Gardening & Back to Quilting

I took a break from quilting for a week or two and devoured a few fiction books instead.

So many stitches ; maybe I needed that break :)

I have returned to Scrappy Granny ; this is the last block area.

While it is certainly hot enough this week for ice cream bars, I am enjoying Pennsylvania peaches.

Last week was steamy and muggy and we had storms and downpours every day.  The weather changed on the day of Superman’s Wedding ( previous post ).

Now it is the opposite ; quite hot, in the 90’s. and dry. I mowed one day, started the weeding process the next day, and there are quite a lot of weeds. Why do they flourish more from the rain than the flowers? Not fair! :)

I planted just about everything this year from seeds rather than purchasing annual plants already started from a nursery. Those look to be coming in to bloom soon. Right now I have a nice amount of perennials in bloom.

Grapes are coming along,  a tall lily ( half-fallen over from downpours ) and the rose of sharon bushes :

After the first round of roses were done, new growth came and another round is in bloom. I dug up roadside phlox a few years ago and that has started blooming now. The orange coneflowers are flourishing.

I was knee deep in phlox by the roadside, early morning, picking them for my son’s wedding a few years ago.  I was drenched with the early morning dew when I was done, but I also had a bucket with one plant for my garden to remember it all by. For some reason, it blooms about a month later here than in the wild.

While I had to dead-head quite a few, many daisies are still in bloom. The Russian Sage is spilling over the sidewalk.

The bees love it.

Meanwhile, in exploring Blogland here and there, I have seen one or two bloggers question why less comments / visitors / posts / is everyone going to Instagram / or what-have-you.

Curious, I went to my stats.  I recently did a post on a family wedding. In a 3 day period, I saw

  • 176 Sunday
  • 393 Monday
  • 172 Tuesday ( as of Tuesday, around 6;30 when I checked )

I am bloggging less than I used to but I’ve not gone the Instagram route yet. I generally try to comment but sometimes I just fly through and do not. I used to join a lot of link-up parties and don’t bother much with that anymore.  I suppose that after a few years many of us change our blogging /reading habits…have you?

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My son and DIL had both taken days off from work on the 5th of July and they took the children to Ohiopyle. A few pics from my DIL that I saved and compiled into a collage….

They also took Merle, their dog, and Tallica said that he was very anxious about the kids jumping off cliffs in to the water…like a worried Mama : )

While I love that place, I did not go with them. Awhile back I’d had some work done on my back porch, replacing wood, etc. and that day the guy came to start on the painting….he’s a family friend and he also did some bush trimming for me as a favor. I have done everything with hand tools and need to invest in an electric trimmer like he has in the near future.

I kept thinking of the girls under the waterfall as I was outside in the afternoon heat sweating as I raked branches and worked alongside him for awhile :)  Some were in the spare garbage cans and some piled up for him to haul away later.

The forecast was for rain the next day or two so we agreed that he’d return when all of the rain passed.

Of course they are usually wrong…and this was no exception.

The entire day ( Thursday ) had no rain until around 4: 30 but it was so humid and ‘muggy’ that you could cut the air with a knife. If you live in an area where it is hot and dry I don’t know any way to explain it other than we’d prefer 90 degrees and dry than 75 degrees and humid :)

I may take a little blogging break …lots of yard work coming up after these rains, nothing exciting going on in the way of sewing aside from finishing up hand quilting on Scrappy Granny and next weekend I am the photographer for a wedding.  I will finish this post by showing these coneflowers. I have the standard pink Echinacea / Coneflowers in the back of my house but I purchased and planted these in the front last year.  The transition that they go through upon opening to the finished product ( on the left ) is fascinating to me :)

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