Gingerbread & a Christmas Puppy

On the day before Christmas Eve, I had the grandchildren and their mama come down for a baking session. I had made the gingerbread dough early in the morning and put it into the fridge to chill. They came down around 2:00.

aise rolling dough

We rotated…after I rolled out a portion of dough the first time, since gingerbread dough is a bit sticky, once it was manageable, one child could roll, one could cut the shapes, the others would work on decorating. In the above photo, Aiselyn was enjoying herself so much that she told her mama that she wanted to be a baker when she grew up.

I had RedHots and M & M’s; the idea being to use either or both for the gingerbread men’s face and a few buttons and to leave room for adding icing to their feet and hands later on. In addition, we cut out trees and snowflakes to only be iced …well this all got out of hand. Bear in mind the children are 5, 6, and just turned 8 years old.

Mom got icing in her hair trying to rescue a cookie from an overdose of icing and sprinkles…

Tallica icing in hair

The children found this to be highly amusing!

javis and emya laughing

putting gingerbread cookies into tupperware

brent and javis and cookies

Emya decorating cookies

No fancy beautiful cookies here : we just let the children do what they wanted for the most part. A few of the gingerbread men were so overloaded with RedHots that they looked a bit like bleeding zombies when they came out of the oven :)  But in the end, every single one came out exactly on time, not burnt, moist and tender and delicious.

I ate one, kept six, and the rest went home with them. Once everything was cleaned up we still had to ‘kill time’ because we were waiting for my son to get off of work and bring the puppy over from his dad’s, who had been babysitting him since Monday.  When Tallica got a text that it wouldn’t be long, she went home to prepare something and then returned.

Joyce, from the wonderful blog What Happens at Grandma’s  had sent a sweet gift of playing cards for the children and mice for our cats! :) So we played the card came, and also printed out some Christmas Bingo cards that she’d recommended from One Creative Mommy,  using the rest of the M & M’s for markers. PRIZES for winners were “Go Pick  a Toy From the Toy Room & Take it Home ” :)

cards and bingo

At this point I was getting anxious and couldn’t WAIT to hear from my son. I was so excited about this puppy and the children’s surprise.  Once we did hear from him, my DIL told the kids that Dad was home making dinner and wanted us up there ASAP.

So we gathered up toys, cards, bingo sheets and cookies and went up the road ( they are two blocks from me ) to see a large plastic container with a bow and card on the porch in front of the door.  The card said that this was addressed to the children from “Merle”.   I said this must be a mistake…we don’t know anyone by that name!

They opened the container to see myriad items for a dog inside and agreed that it must be a mistake since they didn’t have a dog but why did the card have their names on it? Mystified, they opened the door and entered the house to see their dad standing there holding a puppy!

Who takes pictures at that point? Not me…I was too excited to meet the little pup :) I got just a few that evening.

girls and pup collage for post

And more the next day…..



merle 3

merle 2

He’s a Rottweiler & Labrador mix ; about 9 weeks old. Super cuddly and just getting used to the household.

merle and aise

He’s a little bundle of Christmas sweetness : )

Christmas breakfast will be here in a few hours and dinner later on at ‘the puppy’s house’ :)

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25 Responses to Gingerbread & a Christmas Puppy

  1. Eileen says:

    Adorable children and a cute puppy! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you all the best in 2016, a very Happy New Year!

  2. Karen says:

    Merry Christmas it looks like the kids are having fun for sure

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! Hugs, Diane

  4. Deb says:

    So cute! Enjoy your Christmas with the family.

  5. Margie Miller says:

    I know they were excited and thrilled to get a puppy. If I didn’t live in an apartment, I’d want one. (Of course, my cat, Missy, would kill it.) She is old and crotchety.

  6. BillieBee says:

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas….what fun and I lover Merle’s name….Merry Christmas.

  7. Patty says:

    So sweet. Merry Christmas.

  8. It looks like they all had a wonderful time baking cookies. I won’t ask how long it took you to clean up. Oh my – that pup will have all the love he can stand and then some. Merry Christmas to you all.

  9. What a fun tradition! The puppy is darling–a perfect Xmas arrival.

  10. Joyce says:

    I think you just described a PERFECT pre-Christmas afternoon! I’ve “been there” with the icing and sprinkle overload! But, like you said, the cookies they decorate with their little hands are far more precious to me than professionally made ones!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the games! That will probably become an annual tradition.
    And Merle – oh my! What can I say? He fits right in with your cute, fun-loving family! Looking forward to seeing him grow the same way we’ve been admiring Koopa’s journey from puppyhood! Merry Christmas, Debra!

  11. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh, that puppy! Merle is adorable, as are your grandchildren, which goes without saying. You weren’t just making cookies, you were making memories!

  12. How utterly gorgeous and perfect, they will all remember this Christmas for the rest of their lives :)
    Wren x

  13. Jane says:

    THE best Christmas—everyone looks so happy! :)

    Jane x

  14. What a great Christmas for all of you.


  15. Debbie says:

    Welcome, sweet Merle!!! What a wonderful Christmas you had, Deb!!!

  16. Jo Ann Bayne says:

    What a wonderful post and so very much fun I love the way you did the cookies – and the puppy surprise was the best.

  17. You know I have a sweet spot for gingerbread, but most especially puppies, so I loved this post!

    What a wonderful gift for your sweet grands. It will be a Christmas they won’t soon forget.


  18. Grandma Kc says:

    THese photos were absolutely worth waiting for! Are they fighting over who the puppy gets to sleep with at night? SO darned cute and all kids need a dog!

  19. moggie says:

    Don’t forget to sign up for dog training classes as soon as he is old enough.

  20. Pamela Smith says:

    So cute! We will be getting a new puppy soon too! Actually, one daughter got one a couple of months ago and now the other daughter will too. They can be so much work, but so much fun too. I’m sure your grandchildren will have lots of great memories with him!
    ps here’s a couple of links if you want to take a look:

  21. Stacey says:

    A Christmas puppy? I’m jealous! :)

  22. Jane says:

    Your fun stories and that little Merle made me smile! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Deb!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    Jane x

  23. What a wonderful Christmas story! I think every child dreams of a new puppy for Christmas. And what a patient and loving grandma you are with all those cookies! Sounds like so much fun.

  24. Heidi says:

    So glad your family enjoyed the Bingo game! It looks like you all had a great time! We’ve had a few frosting emergencies with long hair, too. Ours involved a blender! Yikes! Glad yours was a little less traumatic. Merry Christmas from a fellow blogger!

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