A favorite childhood toy

I am sure that we are all familiar with the story of “The Velveteen Rabbit” and that some of us may have had a favorite childhood toy or stuffed animal similar to that scenario.

My son and DIL and the grands went off to Myrtle Beach for the past week as mentioned in a previous post.  While I was sent sporadic pictures and updated as to their goings-on  during the week, my DIL posted a lot of pictures on FB once they returned.

Two or three years ago, my oldest son was back here from St. Louis and took the grands to Toys R US for a Christmas shopping spree. They could pick anything that they wanted for $50.00 or less.

None of us remember what the other kids picked, but Aiselyn picked a stuffed seal.

SEALY is her Velveteen Rabbit and he went on vacation with her :) Out of all of the pool and ocean and roller-coaster etc. pictures this is my favorite :) It was a 10 hour drive:

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Slice of Life : 4th of July Week

Melting on the 4th of July this year:)

It hit 98 degrees around 3:00 p.m. in my little borough south of Pittsburgh on the 4th of July.

As I indicated in a prior post many of us in older homes without central air face  challenges when we get a heat wave like this.

Meanwhile 10 minutes from here Canonsburg had their 4th of July Parade, still hailed as the 2nd largest in the State. ( Pennsylvania )

Up until about 2 years ago, people would put their chairs out a good week or more prior to the parade. This picture is one that I took in 2012 :

No one could navigate the sidewalks in some places, or you’d have chairs in a storm blowing across the street….so now this staking your spot has been limited to one or two days prior to the parade.

Even in this heat …..the parade starts at 10 :00 and the temperature at 10:30 was 85 degrees, thousands still attended the parade according to local news. I did not…too hot for me! :)  The above photo is taken from a different year where the weather was reasonable.

My favorite parade picture of all time is of my grandson Brent when he was two years old :)

Sometimes we’d gather here for lunch afterwards….

But this year I was going down the street to feed cats and fish at my son’s house and keeping Merle here ( whose favorite new toy is the Dollar Store Hot Dog :)

As THEY were enjoying the beach :)

Last but not least, the fireworks are usually viewed from the local high school stadium but this year the bleachers are being refurbished (sigh )

Melting in the heat and nowhere to sit for the fireworks? It might be a good year to watch some online rather than venturing out :)

From the news, I know that many of you are also melting in the heat…hope that you are faring as well as you can with it. I’ve given up on most yard work / house work etc. and just have a simple goal of surviving :)

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