Baby & Blooms

Before I get to the blooms and the baby, when my family was in Myrtle Beach they went to a place called Medieval Times. I had never heard of it but I put the link in there if you wanted to visit the website, where there is a short video of what the show is like. I was simply blown away.  It’s a dinner theater with knights on horses, jousting, and more.

Their area was rooting for the green knight.

My DIL told me that the food was served as if it was back then as well….huge chunks of meat, corn, etc. and no utensils to eat them with, served by ‘wenches’ :)

I finished a baby quilt awhile ago for friends. While I tied it, I did quilt the big brother and sister’s hands in to it.   They were thrilled to see their hands and it made the quilt special for them as well as for the baby.

Well he arrived a few weeks ago and is just as cute as his siblings. His mama sent this to me on Facebook though I hope to see him in person soon.

I have morning glory and hyacinth bean vine climbing, tomatoes growing nicely and here are a few of the perennials in bloom right now…

The trumpet vine is just loaded with blooms this year. I filled an entire garbage can with some of it….on my neighbor’s side of the fence, but I am letting it go on my side.

That’s my son’s dog Merle who I kept here while they were on vacation.

A few steps back…..

That purple rose of sharon loves to grow. No matter how much I trim, it seems to double in size the following year.  It’s all that I can see from my dining room windows.

The same for the pink on in the back….my view from the back porch :

The bees just love these bushes!

We finally got a break from the prolonged heat wave. It still went to 89 degrees the last two days but the nights cooled off a bit which was a relief :)

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18 Responses to Baby & Blooms

  1. Medieval Times is a blast–we went a few times when I was a kid and the Excaliber in Las Vegas as an adult. That baby looks absolutely precious on your baby quilt. I love all your bright flowers!

  2. Glenda says:

    Lovely blog Deb, loved the idea of adding the kiddies hand shapes to it, and what a adorable child? Your garden is a mass of colour how beautiful it looks and reminds me of my garden I had in NZ very different to my garden here in the tropics. You will be missing your beautiful companion Merle you were looking after. Cheers Glenda from Down Under.

  3. Eileen Wise says:

    Hello, I have been to the Medieval Times here in Maryland. It is a fun place. The baby is adorable, love the quilt too. Your flowers are beautiful. I am waiting to see some trumpet flowers. Merle is a handsome dog. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. barb says:

    Oh I havn’t been to Medievil Times in decades.
    What fun.
    sweet baby photo and lovely flowers.

  5. barb says:

    by the way the reason you are having difficulty on blogger sites is because you don’t have a google profile. It is free and easy to get if you ever want one.

  6. Karen says:

    we are heading into a heat wave I think and we have gotten a little rain but not a lot – I think I will give up on my little garden this year it isn’t doing well anyhow. My rose of sharon is doing well though but still skinny -third year but it has some buds at the top on one branch – I will keep it watered. Love that baby – so cute

  7. Joyce says:

    My Texas bunch went Medieval Times in Dallas and loved it too! So different from anything else out there!
    What a beautiful child received your bright, happy quilt! That one’s going to end up packed away as a favored childhood memory after he outgrows snuggling with it!

  8. Kyle says:

    Your yard is always so colorful this time of year. I’m glad everyone loved your quilt.

  9. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    Medieval Times has been up here for quite a few years. I know a couple of classes do a field trip at the end of the year. My kids went a couple of times, but that was many years ago. Your flowers are lovely. Hauling hose in this heat and humidity has not been fun, but we haven’t missed a day, so everything looks good. It would be really nice if Mother Nature took her turn and it would rain at some point. It has been several weeks. The grass is burning and crunches as we walk. But… soon there will be tomatoes!!!!!!!!

  10. BillieBee says:

    Beautiful children.

  11. I love the family photo. :-) When we are in SC, we are a little south of there, but I know exactly where it is. The baby sure is a cutie, and that quilt is very special. 15.5′ – oh my gosh. :-)

  12. Jane says:

    That is one seriously cute baby, and your blooms are gorgeous as always. We’ve been to a supper club where they did an enactment of Medieval times with the food (pretty bad!). Sort of interesting despite the overacting!!! :)


  13. Kim says:

    Our kids’ school took them to Medieval Times for a field trip….yup, no utensils! Fabulous. And that baby…omigosh. Makes me miss holding a newborn!

  14. Margie Miller says:

    The children are very cute ad the flowers are beautiful!

  15. Margie Miller says:


  16. Joy McDonald says:

    What a great idea to quilt the handprints of the other kids on the quilt! Makes them feel special too! xx

  17. Having some garden envy here…your growing zone is so much more hospitable – lovely trumpet vine and Rose of Sharon…we are pretty much Zone 3 here. Great idea to incorporate the siblings hand prints in the baby quilt…

  18. Sandra Healy says:

    Beautiful baby! It’s so lovely to have the siblings hand prints stitched into the quilt. I’m sure it will be treasured for many years to come.

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