More Old Photos from the early 1900’s

This last post in regards to the family tree series is just going to show some photos of my grandparents when they were young, and when my mom Janet and my uncle Glenn were young children.

The history of the family has been covered in prior posts.

There are a few pictures of my grandparents when they were very young and either newly married or dating in the previous post in this series. If you missed that it’s worth it for the clothes and bathing suits HERE  :)

Here is another one from when they were very young, and I just love their clothes. Clearly this would have been before church or at a special event, because neither of them was rich and these were very good outfits. I don’t have a wedding picture of them, come to think of it…

Mum and Bup very young

And then here is my Aunt Ruth with my mother and uncle. Aunt Ruth lived next door…there’s a post about my grandparent’s home and her place, the original homestead in the series.

Aunt Ruth Janet as baby and Glenn

My grandmother when she was a bit older ( love this picture of her and the coat! : )  From some other pictures that I have this might have been around the time that my mom got married.

Ida Mae Zeiler young woman in coat

Ida Mae, Wilbert, Glenn and Janet :

Mum young mother with children

Mum Bup Glenn and Janet

Glenn and Janet when she was a baby

Janet as little girl

Glenn Janet and dog

I did ask my mom if she recalled what dog this might have been but she did not. I am not sure where the photo was taken; it is possible that it is someone else’s dog or that she was too little to remember it, if it was one of theirs.

Wilbert Ida and Janet as young girl

bup glenn and janet

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Family Photos from the early 1900’s

My grandmother, Ida Mae Hamel, had many siblings, and one of them was her older brother Walter. My grandfather Wilbert Adam Zeiler also had many siblings, and one was his older sister Minnie.

Walter and Minnie got married.

And that is why sorting out cousins was confusing sometimes since some of us were related to both of my grandparents :)

If you have been following the family tree posts, or have read one or two of them, you might recall this picture. Taken around 1910,  my grandmother was the youngest child of John and Emma. She is the little white-blond hair girl seated in front of John.   Her older brother Walter was married and holding his son Kenneth ( on the far left in the back ) and Minnie was to the left of John, middle row, holding their daughter Ellen.

JohnEmmaSonsDaughterGrandkidsCropped Closer

Both my grandmother and my grandfather were the youngest of large families. Since the marriage of Walter & Minnie, the children must have hung out with each other from time to time.  Here is Kenneth, the little boy in the above picture, and my grandfather when they were young men:

Wilbert and Kenneth as young men

Wilbert and Ida and Kenneth and Ida Amalie ( whether these couples were married at the time or still dating I do not know, but clearly Ida was a popular name at the time. )

Ida and Wilbert and mystery couple

Another bathing suit photo:

bathing suits

Ida and Wilbert, and again not sure if they were dating or married here but I love his hair : )

Ida and Wilbert young

The moms and aunts hung out as well. Emma Hamel on the left, what I think is one of her sisters next to her, (possibly Bertha or Clara )  and then  2nd to the left is  Margaret Zeiler and to the left of her is her sister Lena.


Before I get any further in regards to more pictures of my grandparents when they were together in the early days, if you like old pictures to study the clothing and styles, and since I have them…here’s a bit of variety.

MINNIE when she was young, on the left, and a member of a baseball team:

Minnie Zeiler Baseball

My grandfather Wilbert was into sports as well but by now I don’t recall if this was cropped from a soccer or baseball team photo: ( nor do I know why some of these old photos present such dark areas around the eyes, making young people appear to be much older. I can edit these photos-of-photos-of-photos a wee bit, but not much. )

wilbert either with soccer or baseball team

Minnie on a bike:

Minnie Zeiler on Bike

Minnie and her children, 1919 :

Minnie Zeiler and children 1919

I will wrap up this series in the next post, with photos of my grandparents when young , young marrieds, and when their two children, my mom and uncle were young. There will be more family photos from the early 1900’s and beyond.

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