Many many years ago

Many many years ago, I’d taken my MIL to see the movie ‘Coal Miners Daughter’ about Loretta Lynn. Seeing the poverty in the beginning of the movie, she started to cry, because they’d grown up like that. She recalls catalog pages covering the walls of a room to decorate it.

After 17 years of marriage the boys dad and I separated but never formally divorced.  No lawyers got rich from our separation :)    He died on April 4 and I brought home a huge cardboard box of photos….I’ve been sorting them and digitally reproducing some for his family prior to us deciding what to keep and what to pass on.

I thought I’d share a few with you.

Back in the day people had large families.  This particular family was combined because according to custom when a brother died, the next in line brought the widow and children over from Italy to live with his own family. I can’t fathom the laundry and cooking that went on! The original photo is from 1929:

Some of those girls grew up and posed with their babies :

Some of the boys went off to be soldiers…

Other ones married sweet lovely women like this one and joined with a few other brothers to establish a family business…

Many many years later, whether the family members were rich from that family business, or had just made their way into the middle class, or whatever their monetary status was, they all still got together on a regular basis.

At first their Christmas get-togethers were in the finished basement of one of the children who had a large home. Later as the family grew a local hall had to be rented out. Easter egg hunts were held at a common property…an old log cabin with a lake across from it. I was married there :) 

But what I loved the most were the get-togethers when homemade pizza was made. An assembly line was created then the pizzas went into an outdoor oven. Everything from the dough to the sauce was homemade. Experts like my MIL and her sisters were in charge of that….young marrieds like me were in charge of assembling, carrying and doing the dishes :)  The uncles were in charge of the oven and the baking.

That is me and the boys dad in the lower left photo and Scott, my middle son chowing down in the striped shirt in the group photo :)

Meanwhile speaking of that middle son, he was very cute as a little boy and digging through all of these photos and momentos covering a century, I see that my MIL kept a card that I’d made for her when he was little :)

And here I was with my oldest prior to the other two being born. WOW I was like a size 5, lol ! :)

If you like old photos I have a Family Tree Research category on the right …my family delved into our family tree and I have lots of old photos in those posts. Like my grandparents here with my mom and uncle :

Mum Bup Glenn and Janet

And if not, that is fine / wishing you a wonderful week :)

I have not sewn much or accomplished much this last month in the way of normal things in my life.  His death, the youngest moving in with his dog, being executor and weaving my way through that mess…every call to a bank or utility involves a long battle with a robot to get through to a human…well, it has just been something :)  I hope to find a balance or ‘back-to-normal’ mode soon.

More Old Photos from the early 1900’s

This last post in regards to the family tree series is just going to show some photos of my grandparents when they were young, and when my mom Janet and my uncle Glenn were young children.

The history of the family has been covered in prior posts.

There are a few pictures of my grandparents when they were very young and either newly married or dating in the previous post in this series. If you missed that it’s worth it for the clothes and bathing suits HERE  :)

Here is another one from when they were very young, and I just love their clothes. Clearly this would have been before church or at a special event, because neither of them was rich and these were very good outfits. I don’t have a wedding picture of them, come to think of it…

Mum and Bup very young

And then here is my Aunt Ruth with my mother and uncle. Aunt Ruth lived next door…there’s a post about my grandparent’s home and her place, the original homestead in the series.

Aunt Ruth Janet as baby and Glenn

My grandmother when she was a bit older ( love this picture of her and the coat! : )  From some other pictures that I have this might have been around the time that my mom got married.

Ida Mae Zeiler young woman in coat

Ida Mae, Wilbert, Glenn and Janet :

Mum young mother with children

Mum Bup Glenn and Janet

Glenn and Janet when she was a baby

Janet as little girl

Glenn Janet and dog

I did ask my mom if she recalled what dog this might have been but she did not. I am not sure where the photo was taken; it is possible that it is someone else’s dog or that she was too little to remember it, if it was one of theirs.

Wilbert Ida and Janet as young girl

bup glenn and janet

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