Front porch views : pictorial



finch on sock

porch life collage one


squirrel collage

flag and flowers collage

finch by other sock

can and vine

front porch sewing clouds collage

finch on sock collage


super spider web

blue jay on porch by chair collage

angel holds sunflower seeds


squirrel on railing so cute

morning glories


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The Front Porch : many a happy day

I was going to compile a wordless Wednesday sort of pictorial about views from the front porch this year, but I went in a different direction. You see, yesterday was my middle son’s birthday, and I baked his favorite cake ( spice with chocolate icing ) and while it was baking I looked through some old pictures. I came across a baby-faced young soldier sitting on the porch steps prior to leaving for Iraq.

Scott's pics 056

So I decided to do a different sort of post, since this front porch has seen a lot of living out here in the last decade. I don’t bother with my house too much during the months that I can be out on the front porch. Oh, I vacuum, clean and dust but unless it is too hot or humid, I prefer to be out there.

front porch larger view of one side

If I am sewing or reading, I am in the opposite corner in another wicker chair. The table next to it will generally hold a book or two, and often the quilt hoop. If the family is over, the children will either be playing in the backyard or on the front porch, as long as the weather permits.

Brent playing blocks and cars on porch

In years past, I had the sandbox in the far corner, when my grandson was younger. When he was a baby, the baby pool was there as well ! :)

Photo ops were generally on the front porch.

And special moments…sitting on the porch steps after spreading some cracked corn for the birds and waiting for the little squirrel to come back and eat more peanuts ( while my grandson ate his share as well :) To this day he still calls peanuts “squirrel’s nuts” .

i can eat some squirrels nuts too

Flowers, fruit and cookies have been served on the front porch.

Embroidery lessons have occurred there as well.

Kate sewing

Storms and eerie light have been viewed from this porch.

eerie light after evening severe storm

Double rainbows have amazed and delighted us as well.

After a good rainstorm, it’s nice to leave the porch and head for the puddles.

On a hot, sultry day it would be best to have some lemonade out here.

lemonade 2

When that soldier returned home, it was not lemonade out on the porch, but a keg of beer.


I have to smile, looking back…while I had a big party here with wings, sides, a fancy cake, etc., I also had to have the meal he’d requested and missed the most…kielbasa, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes :) All he could think of then was the new motorcycle he was going to purchase…at the time he wasn’t thinking about porch parties to welcome new babies!

front porch when brent was born

Many a happy day has occurred on this front porch.

Oh happy day sign

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