Baskets and Laura Ingalls Wilder

Here is a view from my dining room into the living room. If you look over to the left you can see some baskets on the dry sink….I have sewing supplies and fabric stashed in them. Looking towards the window in the living room there are more baskets on top of the radiator.

long view into the living room

My latest basket…purchased for 5.00 at the thrift store, is in the middle.

new big basket from thrift store

Whenever I stop in there, I check the area where they have baskets hoping to find one that is nice and large and can handle a good amount of books and magazines and one day, they had ‘my’ basket.

What is peeking out of the top ?  This :

what is peeking out of the basket

I was returning a library book and they had a sale going on. Perusing the books, I came across this old, falling apart book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I could not resist. I think that it was one dollar.

Little Town on the Prairie collage

Quite old, from 1947…a second edition . It is in the basket because I started reading it. It’s been a long time since I read ” Little House on the Prairie” and some of the earlier books as a child, though I do recall reading “Farmer Boy ” to my boys. How about you ? Want a snippet ? : )

” The fresh, starched white curtains moved softly in the wind, at the open window. The scrubbed board walls and the floor were a soft yellow-gray. A bouquet of grass flowers and windflowers that Carrie had picked and put in the blue bowl on the table, seemed to bring springtime in. In the corner the varnished brown whatnot stood stylish and handsome. 

 The afternoon light made plain the gilded titles of the books on the whatnot’s lower shelf, and glittered in the three glass boxes on the shelf above, each with tiny flowers painted on it. Above them, on the next shelf, the gilt flowers shone on the glass face of the clock and its brass pendulum glinted, swinging to and fro. Higher still, on the very top shelf, was Laura’s white china jewel box with the wee gold cup and saucer on its lid, and beside it, watching over it, sat Carrie’s brown and white china dog.”

Later on I became enthralled at the section where they are sewing Mary’s clothes prior to going away to college. Page after page of incredible detail in regards to sewing dresses and petticoats and lace inserts and whalebone stays, etc.  There was much concern about hoops. Someone had heard that they were coming back in style, but no one could acquire nor access the latest issue of Godey’s Lady’s Book to decide the question. All of  the skirts and petticoats had to be made wide enough to work with hoops, just in case.

They had made four new petticoats for Mary, two of unbleached muslin, one of bleached muslin, and one of fine white cambric. Around the bottom of the fine cambric one, Laura had sewed with careful, tiny stitches the six yards of knitted lace that she had given Mary for Christmas.

No sewing machines yet…everything made by hand.  And what had to be made was complicated, quite complicated.

This book about the girls as they are older now seemed a bit more detailed than the earlier books.  I found an interesting article on the Net ; not the standard sort of biography ;  at the Ideas section of the Boston Globe, titled Little Libertarians on the Prairie about Laura and her daughter Rose.

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38 Responses to Baskets and Laura Ingalls Wilder

  1. Sue says:

    We have been thrift shopping together…right? I know so because I found a basket exactly like yours for about the same price. Actually it’s a good thing we weren’t together….we would have had to flip for the basket.

    Don’t you just love finding words about sewing in story books. I can imagine hand sewing six yards of lace on the petticoat…but knitting six yards of lace…out of the question. What a great find…1947 the year I was born. Thanks for this great post, I really enjoyed the baskets and the book….Sue

  2. Carol Cook says:

    I love the line, “the six yards of knitted lace …”. What different times from the Christmas gifts of today.

    Our family is just Steve, me and the 2 kids. Several years ago we decided to stop spending so much money on needless gifts that often got returned. We draw names for stockings and fill the stocking with thoughtfully chosen personalized gifts.

  3. Poppy says:

    Hi Debra,

    Firstly, in your last post, I loved seeing your little neck of the (wet) woods, so utterly charming and colourful!

    Secondly, your living room and dining room are two of the coziest rooms in blog land! You presented us with an excerpt from ”Little House on the Prairie”, but did you ever stop to think that your own house resembles storybook splendour?!


  4. Joyce says:

    My own thought is exactly that of Poppy’s! The description of the scrubbed room with freshly starched curtains and treasured things carefully displayed to glisten in the sun is a perfect description of your little paradise! I agree with more – your house is the coziest in blog land! I think if you ever invited me over I’d just settle in and never leave!

  5. sue says:

    The rooms are so sweet and nostalgic.

    Those are such classics. We are reading Sense and Sensibility right now.

  6. No wonder we are such good friends…we like so many of the same things. I have baskets all over my house and they are so handy for everything. And that book is must adorable. I’m like you….I would read it before I put it on a shelf! And I love your pretty home. Are those amber candle holders? They are gorgeous!

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Yes I think I’d call them amber…I picked them up at the mission store awhile back. I’ll have to do a better picture of them in some other post down the line! :) I just love baskets…so good for storage and so pretty too , yes , we are much alike in that for sure! :)

  7. These were my first books taken out of the school library in the “big kids” section…I have always loved them. What a find, to have a edition like that…great reading.


  8. Diane says:

    Wonderful book– what a find! Visiting from TTF.

