Etsy and Antique Mall updates and prayers needed for a fellow blogger

Etsy and Antique Mall updates :)

We had a bit of a warm-up over the weekend and while there are still patches of thick ice here and there, and snow as well, most of it has melted.

Well, when I was lugging stuff to Vintage Secrets this past week it was bitter cold and windy ….maybe I should have held off : )

First a little update on the Etsy store, since I’d done a few posts about my Etsy learning curve. After a week or so, it looked confusing to me ( meaning were I shopping there ) between pillows and vintage items, and I’d listed some photos to download as well. I de-listed all of the photos to clean it up a bit. Yes I still have to pay for listing them but thankfully I’d only listed 10 or less to start with.

I have had 12 sales and most of the ladies were kind and gracious enough to come back and give nice reviews on my shop. The sales were a mixture between vintage items and hand made ( pillow covers and sachets ) and the reviews were good on both, so that’s nice. A buyer doesn’t have to do that…I appreciate each and every one that came back and took the time to do so. :)

On to Vintage Secrets : I showed this photo before but in the event that you are not a regular reader, I recently rented half of a room here. At some point I  showed a thrift store loveseat and some card tables dumped there and I’ve been working on the room since then. If you are not a regular reader but you like antiques and vintage, on the right side of the blog you can find Categories and Antique Mall Adventure is listed there. I’ve started showing some of the items from other rooms here and will continue to do so.

Vintage Secrets brochure pic

This is an antique mall but not all spaces have to be full of antiques-only. There’s a space with jellies and jams and a new dealer, starting at around the same time as me, creates steampunk pieces. There’s a front room full of vintage jewelry but she also makes new pieces of clothing….

vintage secrets not just the past collage

The basement is full of antique furniture…I have yet to photograph any of it but it ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands…

Anyway, it is ok if my space has a bit of antique, *just* vintage,  not-so-old but okay for impulse buys, and new as in handmade. This was all discussed with the lady who runs the place initially.

Ideally I’d have an old wooden ladder to display linens and some gorgeous hutch that was tall and narrow but I’m at the scrambling stage. I took photos on several different days…many did not turn out well due to too MUCH light and resulting glare but hopefully what I’ve managed to sort through and make some collages out of will work.

Basically I took some purchased-at-thrift-store-items not yet listed on Etsy there instead of listing them on Etsy, some things that I already owned or had made prior, newly made items etc. It’s a hodgepodge :)

welcome and a mix photo


variety collage


some items collage

room collage one

room collage 2

A few things have sold and things have been moved around a bit since these pictures were taken but at least you have an idea : )

We pay rent here ( I’ll pay 100.00 per month for 1/2 room) and work here. They don’t charge any commission on sales. So for my space, for instance, I have to work 2 days per month. Bigger-space people work 3 days; smaller space people work 1 day. My first training day is Feb. 25th, though between running in and out of here so much in the last week or so I’ve met several of the dealers already.

Everyone is so nice and I guess that I am just in eye-candy heaven here seeing all of their treasures. I just hope that it works out financially.

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( Balisha, mentioned in the post above, needs our prayers right now.  Her “Simply Balisha” blog is  HERE ) If you are not familiar with her blog, she’s an amazing woman, writer, gardener, cook and poet.  I just love her. Will you join me in asking God to surround her with healing light and strength and whatever else is needed right now so that she can be out there in her garden this spring and summer with her hands in the dirt working miracles and creating beauty as she does every year. 

Balisha is a blogger that posts almost every day. Since there has been nothing since last Friday, and I’ve checked daily, I know that she needs our prayers. And I know that blogger community prayers are strong ones! :) Update: She has posted and let us know what is going on. A very courageous woman. I cannot say enough about her. God Bless Her on This Journey.

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Fun Finds if you are still a kid at heart

I will be joining up with the Friday Flea Market again this week but rather than show you what I am linking up there, I will show you a few recent fun finds that I have not listed in the shop as yet.

Prior to that, here are two Etsy sellers that don’t have a blog but you might like to visit their shops. I met them on a forum where there was a discussion about blogs, etc.

First up, how can you beat this name : Buy R Vintage Junk  which is obviously a vintage shop,  and then for variety, Ivory Mint Cards 

As to my recent fun finds; This old puzzle set with all of the pieces intact:

Animal Picture Puzzles

AND JACK ! :) An OLD one. My youngest son was over here while Jack was still out and he played with him for several minutes and then did something with his phone and Snap Chat.  I guess that Snap Chat is the ‘latest’ :)

Jack box collage

Coming upon Jack reminded me of when I was a little kid and we had about 5 TV channels, if that…and I loved watching the Romper Room show :)

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