Car accident update

I had a few questions in regards to the car accident post ( HERE )  so a quick update :

  • Son is not okay after all….While Nate initially said that he and Koopa were ok, after the adrenaline wore off he started to feel very sore. He’d reached out to block Koopa in the front seat from impact and his right arm and shoulder and neck began to hurt that evening. By the next day he went to the hospital : Whiplash and a possible concussion. So…we’ll see how he does down the line and what happens with insurance, etc.
  • My son was shook up and the guy that hit him was drunk so they did not share insurance information since the State Police showed up on the scene so quickly and took the guy’s info. They arrested him…,he was 2x over the limit.
  • I assumed that when I called MY insurance that they’d get the info from the State police….no! Two weeks until the incident report is released!  We have no clue as to the drunk guy’s insurance until then :(
  • So we are just moving ahead with my insurance company  for the moment. Nate needs to get things out of the car and take pictures of what was damaged in his trunk, and an adjuster will probably total it after that :(  It is a 2002 Acura CL / LOADED …he loved it…and it is doubtful that we’ll get its true worth since it is older. The transmission and engine were rebuilt amid other after market add-ons but we bought it that way from the guy who did the work / there’s no paperwork trail from a garage or anything to show that :(
  • In addition to the horrific photo that I showed in the last post that he took with Koopa’s head sticking out of the shattered back window…he sent another. Thank God that Koopa was not in the little back seat!

I want to close this by copying and pasting a beautiful and inspiring comment from NANCY on the last post. What a story ! Thank you dear Nancy for sharing this with us! I was very touched and you brought tears to my eyes and I think that your story will inspire others as well :) 

I am so glad that your son was not injured. My prayers are with him. Just continue to reassure him and let him talk about it. He will recover much faster if he accepts what happened and moves on. Years ago, I was hit by a stolen car on my driver’s side. The man got out of the car and came over to me. I told him that I could not feel my legs. He got back in his stolen car and took off. Luckily, a neighbor saw the entire accident. The police had to use the jaws of life to get me out through the back windshield. The EMS driver was my guardian angel that day and kept telling me that I would be ok even though I couldn’t feel my legs. (I could only think of my father who had been killed in a trucking accident when I was a child). That EMS stayed with me for hours and later came back to the hospital to check on me. He broke down and told me that his wife had been killed by a drunk driver earlier that year. I listened to him for hours and hardly spoke until he was finished. He told me about his children, his nightmares, his grief and his fears. God put us together for a reason. I consoled this EMS driver and in doing so, I realized that I could have been worse off or dead. I somehow also finally accepted my father’s death that night. That EMS driver changed my life forever. With time and rehab, I recovered. God works in strange ways. Listen to your son with an open heart and get him to talk to you. His grief over his father’s death may still be on his mind. God bless you both. Sorry, that I shared so much but I have two sons also. Your first sentence tore at my heart and reminded me of my own grief.”

A nice weekend & then a car crash

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you’ll recall that my youngest son had a hard time since his dad died last April. He’s been in and out of here ( living-wise ) and I had a lot of rearranging to do when he’d moved in as the spare room was my catch-all room, including sewing supplies.

Within the last two months he found an apartment and moved out and was doing well.

In between some of this :

On Christmas Eve, at a local Walmart-oriented shopping mall…an SUV had stopped suddenly ahead of him and his little car plowed in to it and it was totaled. ( SUV? No Damage )

After that he and his friends shopped around and found a great bargain….a 2002 Acura. ANOTHER little car, though.

This baby was loaded with ‘after market’ items….new transmission, engine, re-done interior, some fancy tablet thing that had a screen and controlled the heating …and on and on. We got it for a song.

St. Pat’s weekend….my son came over with Koopa to spend the night. He’d go to a local bar or party or whatever and leave Koopa here with me, and then crash on the couch under a couple of quilts when he came home.

Here’s Koopa taken with my cell phone ( still an iPhone 3 lol :)

And here’s Koopa after some DRUNK DRIVER ( 2x over the limit according to the police report ) plowed in to my son’s car on the highway.

Koopa and my son are ok but this was in the afternoon! When my son went to the local bar last night he was back here by 11:00…he said that people there were so drunk and loud he had to leave because they’d been “day drinking’ for St. Pat’s since the morning !

If this guy was 2x over the limit when he plowed into my son’s car in the afternoon, the next day, it is the same sort of situation.

At this point we don’t know if his insurance has full coverage or what yet ( the State police have all the info ) but my son will most likely never get the full worth of this car.  In the end though, thank God that he and Koopa are ok.

It’s just surreal. A nice family relaxing weekend and then a car crash….one of those “you just never know”situations but I thank God that this was not worse.  Hold your loved ones tightly! And don’t drink and drive!