  9. Grandma Kc says:

    Sometimes I think you must have lived another life in another time because it seems to fit you and it certainly calls to you. Joyce & Poppy are right about your home — it is like something out of a story book.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      HA HA HA over the weekend the storybook story was ” an old woman lived in a shoe bungalow / had so many children she didn’t know what to do” :)
      I went back to this photo to see what other people are seeing, lol! I see a construction set barn under the table / a pile of notebooks on the computer desk…I see a basic shot with messes that I didn’t clean up / or real life :) I guess it was a trick of the camera, lol but thank you ! :)

      • Grandma Kc says:

        So then I had to go back and look at the picture and try and figure out what YOU are talking about! I don’t know if I am ever letting you in my house — you are to critical girl! Your home is beautiful!

        Must say I love the idea of you being Old Mother Hubbard!

  10. When we go to Goodwill, we look first at the baskets! They are such wonderful storage and the textures and colors soothe the eye. Your book was a good find! I wish we still wore petticoats! So feminine.

  11. kate steeper says:

    Even in the UK we all grew up with Little House on the Praire on theTV, this sparked an urge to find the books which had to be ordered from the library . It was a different world to us and there lives seemed such an adventure

  12. Hootin' Anni says:

    “Quite old” published in 1947!! Does that make me ancient then? [just kidding!!!!] I would truly LOVE finding a book of hers from that era. You have a treasure there. And it looks perfect in the basket. My daughter would cherish anything by L I Wilder [she had the opportunity to visit her home in Missouri once and still talks about the adventure]

    Great random. PS…I tend to look for the flat weaved baskets and use them to cover electrical outlets. I hate having them show on the walls when nothing else hides them.

  13. Susan W says:

    The basket was a great find, but the book is truly amazing. I visit the thrift stores to see what kind of picture frames I can pick up.

  14. I love baskets and your $5 find is a great one! Lucky you to have found a vintage Little House book! Those stories were my favorites as a girl! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  15. Dotti says:

    Little House. That brings back some great memories as my daughter and I read them together. We’ve tried getting her six-year old daughter interested in them but she’s much more enthusiastic about Nancy Drew. There’s time yet … surely she’ll come around …

  16. Your home looks comfortable and inviting! I can’t wait to check out the ‘Little Libertarians on the Prairie.’ :-)

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! Glad you enjoyed the fall photos of my neighborhood.

  17. Buttons says:

    Oh what a great find on the book it is in pretty good shape I would have bought it too. Lots of beautiful baskets I love baskets there are so many things you can do with them and I see you know many:) B

  18. Sarah says:

    LOVE old books! What a great find.

  19. Robin says:

    You have a wonderful collection of baskets. I just started looking for them not to long ago whenever I visit the thrift store. My collection is slowly growing but it looks like a have some catching up to do.

    Great score with the book. I can’t even remember how may times I’ve read that series when I was a little girl. It was one of my favorites for sure.

  20. it looks like you’ve been very busy. I like the little applique basket very much

  21. I have always loved old books especially Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I bought the whole collection for my kids when they were growing up. I read them a chapter every night before bedtime. They always loved them too. I wish I could say I still had them. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    New follower from Blackberry Winter Crafts
    Donna L.

  22. Frankie Ann says:

    Your home looks so cozy. I am an avid basket collector and I have all the Little House Books and others about Laura. I also have them on CD and I listen to them at least once a year during canning season.

  23. Love baskets! Loved watching Little House on the Prairie! I’ve read a few of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books about her life as an adult — I’ll have to check and see what others the library has!
    Such detail in the descriptions — it’s like you’re right there!

  24. Tammy says:

    What a lucky find at the library. I love all the “Little House” books.

  25. ahhh completely lovely – great finds (the basket AND the book!) even though it’s falling apart, I’d count it as a treasure.
    I thought of laura ingalls and the pioneer spirit when gearing up for the opening of my brand new shop – would ♥ to have you check it out:

  26. Valerie says:

    Loved this post! As we live in Kansas and I grew up in Missouri (I’ve visited Laura and Almanzo’s Missouri farmstead on more than one occasion) I have a fondness for Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House series. Even my Iowa-born husband loved Little House on the Prairie. We are now reading the series out loud to our three kiddos. Hugs.

  27. Barbara says:

    Oh I love this and I love Little House on the Prairie books. I read them all to my kids – and now my oldest daughter is a mom herself and bought the set to read to her kids as they grow. What a treasure you found in that book! And I enjoyed the peek inside your home – it’s so, well, homey!! Stopping in from Lisa’s Grand Social.

  28. Your book is a fabulous find and I love your baskets, they are such wonderful storage and so pretty to look at too. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  29. With a title like that I had to come see! What a charming home you have. I too love baskets.

    I was lucky enough to be given an old copy of “Little House on the Prairie” and it is one of my dearest treasures. How blessed you were to find “Little Town on the Prairie”.

  30. Susan says:

    I read them all with my children during our home schooling years. Built a curriculum around them. Was a great year ! Thanks for inspiring the sweet memory – and sharing your finds. Have a blessed week!

  31. Loyda says:

    Accidentally found this blog… Awwww what memories of Little House ! 3rd grade, Mrs. Elder my teacher who introduced us to one chapter a day read out loud from this series. Thanks to her I LOVE to read… Such fond memories… Great blog !

  32. I just love old books, and I loved that TV series, all my life I have really. Thanks so much for joining my We Call It Olde Link Up. New one starts tomorrow, hope to see you there. Take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  33. Kathy says:

    That is a great basket! Wonderful find – love the vintage Laura Ingalls Wilder book – beautiful! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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