Back to School

Two years ago I had a fun idea and arranged this photo shoot with my middle son, DIL and her three kids. It is still a Facebook classic, lol. They have so many friends between the two of them that they re-run it every year for laughs :) And we did win a local newspaper contest with it, though it didn’t make any of us rich :)

I have five grands, and the other two are in a different school district. THEIR back to school date has been pushed back to Sept. 4th, due to renovations at the high school.

Today the DIL captured that with her three looking sad in the middle and the other two that were still ‘free’ on the right and left of them.

So I saw three of them off on the bus and the other two and I walked dogs for awhile. It was a fine crisp and chilly morning too! I woke up at 5:30 to 55 degrees! What a nice break. That’s my kind of weather.

My youngest son is doing well ( thank you for all of the support ) getting back to work, staying clean, visiting his dog here and taking him for walks, looking for a new job and said that he’s laughed and cried more in the last few weeks than in years…..letting his true emotions through and being comfortable and even happy with them!  I think he may be staying on the recovery road. He’s attending N/A meetings when he can/ has a sponsor, etc.

Life’s not without its constant pushbacks though. His car broke down today and he thinks it is the transmission and with a new job starting on Monday he was in despair.  A friend can loan him an old car if he can buy a battery for it…everyone is pulling together :)

That’s it for now / just a quick blog update. I wish I had more time to visit around but I’ll catch up eventually :) Please have patience with me :)

Slice of Life early August

A quick slice of life post :)

I still want to keep on with a blogging break somewhat since I’ve not been sewing since the cat died ( on a reading binge though ) but thought to do a quick post and then get around to visiting people again :)

I am pleased to have harvested a few tomatoes ( enough for me and my family down the street ) and here are a few of the blooms around here right now…

It was not too long ago that I had posted about my middle son and family going away on vacation to the beach, and I had their dog Merle here.  Now the youngest son is away and I have Koopa, his pit bull.  I Googled something akin to “indestructible pit bull chew toys” and came up with this due to rave reviews on Amazon.

SO if any of you have a major chewer who can kill a Kong toy…I recommend this along with the others :)   GOUGHNUTS stick or ball ( I ordered the stick )

We throw it on the porch, out in the yard, and when I took him down to my sons  to play with Merle today while I was babysitting the kids, it survived tug of war and more.

Meanwhile I had my marching orders when I went down there. One of the twins ( 1st grade and still practicing her writing ) had left me a letter asking that I would make them pancakes. She had the box mix out, syrup, and even the measuring spoons. Hilarious! :)

And her mama is so organized. Here is a photo from the other day….their five and five more friends that she was babysitting that day off to see a movie at a local community event.

Later on, while 2 children went back to their parents, the rest showed up here, and we took their dog Merle and my youngest sons Koopa for a 5 block walk down to the fields behind the American Legion to run and play :)

And then for history: I think that this tweet by Trump this morning will match the Lester Holt interview so I want to record it :)

Trump on Twitter > “Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower. This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!”

LOL no it is not legal and we all know that you DID know about it :)