More Applique ( Elizabeth’s Pride ) & a Birthday

I had just mowed for the upteenth time, so I threw my latest two Elizabeth’s Pride blocks out onto the lawn :)

While I was out there with the camera….last year I’d trimmed this PeeGee Hydrangea drastically, and then it doubled in size!  It’s due to all of the rain….my neighbors hydrangea went crazy as well.

It is just coming in to bloom. The white blossoms will turn pink as the season progresses. Meanwhile, under the awning just beyond it, sparrows build a nest and raise a family. This is the latest nest, for the second batch so far ; notice the green ribbon! :)  I usually take a photo every year of their crazy nests…

My grandson turned 8 years old yesterday.  I had ordered a Nerf gun and target set and Kanga was enjoying the Amazon box for awhile. If you have cats, you know that they’ll sit on anything new, even if it is a piece of paper on the table.

My Facebook Memories popped up with a favorite photo collage of when he was a toddler, absolutely delighted with his new skill of taking his socks off and on.

How time flies, except when you are weeding or mowing the grass :)

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13 Responses to More Applique ( Elizabeth’s Pride ) & a Birthday

  1. Karen says:

    I just mowed grass tonight at 88 degrees outside – it is supposed to get hotter before it cools off next week so thought I better get it done tonight. with Mike working such odd hours it is up to me to get it done whenever it happens to be the “coolest” it will be. Your plants are terrific – happy b day to grandson!

  2. Kat says:

    Your blocks are lovely.
    I know what you mean about cats, quilts on the floor get the same reactions. That is some nest they built and how fun to watch.
    So fun to play with grandson.

  3. Audrey says:

    Love seeing your appliqué blocks! They look wonderful. Wish we could be more successful with hydrangeas here! They are such a beautiful addition to a garden!

  4. Eileen says:

    Hello, Happy birthday to your grandson. He was a sweetie, they grow so quickly. Love the quilt blocks. Cute kitty. Have a happy day!

  5. Isn’t it cute how that little grandson loved his newly acquired skill of putting on and taking off his socks! Happy birthday to him! The applique blocks are beautiful. Applique appeals to me because the whole project is divided into smaller, more manageable pieces. Kanga made me chuckle. Cats are funny critters. And I think you should lay out many snippets of ribbon around the yard. Maybe you would end up with a multi colored nest! :-)

  6. Beautiful Hydrangeas -I wish we grew them here. The photo of your grandson is just adorable. mary in Az

  7. Beautiful quilt blocks! It is true that cats will lay on anything new. I don’t have a cat right now. But I recall they did that. I wonder why? Ownership?

  8. Joyce says:

    I can imagine the pride that mama bird had bringing home that ribbon scrap! Must be how we feel when we finish a wall quilt and hang it up!
    Cute little Brent! Just when you think he can’t get any more adorable he puts 5 olives on his fingers and lights up the room with his smile!
    And boxes and cats – oh my! Don’t I know it!

  9. Nana Diana says:

    Those are beautiful blocks. You always do such a nice job of choosing fabrics for each piece. That little grandboy was just adorable at that age..and is now 8! Happy Birthday- where do the years go?

    Love the little ‘special’ nest. We have had lots of baby birds here this year and one nest of babies was lost due to my mistake. I felt AWFUL.

    I hope you have a great rest of the week, Deb!

  10. Thank you for the smile watching the socks on, socks off. :-) Your blocks are gorgeous – love everything about them including the colors you chose. The hydrangea are really showing their stuff this summer with the wet spring we had. It is a beautiful sight. :-)

  11. Karen Beigh says:

    I have some of that vase fabric in a different colorway. At least I think it is the same. Yours makes a good vase.

  12. Susan Nixon says:

    His sock picture made me smile. I wish my hydrangea would double in size! It might be a foot tall then. =P It’s three years old and just doesn’t thrive. Your blocks look great!

  13. Grandma Kc says:

    Between weeding and mowing you never need to go to the gym! Amazing how quick kids (and grass!) grow!

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