Vintage clothing and accessories

Generally when I work at Vintage Secrets I take photos and then here & there I upload them to their Facebook page.

It dawned on me that I’ve not shown any on the blog for quite awhile.  For this post I thought to just show a few vintage clothing and accessories, and then I’ll show some other things down the line.

There are several rooms that have vintage clothing. One vendor specializes in steampunk but has some clothing from an estate sale. Another rather new vendor just rented out a room to focus on clothing & accessories.

When she first began filling the room a few things caught my eye  :

This pretty lace dress …

vintage dress lace

This beaded purse that reminded me of one that my aunt had and that all of us children were fascinated with…


vintage beaded purse

Another dress from her room:

orange vintage dress

A new dress in a different room that I just fell in love with,  because the minute that I saw it, I could picture June Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver” entering a room wearing it!

vintage dress

And from that same room, a purse…

vintage purse

By the time that  I was scheduled to work another day, that beaded purse had been moved.

vintage dress with beaded purse

At least it was still there for me to play with :)

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Antique Mall & “Pretty Punch” Clowns

milk cans

I took my camera along when I worked at Vintage Secrets the other day. I rent half a room there and work there 2x per month. All of the dealers have to work there for free several days each month as part of the agreement.  Along with my camera, I took a book and a small hand-sewing project, in case it was slow.

feedsack shot ej room

another shot of ej grainsacks

Fortunately we had a steady stream of customers in and out, and while I did sew a little, it wasn’t very much.

I worked with the gentleman who has the steampunk room and while we’d met before and briefly conversed, this was our first time working together for the day. It was interesting to hear how he’d gotten started in creating pieces like this :

steampunk globe etc

and these : ( a photo from an earlier post, when I’d worked with a different dealer, pictured here )

EJ in the steampunk room

At one point we began talking a bit about sewing, as I had pulled out some English Paper Piecing hexies to work on. His mother had sewed…she sewed clothes for the children, made crazy quilts, did embroidery, and met with friends for various crafts. Then he was reminiscing about when his dad had retired, and they both started to work on something called Pretty Punch, which I’d never heard of. I thought that perhaps it was plastic canvas, and that the wife had tried to find a common craft that might interest the retired husband. I recall my grandfather enjoying painting…

We went onto the Internet and  I found Pretty Punch projects, in order to understand what he was talking about. At this point he was getting very enthused.  Why? Because his deceased parents had left a lot of these blocks that they’d made behind, and while both he and his wife are creative, they don’t sew.  WHAT would I THINK about putting these things together for him? :)

Well, I had no clue! But since he lives close by I said sure, run home and grab some of what you are talking about and I’ll mind the store,  ( hoping that no experienced antique collectors came in while he was gone ….)

When he came back, there were several large pieces of clowns in a heavy linen fabric, a bit stained around the edges, and then smaller blocks in a different material. I told him that I didn’t think that the two would mix well…perhaps try to get the stains out of the larger blocks and then since they were completely finished and very polished, in a different style than these below, perhaps trim them down a bit and frame them?  Meanwhile he arranged the others and I took a picture so that I’d have a reference in regards to the order in which to sew them together.

pretty punch pieces

I’d never seen this craft before….have any of you done “Pretty Punch” or remember your moms or dads working on it? A closeup:

pretty punch closeup

At any rate, in the enthusiasm of the moment, with all of this wonderful nostalgia about his aging parents working together on these blocks, most likely towards a quilt down the line, I agreed to sew them together, create a simple TIED quilt, and probably only charge him for basic materials and let him know the time involved.

I took more pictures of items that day, both antique and *Just* vintage but I’ll sort through them later on…

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