Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry #2

The Blogger’s Quilt Festival over at  Amy’s Creative Side  opens on October 24th. Once everyone links up there will be quilts of every size, style and color to see and enjoy.

October 24 – 31 – Linky’s Open & Nominate for Viewer’s Choice

November 1 – 7 – Vote for favorites in each of the categories

November 8 – Winners announced

I will enter this table runner in the hand-quilting category. Many of you may have seen it before…but we have to have a new post about our entry…a post during the week that the Festival begins.

It is based on the first 3 blocks of the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt. Once I had completed those three I decided to use them as a table runner for a table that is behind my couch. I spent quite awhile hand quilting and enjoyed every minute of it.



I had it out for the summer, only put away recently when I brought out some fall decor.

This was another learning curve project :) The first block in this runner is actually my third attempt at it! The second one seemed far easier, and while I had troubles with the third, it’s just all about practice, practice, practice.

Visit The Blogger’s Quilt Festival over at  Amy’s Creative Side once it opens on the 24th and enjoy lovely quilts of all styles and sizes. I can’t wait to see some of the appliqued quilts from the ladies who are masters at it…I find them to be very inspiring. 

My other entry is in a previous post, HERE.

Also Sharing at : Sew Many Ways / French Country Cottage

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16 Responses to Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry #2

  1. Laura says:

    Your runner is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing all of the quilts. xo Laura

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I love seeing your quilt work Debra..Good luck..

  3. Joyce says:

    Lovely table runner! I always enjoy seeing your choice of fabrics, nice and complementary whether the palate is pastel or deep, dark warm wintry tones. I’ll visit the contest!

  4. bj says:

    O, how wonderful it must feel to be able to make something this lovely. Good luck. :) and thanks for coming by with your sweet comment.

  5. sally says:

    Amazing! I hope you don’t get tired of me using that word, but it’s true; everything you do. :)

  6. Balisha says:

    Pretty table runner. The colors are so beautiful. Love seeing your work displayed.
    Good luck…Balisha

  7. Grandma Kc says:

    I have seen that before but it continues to be one of my favorites, too! Good luck!

  8. Beautiful! Love the colors, quilt, vase and flowers – all gorgeous.

  9. Rachaeldaisy says:

    What a lovely table runner. The colours are beautiful and it looks wonderful styled with the flowers.

  10. marjorie says:

    such a pretty little piece

  11. Karen says:

    very pretty!! I remember seeing this on your blog sometime this summer

  12. Deanna says:

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog Creekside Cottage!

    I think this quilt runner is beautiful. What amazing hand quilting!

  13. Allie says:

    Oh my that is lovely – is it needleturn applique? I hate to admit I haven’t even attempted that yet, lol…

  14. What a pretty runner … well done! And good luck.

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