Car accident update

I had a few questions in regards to the car accident post ( HERE )  so a quick update :

  • Son is not okay after all….While Nate initially said that he and Koopa were ok, after the adrenaline wore off he started to feel very sore. He’d reached out to block Koopa in the front seat from impact and his right arm and shoulder and neck began to hurt that evening. By the next day he went to the hospital : Whiplash and a possible concussion. So…we’ll see how he does down the line and what happens with insurance, etc.
  • My son was shook up and the guy that hit him was drunk so they did not share insurance information since the State Police showed up on the scene so quickly and took the guy’s info. They arrested him…,he was 2x over the limit.
  • I assumed that when I called MY insurance that they’d get the info from the State police….no! Two weeks until the incident report is released!  We have no clue as to the drunk guy’s insurance until then :(
  • So we are just moving ahead with my insurance company  for the moment. Nate needs to get things out of the car and take pictures of what was damaged in his trunk, and an adjuster will probably total it after that :(  It is a 2002 Acura CL / LOADED …he loved it…and it is doubtful that we’ll get its true worth since it is older. The transmission and engine were rebuilt amid other after market add-ons but we bought it that way from the guy who did the work / there’s no paperwork trail from a garage or anything to show that :(
  • In addition to the horrific photo that I showed in the last post that he took with Koopa’s head sticking out of the shattered back window…he sent another. Thank God that Koopa was not in the little back seat!

I want to close this by copying and pasting a beautiful and inspiring comment from NANCY on the last post. What a story ! Thank you dear Nancy for sharing this with us! I was very touched and you brought tears to my eyes and I think that your story will inspire others as well :) 

I am so glad that your son was not injured. My prayers are with him. Just continue to reassure him and let him talk about it. He will recover much faster if he accepts what happened and moves on. Years ago, I was hit by a stolen car on my driver’s side. The man got out of the car and came over to me. I told him that I could not feel my legs. He got back in his stolen car and took off. Luckily, a neighbor saw the entire accident. The police had to use the jaws of life to get me out through the back windshield. The EMS driver was my guardian angel that day and kept telling me that I would be ok even though I couldn’t feel my legs. (I could only think of my father who had been killed in a trucking accident when I was a child). That EMS stayed with me for hours and later came back to the hospital to check on me. He broke down and told me that his wife had been killed by a drunk driver earlier that year. I listened to him for hours and hardly spoke until he was finished. He told me about his children, his nightmares, his grief and his fears. God put us together for a reason. I consoled this EMS driver and in doing so, I realized that I could have been worse off or dead. I somehow also finally accepted my father’s death that night. That EMS driver changed my life forever. With time and rehab, I recovered. God works in strange ways. Listen to your son with an open heart and get him to talk to you. His grief over his father’s death may still be on his mind. God bless you both. Sorry, that I shared so much but I have two sons also. Your first sentence tore at my heart and reminded me of my own grief.”

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  1. Karen says:

    I hope your son will heal quickly – when I had my accident at the beginning of the year which was minor thank goodness I had to wait almost 10 days before the accident report was available and then to be told the young man didn’t have insurance after he said he did. I hope this doesn’t happen in your case – lovely letter above that you shared

  2. Karen Beigh says:

    A big OUCH! Both for your son and the car.

  3. I’m so sorry, dear Deb, you must have been so worries. I hope your son improves quickly and the insurance is sorted. A big hug.

  4. Ann says:

    How kind of Nancy to share her story. Wishing your son a full recovery.

  5. Joyce says:

    I, too, was touched by Nancy’s story in your last post. What a sensitive, compassionate woman she is. Our Lord has personal interest in the lives of all his children, but some fortunate ones like Nancy see direct, undeniable proof of it. I am so glad she recovered and is sharing her story with others!
    As for Nate and Koopa, I’m just holding my breath here as I read and thank God that you, too, were spared what could have been a tragic story. You saw God’s mercy, too. And parents never get to rest no matter how old their children are!

  6. jan says:

    Ok, this is probably going to sound extreme to you but contact a personal injury attorney RIGHT away. Contact them until you find one that will take your case.

    Because you contacted your insurance company you and your son have now become their adversaries. They will do what is good for them. NOT YOU!

    I have had several friends who were hit by drunk drivers and their settlements went on for months and in one case 3 years then they were offered a LOW offer to settle it. When they got a Personal injury attorney they received $100,000 instead of the $5,000 that their own insurance companies offered.

    This is especially important to you when there is an injury of sort involved.

    Insurance companies of today are not like the ones we remember.

  7. Sorry your son is have some residual physical problems and that the road to car resolution seems to be quite bumpy. Nancy’s story just stops one in their tracks to reflect on how our lives cross each other. It was very caring of her to share her story.

  8. Lisa says:

    Wishing you and your son good thoughts through this. My daughter had similar luck last year—-rear ended and two vehicles were totaled last year—it was the year she had lost her job, too. Thank goodness she was not more injured than the whiplash and sore muscles and we were blessed that she did get a job —financially, she needs time to recover but she will. I am confident that your son will recover too.

  9. Lisa says:

    I am not sure that I was clear that she was rear ended twice and both vehicles were totaled. Once in March and once in December.

  10. Judy Miller says:

    Glad it’s just contussions–the seat belt can cause deep bruises when it tightens up. Glad his Dog was not in the back seat, he would have been killed. Since I am a tea-totaller, any kind of drunk driving incident just makes my blood boil!!!

  11. Oh, Deb, I missed the previous post, but looking at that car thank God your son and Koopa walked away from such a terrible accident!!!! Hugs, my friend. xoxo

  12. audrey says:

    I really hope your son ends up alright. The car looks terrible!

  13. Oh gosh this just send chills down my spine as we have lost family members in this way. In our case it was a head on collision leaving five dead, but the dog in the boot survived.
    I am so happy that your son and Koopa walked away from this. If there is anything good that comes of these events it is to reinforce how precious life is and to live for the moment.
    With a massive hug to you all Wren x

  14. Kim says:

    Deb, I haven’t been able to visit in a while and I missed these posts. I am so sorry to hear about your son’s accident. I am so glad that he is ok, but that is terrifying. My daughter was rear ended in a brand new car a few weeks ago by a teenager on her phone, texting. She is ok, same injuries as your son, but now she is so scared to drive. Nancy’s story is uplifting and touching, but also so sad. People do not have enough respect for the power of a vehicle…drunk, texting, careless, it’s terrible. I hold you, your son and Nancy in my thoughts.

  15. Colleen says:

    Sorry to hear your son did have injuries from the car crash, I hope that darling puppy dog is doing ok animals just are not able to communicate to us what is going on with them. In some way having his dog with him might be comforting

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