Glorious skies

It occurred to me that I’d not been traipsing around outdoors with my camera to capture the glorious skies for most of this winter.

What an unusual winter it has been. I’ve not seen too many glorious skies….if they were out there it was too bitterly cold to care, too icy to venture out, or just cloudy and raining / flooding.

I decided to take a look back at some of them captured over the years ( a few are in rain puddles :)

This is an all time favorite :)

ANOTHER all time favorite of mine :) The sky in a puddle of fall leaves….

If you have had a dreary or hard winter I hope that this has cheered you up a bit as looking back as cheered me :)

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uh-oh : UNstitching

See the mistake?

I shouldn’t have sewn connectors all the way around if I wanted to join these latest two to the others.

If I want them to all connect, they’d look like this and I would need to take the tiny little whip stitches out of a diamond on each of these.  ( the latest two )

Right now in the photo they are just overlapping:

I may hold off on that until I make a few more Star Flowers with no connectors then try to plan a bit better on the next round!

If any of you have made these before any tips and tricks are welcome. But as always my best friend is my seam ripper.

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