the end of March so I decided to join in the fun and the chance to win prizes :)


Here are 4 projects :

  • Stars & Spools is being hand quilted and I hope to finish handquilting the final border by the end of January and then machine quilt the thin outer border and bind it in February. This is comprised of a center star ( Jinny Beyer template ) and six inch spools, EPP hexies and stars and various applique elements…I just made it up as I went along.
  • Gradient Quilt is an RSC16 project / sort of an ‘improv’ thing..I am in process of tying it / it will be for my youngest son, who likes the Grateful Dead, hence the Skulls and Roses on the Backing
  • Whimsy Table Runner is another make-it-up-as-I-went-along project and needs to be machine quilted in some simple manner.
  • Scrappy Granny will not be completed by the end of March but it is the next quilt to be hand quilted and hopefully I’ll show some progress by the end of the quarter on that. I have added another border to Scrappy Granny since that photo was taken a few months ago.


This event is a global one, with many hostesses. I’ll link up with Bernie’s suggested link  at Rhonda’s Ramblings :)

Bernie’s Having a Blast

Not too long ago, I’d mentioned Bernie over at Needle and Foot.  Some of you may remember that because you went and visited her amazing post about her and her sisters :   Four Weddings and Four Dresses  and many of you came back to tell me how much you had enjoyed that post! :)

If you read that post, you can only imagine what a family of seamstresses might do in regards to Halloween costumes.

Sigh.  I am woefully SO lacking in that sort of thing. I am the sort of mom that slapped some makeup and a wig on my boys ( hippie, pirate, whatever ) and out the door we went. In my defense, most Halloweens were cold, many with snow, and no one would see a costume….just the face anyway.

But Bernie’s having a blast planning her first link up party, and it is for Halloween. She wants to have it early enough so that people like ME might get some good ideas from people like HER and YOU :)

THIS IS FOR ALL CRAFTS, DECOR, RECIPES, ANYTHING…not only sewing which is why I wanted to let EVERYONE KNOW:)  She’s got prizes lined up too…because let’s face it…if you show up, there better be some Treats, right? :)

Brent thumbs up his pumpkin


Head on over to Needle and Foot for more information HERE