Update on Javis / A little break/ Happy Thanksgiving :)

Last week the kids had a day off of school and I was babysitting them. Javis was playing rough with the dog/ jumping on his bed, eating well for the first time in days since the injury.  ( If you missed that post it is HERE )

So when I let the DIL know this, she contacted the doctor in regards to his neck injury and they moved up the checkup from two weeks to one. The good news there and in regards to his Xray was that he could remove his neck brace.

But when I was down there the other day after school, he’d had an F on a paper!  He’s never had something like that.  Javis has always been an A student.

My DIL posted this on FB after the follow-up with the concussion specialist :

“He is still currently showing signs of a significant concussion. But also signs of PTSD. Dr also gave him an eye test that she wasn’t pleased with (slow, jumpy eye movements) Good news is we have a game plan (routine visits every 2-3 weeks, rehab/therapy, exercises, routine schedule and academic accommodations) and she seemed pretty confident that he will heal within a few weeks. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and messages! “

( He’s having nightmares ( the PTSD) and troubles with schoolwork. The school will accomodate…less workload, retests as necessary until he overcomes this. )

Another issue is the bills. My son has a huge deductible and will probably have to pay all of these bills himself. They signed a waiver so the football association is not responsible at all ( even though the other team played “dirty” and the boy who did this was a good 3x larger than Javis :(

It’s dreary, rainy and muddy here and I’ve not been in the mood to blog or be online very much lately.  I guess that we are settling in for winter here :)

My oldest son will come home from St. Louis for Thanksgiving. If you spend a certain amount at the local grocery store over time, you get a free turkey. My 14 lb. free one is in my middle son’s freezer down the street.  I’ll get it out and cook it traditionally so that we can have traditional tasting gravy. HE will cook a 22+ lb. bacon-wrapped turkey that tastes great but does not bode well for gravy as he learned a few years ago :)

I will also make the stuffing and a corn souffle. From the list that my DIL sent to me the other day, other people have signed up for green bean casserole, cookies, pies, desserts, beer, Greek grape leaves, seven layer salad, a dip / snacks, spinach dip, juice boxes for the kids, pumpkin roll, mashed potates, mac & cheese, more desserts….I am sure that more will be added on.

For MOST of my life, I hosted Thanksgiving & Christmas. Fancy tablecloths, china, the whole bit…I am so enjoying THIS part of my life where I do not host :)

Whatever YOU do, I am wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, here in the U.S.A. and I am going to take a little break in regards to blogging and not worry about getting the next post up for awhile :)

I’ve been mostly in a reading / research mode this week, so just a wee bit of quilting…still working on this block, and the light is lousy since it gets dark so early now :(

Last for this post, my youngest son’s pit bull has started a new habit. If I am on the computer in the early evening, and he is feeling cuddly, he’s started to jump in to the computer chair behind me! :)

He was on the floor with Jugsy in the above shot, then decided to hop up to cuddle me )

Have a happy Thanksgiving :)  I am going to take a blogging break until I feel in the mood to do another post after the holiday :)

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Quilting & Cats Sit on Things

I was marking some new lines in the quilt and caught Kanga sitting in the hoop.

If you have cats, you are familiar with how they sit on things.  Sure enough when I’d moved the quilt and hoop, I found her on my notebook.

I decided to remove that and put out a piece of paper …..and within 15 minutes or so, she was sitting on the piece of paper… ( a car rental receipt / long story, lol : )

A little later on, I removed that and put out a Dollar store receipt…

Sure enough….

Just having some fun here :) She’s always been involved with my quilting.

Kanga on quilt looking at me

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