Beginning of June

There is not a lot to show in the way of gardening here in the beginning of June. We had a hot spell but when the forecast showed that temperatures would become more seasonable with a good chance of rain each day for awhile, I planted some tomatoes and lettuce, spinach and lots of flower seeds here, there and everywhere.  The lettuce is coming up, the rose bush and foxglove and other perennials are still in bloom and the grass is thick and lush and needing a mow quite often.

I was cleaning windows and my youngest sons dog  ( Koopa, seen above ) was quite fascinated with this.  He stood in front of me, under each window as I pulled it out and sprayed and wiped it and proceeded to follow me around as I worked on each one.

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you know that the youngest and Koopa are staying here for awhile. Koopa ate the bark on the tree and jumps to get the branches. My son put up a fence, we sawed off the remainder of the two lower branches…and he’s still jumping :)

I am 5  1/2 feet tall and the branch that he is going for ( and gets ) is a good foot above my head. Koopa is a pit bull and this is just something that they love to do.

I picked Brent up after school the other day and he was loaded down with all of his art work, including pottery.  It was their next-to-last day of school.  The last day had an early dismissal and his mama took him and his sister to an amusement park. I have him here tomorrow ( the other 3 grands are in a different school district and not out until the 9th).

When I do sew, I am still plugging along on the hand quilting of Scrappy Granny.  I have been working on this area of three blocks and the surrounding sashing and borders this past week.

And just for the memory, our President, Tweeter-in-Chief, pulled us out of the climate agreement today. I better not quilt for awhile as I might STAB the thing to death just thinking about that.

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17 Responses to Beginning of June

  1. Judy Miller says:

    My Gosh, that dog can jump high!!!

  2. Margie Miller says:

    That work is just lovely!

  3. Dewena says:

    Koopa is a beautiful dog! Hope he gives up on the tree soon.

    Brent is a little doll! And his art work shows that he definitely is artistic. I hope he and your other grands have a wonderful summer. That smile of his brings back to me the happiness of school being out at last.

  4. Connie says:

    My goodness Brent has grown! Love to see your quilts.

  5. Karen says:

    I am trying to not even watch the news anymore – I disagree with most of it or else it is horrible news of more violence
    always nice to have fun with your kids and grands!

  6. thank you for saying what I’m thinking on this awful news today. The world cannot believe what is happening in the U.S. I envy your hand stitching! I can no longer do hand work but mine was never as pretty as yours. Don’t you just love having grandkids around. It makes me so happy. Enjoy your day. mary in Az

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Thanks Mary I had the one little grand all to myself today…he did nothing but eat in between trips to a park, many Chinese Checker games, and some bike riding :) Everything always tastes better at grandmas house doesn’t it :)

  7. Kim says:

    That pup is super energetic…and a high jumper!! Wow!

  8. Joyce says:

    Oh, Koopa! Aren’t you just a bundle of adorable high energy? Love seeing his antics – they do make me appreciate my own 8 year old lab/shep mix. Roxie was a 3 year old rescue – I never had to deal with puppy or teenage behavior and I am glad because I could not keep up with it!
    Just saw a well thought out reaction to the Paris pull out by John Kerry. This was a volunteer agreement and countries were free to plan their own anti-pollution methods. I am just happy that many states will continue work irregardless of Trump because the future well being of our grandchildren depends on it.

  9. My lettuce is coming up too, and it was just planted two weeks ago after we returned from NC.

    Koopa is certainly entertaining!

  10. Gretchen says:

    Your quilting looks lovely. Just keep quilting, you’ll slowly get it finished.

  11. Brent is getting so big. It is nice that you get to still have him all to yourself every now and then. I hope you have a wonderful summer with the grands running in and out and enjoying your great cooking and baking. Your quilting is beautiful.

  12. Val Reynolds says:

    Hey friend! “Twitter in chief” totally busted me up! (But you are so right~!) I enjoyed catching up with ya…happy weekend.

  13. Beautiful quilting as always…this climate agreement is not the same thing as caring about the environment. Trump said he was open to renegotiating the agreement…The Paris deal would of been a disaster for America and a nothing burger for the climate.. Were you willing to pay up to 20% more for your electricity? I don’t post political stuff on my blog because whatever one says is dissing half their audience.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Cathy my electric is only about 30.00 per month on average ( stove and heat are gas ) so 20 percent more wouldn’t bother me. This is my blog and when I look back over it in a year or two I will remember that this June was the year we pulled out of the climate accord which is why I mentioned it in the post. And I do not think that anyone can deny that this president tweets a lot, hence his nickname ( I didn’t make it up ) Just this morning I was reading how he was tweeting / attacking the London mayor taking a statement the mayor said completely out of context.

  14. Susan Nixon says:

    What a cutie that boy is. Koopa is an amazing jumper! How does he do with the little ones? Most of the pit bulls I know are so great with children. Your ongoing quilting is going to get that quilt ready for binding in no time!

  15. Eileen says:

    Hello, love the jumping dog and the Brent photos. I am happy to see many states and cities will still follow the Paris agreement. Post whatever you like and Enjoy your day!

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