Blood Money

given to Republicans in 2016 election cycle

given to Democrats in 2016 election cycle

( by the NRA )

The Gun Lobby : See what your reps or prior reps got 

When I was a kid and when my kids were kids this wasn’t a worry.  Then later on there was an assault weapon ban between Congress and Clinton that was later lifted under Bush Jr. and whomever was in Congress at that time.

And since then Americans have been killing each other at an alarming rate.

Just the facts

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11 Responses to Blood Money

  1. Karen says:

    it is heartbreaking the gun violence in America – when will it end – well it end?

  2. Debi says:

    Money talks to politicians… it’s the only thing they seem to listen to. So incredibly sad

  3. Melanie says:

    I am so hearbroken, depressed and angry these past couple of days.

  4. Margie Miller says:

    I am completely disgusted and I blame parents for much behavior of their children. I blame TV and movies for much of the violence. My teacher friends are all glad to be retired from teaching. They say the kids are impossible to control and teachers can’t do a thing to control them without parents calling and complaining and griping at them or threatening to sue them.

    • Joyce says:

      Agreed, Melanie! AR 15 weapons cost around $800 each, ammo not included. Where did Cruz get that kind of money? Who was there when he brought it home to add to his arsenal?

  5. Joyce says:

    Every country has its share of “crazy people.” Ours is the only one where they act out in an epidemic of mass shootings due to easy access to guns. WHO THE HELL NEEDS AN ASSAULT WEAPON for any purpose in civilian life?

  6. maxine lesline says:

    Charles Koch lives in my hometown…His vast contributions buy lawmakers here in Kansas.. as well as Florida… and then they sponsor the laws that Koch and lobbyists write….. and pay states to gerrymander voting districts to prevent effective and indiscriminate voting. As one person said… it is strange that mental illness in the UK, Australia, Canada…and many more… does not cause mass killings…..only in the US.

  7. This is a such a huge problem and such a stain on our society, that I’m not sure what else to say. There are so many elements to the problem as noted by several other commenters. It may be an elephant sized problem, but if we’d only take it in small pieces it could be corrected. But, after years of doing nothing, I’m not too optimistic that anything is going to be done any time soon. Depressing.

  8. CathieJ says:

    I am a teacher in both a high school and a university The prevalence and availability of assault weapons really scares me. I am not a political person, but I have renounced the Party that I grew up with as I can no longer sign their petitions or contribute to their causes if they won’t attempt to curb the guns. Thanks for your post.

  9. barb says:

    I’m heartbroken over this entire issue –
    I’m angry too – but mostly heartbroken that the USA is fueled by money and power. they are working together to keep this issue status quo.

  10. To the person that asked about this kid having that kind of money. He had those guns apparently before his adoptive mother died in November. I read that he was to inherit $800,000. Not sure about the little brother they adopted (his natural brother). He also had a job at a dollar store.The people who took him in made him put the guns in a lock box, but he apparently kept a key. So I think he had access to more money before the adoptive mother died. Not sure after that.

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