Applique, Quilting, and a Christmas Recap

My oldest son, girlfriend and her son came in from St. Louis over Christmas. They stopped at Ogleby Park in West Virginia on Saturday night for the Festival of Lights.  Then they split their two days between our family and his dad’s.  One of their gifts for the children was making slime.

The other gift was some controllers to go with the XBOX that my youngest son and I went in on for the kids.

Here’s the middle son’s family ready to go to a Christmas Eve party. I can’t believe that they didn’t get poor Merle a blue bandanna to match for the picture ! :)

I am happy to just use the girl’s photos from their Facebook posts. I never brought out the camera once…though I had a cold and how can you take photos when your nose is running 24/7 requiring a blow every ten seconds? Well, you cannot :)  Nor did I want to spread my germs and stayed away for most of the celebration. It’s just not worth it to make everyone sick along with you.

My youngest son’s dog Koopa had sympathy and cuddles for me…if I am watching something from Netflix on the computer, he jumps behind me and cuddles up. I started watching “The Last Kingdom” after finishing up “The Crown”.   I loved the second season of the Crown as much as the first. “The Last Kingdom” is riveting…I just turn my head away a lot during the battle scenes!

I finished up the motifs on an Elizabeth’s Pride block ( left ) and then started the prep and applique on another one ( right) a week or so ago. I finished it up the day after Christmas.

I think that I have just one more small block to applique prior to tackling the center one. It’s something that I work on here and there….no hurry.

I’ve been doing more reading than quilting over the last few weeks but I have made progress on the last Botanical block. I finished hand quilting the one set of parallel lines and am now on to the second to create the cross hatch.

I hope that you had a nice Christmas. We had a White Christmas with about two inches of snow on the ground that morning. Just enough to be pretty but not enough to cause too much trouble. I am in Southwestern Pa. I read that up north, Erie PA set some records….they got over 4 feet of snow .  We’ve had close to 3 feet here off and on ; I know what that is like. I certainly wouldn’t want that over Christmas. Yet I know that the horrific fires in California continue on….so much destruction and loss.  Snow melts eventually. Fires consume :(

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15 Responses to Applique, Quilting, and a Christmas Recap

  1. Karen says:

    I just read that Erie had a total of 54 inches in two days!! more than enough for a white Christmas – I feel sorry for them, it will take some days to dig out from that and here we didn’t even get one snow flake! nice family photos – and so glad you other son got the chance to drive home to see you too

  2. Lorrie says:

    Great family photos. So sorry you were sick over Christmas – but considerate of you not to spread your germs around. There’s a fierce cold going around. I always admire your quilting projects. Someday, I tell myself, when I stop teaching, I’ll have time for sewing and making pretty things.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, I hope you are feeling better now. It is not fun being sick during Christmas. I love the family photo with Merle. Koopa is a cutie too. Your quilt blocks are pretty. we are having cold weather and a little snow. I hope you stay warm and safe. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  4. What a beautiful family! Stay warm!

  5. Karen Beigh says:

    It is more relaxing to be in no hurry in block making. I can’t remember if I have the Elizabeth’s pride pattern. I have several Lori Smith patterns and am guessing I do because of the eagle block in the center.

  6. Joyce says:

    Love seeing pictures of your happy family! I have a cold too – just appeared overnight. I am anxious about it because I’ll be flying to Texas on Monday. I have the same concerns you do about infecting others. I’m just going to quilt today, too, and hope I get better instead of worse. I’m glad you didn’t get a huge amount of snow dumped on you. What’s going on in Erie is frightening. It’s snowy here and -10 this AM, but nothing that drastic.

  7. Kyle says:

    What delightful family photos. Hope you’re feeling better. Your applique blocks are great. Love the choice of fabrics. I ready to get an applique project started and settle down for some Netflix marathons

  8. A cold at Christmas is a bummer! Sorry to hear that, but good that you had doggy cuddles whilst keeping your germs away from the family. Hope you feel better for the New Year celebrations.
    How perfect to have 2 inches of snow, that would be an Aussie idea for an awesome Christmas!
    Thank you for your comments on my recent posts which touched me given your personal connections.
    Wren x

  9. We haven’t started the second season of The Crown yet….we were watching nothing but Hallmark Christmas Movies for the month of December! Hope you are feeling better, Deb, and may you have lots of health and happiness in 2018!

  10. FlowerLady says:

    Great family photos.

    So sorry to hear you are sick and hope you are soon well.

    Your applique blocks are great and your hand quilting lovely and impressive as ever.

    Enjoy the rest of 2017 and have a great 2018.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  11. Melanie says:

    Lovely family photos! So sorry you’ve been sick, but hope your Christmas was as lovely as you could make it. Always love seeing your beautiful quilting. Just read your previous post about Merle and the beer keg – too funny!

  12. Your family photos are always wonderful. Nice family shots for sure. Your quilting is lovely. We got about 6″ on Christmas day and now it is wicked cold.

  13. Kim says:

    Hoping you’re better now, Deb. Your family is beautiful…as is your quilting! Feel good and stay super warm!

  14. audrey says:

    What a lovely family! Hope you are feeling a whole lot better now and able to fully enjoy the rest of the holiday!

  15. Susan says:

    You are certainly blessed with a beautiful family. It sounds like it was a wonderful time for everyone – yes, Merle and blue bandana! I hope your cold is gone. Your quilting seems to have moved along apace, even though you said you didn’t spend much time on it. Looks great!

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