Merle empties the beer keg

I was going to blog-break through Christmas but couldn’t resist posting this story.

This is Merle, two Christmas seasons ago, as a Rottweiler-Lab mix Christmas puppy present to the grandkids.

And this is a Kegorator picture that I pulled off of the Internet via Best Buy. My son was the recipient of one about a year or so ago, free, via a friend of a friend.   ( Not this particular model but something similar )

While Merle is now a rambunctious two year old, when my son posted on Facebook over the weekend that Merle had emptied a half keg of beer that he’d purchased in anticipation of the upcoming holidays, while he and my DIL were at a Christmas party…..I couldn’t understand how Merle could have tipped over and emptied a keg??

It wasn’t until the next day that my DIL explained. Evidently the cat was on top of the Kegorator and Merle jumped up to play or something….pushed that lever, and the beer began to flow.

I don’t know if any of you have read the book about the dog “Marly” but this reminded me of it, and I think that Merle one-upped Marly in this incident! :)

Merry Christmas from Merle who luckily is not your dog  :)

Seriously, while they had a big mess to deal with, they didn’t even punish him…it was an accident.

Here’s hoping that your Christmas and New Years goes smoothly with no accidents :)


Hand Quilting ; Moving Forward

Everyone is finally back to school after Thanksgiving vacation ; I had Brent and Kate here on Tuesday for the day. The weather was very mild that day; close to sixty degrees. I did some yard work, they could ride bikes and scooters with just their light jackets on, and my youngest son took them to a local park in the afternoon.

It seemed as if  one day I put out all the Christmas decorations, with snowmen all over the living room, and then next day, Spring arrived!

The hand quilting is moving forward on the Botanical quilt. I finally finished up this block…

I am ready to start on the last one now.  ( There are six large blocks to this couch sized quilt. They are from the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt  project, which has many more blocks to make a full sized quilt. )

I knew that I had some colored quilting thread somewhere leftover after quilting the Crosses & Losses quilt. Naturally, I found it in the last place that I looked :)   I want to quilt the green and purple areas with colored thread.

The family went to a Meet Santa party at a local Elks lodge today. I am not sure who took the photo that my DIL posted on Facebook but I edited it a bit. I couldn’t move that Christmas tree to center it behind them, though, lol ! :)

I will be joining up with other Slow Sunday Stitchers tomorrow at Kathy’s Quilts as I make a bit of hand quilting progress on this latest block.

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