Baby Quilt Finish : About Time!

I finished this baby quilt TOP at the end of January. I had a lot of fun with it…no pattern; just making it up as I went along, finding some simple children’s’ templates online for the applique figures.

This is for a friend of my youngest son and our family. To show you how slow I am in regards to baby quilts, this is for their THIRD baby. I think that if you want a quilt from me you need to have at least three and then I might get around to it :) Well, I do almost everything by hand so I am slow.

Once I finished the top and got the layers together, while I’ve tied quilts with yarn and crochet cotton, I decided to go with perle cotton on this one. ( I hand quilt but also tie, especially for ones that will get a lot of use. )

I got about 2/3 of the way through with the tying and then got bored with it and put it aside. I picked it up again over the last two weeks or so and finished the tying and binding.

It’s more of a TODDLER quilt than BABY  in regards to size.. it measures 43 x 57 and that’s good.. the siblings can think that it is for all of them, versus feeling any jealousy over the new baby.

While I tied the quilt, I did request that the mama bring over tracings of the big sister and brother’s hands and those I hand quilted in to one of the borders.

Freshly washed on gentle with Color Catchers and currently drying on the line in a nice May breeze….

Just brought it in not too long ago …the sun is shining on one side of the house and the skies are darkening on the other side; looks like a spring rain storm is on its way!

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23 Responses to Baby Quilt Finish : About Time!

  1. Karen says:

    your staying busy. so many quilts and too little time

  2. Lorrie says:

    What a lovely quilt for baby (and siblings). I love the idea of quilting a hand tracing or two on the quilt. Very personal.

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, it is a lovely baby quilt. I love the cute hand tracing. A great idea. Wishing you a happy day!

  4. Pat in WNY says:

    What a great and unique baby quilt, from start to finish. Quilting the hand prints is a great personal touch.

  5. Bernie says:

    This is really sweet Deb. The sail boats are my favorite. I love the size too – I can just see it on the sofa with kids under it or maybe hanging over a chair to make a fort. It will be well loved!

  6. Joyce says:

    The added size will be appreciated. My twin 5 year old granddaughters are still dragging around crocheted blankies stitched by their yia yia – both oversized like this little gem of yours!

  7. Kyle says:

    What a delightful child’s quilt. The colors, patterns and texture all just go together in a quilt that will be snuggled with and loved.

  8. Sandra Healy says:

    Such a great idea to quilt the little hands onto the quilt. I’m sure the whole family will treasure such a precious quilt.

  9. Beautiful, and the idea of the handprints is truly a gift for that Mom. You did good, Debra. :-)

  10. Robin says:

    I bet it feels good to have it done. I don’t get to the baby quilts very well either. My niece only got a baby quilt for her 2nd child and she’s expecting #5. My own grandchildren have wait too. One grandson finally got a quilt last November when he turned 11. Of course, it was a bed size quilt which took a lot longer to make than a baby size. I’ve still got one more to go (out of 13) and he is 5 yrs. I better get busy. I’m sure enjoying your baptist fan quilting project. It is just so satisfyingly pretty.

  11. Margie Miller says:

    What a darling quilt! You are so clever!

  12. Hi Deb your wee quilt looks adorable and I LOVE the photo of it blowing on the clothes line a classic photo. how it will be loved. Love the boats, giraffe, and the elephant!!!! they make me smile. Cheers Glenda

  13. Deb says:

    So pretty! I tied mine back when I first started making quilts. I really should do that to a few more of mine to get the tops done. The old ones are still holding up great with lots of use and washing. I’m sure all the kids will love your quilt.

  14. Kim says:

    Just beautiful, Deb! I started a cross stitch quilt when I was pregnant. The baby just turned 20. It’s still not finished! ;) Oh boy…

  15. barb says:

    so charming and meaningful – It will be a family treasure.

  16. Joanna says:

    Wow – your quilts always amaze me!

  17. Karen Beigh says:

    Love those sail boats.

  18. Dawn says:

    So sweet to include the handprints! The entire family will love it.

  19. Marcia says:

    Oh, my goodness, you are one expert quilter! The colors, the shapes… That quilt will bless that boy for a long time.

  20. Oh Deb, you’ve created a real treasure for your friends. What a lovely, sweet quilt! I envy your skill.

  21. Just making it up as you go along?! Wow, it’s beautiful. The little handprints are a special touch. And do I understand getting bored with a big project. That is happening with a sweater I’m knitting! xo

  22. Yvonne says:

    You do the work of an angel! I greatly admire all your beautiful projects. You truly amaze me! Keep up the great work but don’t forget to take time for yourself. Have a beautiful weekend!

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