Losing my sewing storage area again…

If you are a regular reader, you know that I live in a small two story bungalow, with a tiny galley kitchen, a decent sized dining room, and a long living room with no entrance or foyer.


Most of my machine sewing, applique and quilting is done at the dining room table ( though I often do hand quilting out on the front porch in nice weather. )

Dining Room Hutch Side View

machine photo sewing border

Upstairs are two bedrooms. My sons have moved in and out of the smaller bedroom over the years.

Their dad died in April, and the youngest moved in with me for two months then out to a friends in the country.  He started coming home on weekends after awhile. I’d babysit the dog while he went to a party or concert, etc.

Then he stayed until later and later on Sundays. This latest visit extended to five days and he asked to come back for good ( or for awhile. ) He’s had depression / anxiety issues since his dad died, but when he’s here, while he might miss his dad, he’s got no anxiety for the most part.

When he was here temporarily we crammed twin sized mattresses and some of his stuff in ( more was left at his dad’s ) and I left all of my fabric and sewing things and books in the room, and quilt tops in progress hanging in the closet.

Prior to all of this, for many years it had been a fabric / books / TOY room.

I had purchased a train table when Brent was around 2 yrs. old, with Thomas the Train items, and the children used the table for other activities….at Christmas, we decorated it.

Kate and the Train Table

So this little extra bedroom has seen a lot of action and various uses but now….

I’ve been trying to move all of my quilting stuff and books elsewhere. To give him total space in that room. Out with the twin sized and on to a full sized normal bed, etc.

It’s not been easy.


I have two long narrow closets on each side of my bedroom with severely sloping ceilings  ( there is no attic ) and I am in process of going through what I’ve stored in there over the years and getting rid of much of it to make room for my quilty-things.

As it IS, it was always a ‘working’ bedroom as you can see :)

This is a frustrating process for me :)  For the most part he’s always been somewhere with a roommate. He was only at his dads for a month or so between renting / roommates and the death was unexpected.  I don’t think that he’ll be here forever, but I imagine for 9 months to a year.

WELL, I am rediscovering clothes in my closets and fabrics that I’d forgotten about during all of this reorganizing :)  There is always a positive side : ) 

Outdoors, we’ve had hot dry weather for awhile now. I fill the bird bath twice a day…it’s their only break for drinks and washing.  Cooler weather is on the horizon…

I have picked what is probably the last of the tomatoes, aside from some green ones. Cleome is just coming in to bloom, from seeds planted in early summer, gerbera daisies still delight, and the rose bush has put out blooms off and on all summer long.

The autumn sedum, which starts out blooming a light purplish shade, is continuing on its’ journey to a deeper hue…

And here we have water, A/C if we need it ( we had hot temps recently ) electric, food, and life as usual. All that I’ve had to deal with is moving things around and reorganizing. Puerto Rico thoughts and prayers go out to you…constantly.

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Quilting Progress, Critters, Kids, and the Garden

August was unusually cool off and on,  but the heat’s back on now towards the end of September. We have been soaring into the high 80’s in the afternoons. That was appreciated by the tomatoes…I got a nice crop of regular ones + cherry tomatoes the other day to split with the family.

I’ve made some nice hand quilting progress on the Iris block in the Botanical Quilt. These are large blocks so completing one takes awhile, but the flower portions are just about done and I am on to the stems and baskets / vases area now.

Meanwhile, around the house, most flowers are still blooming and in the back I have Cosmos and Cleome just coming in to bloom!  ( I think that the off and on weather this summer confused many of the seeds : )  I planted them in late May!

In my last post I shared how a mama squirrel had brought her baby over to visit once or twice. After that, she brought him back to be on his own. ( Just like her mama had done with her! :)

He’s still hanging around…trying to learn to climb things….he’s quite comical.

I have a few peanuts out on the porch railing for him….but if I go out when he is there or sitting on the top of a chair, he panics and disappears in to the pine tree growing in the front.

This has Koopa, my son’s dog, all depressed when they visit now. “WHY can’t I go out on the porch and sit with Oma in my chair like I usually do? ”

He kind of mirrors Brent’s look…( which I just caught one day earlier in the summer when he was moping about something or another :)

Finally, Brent’s Open House was this week and my son took this phone picture of my DIL, niece, him and the girls… ( the grands are in two different school districts ; this is not the only Open House I’ll have to attend NOR the only Book Fair that I’ll have to spend money at :)

Meanwhile,  Texas is still suffering from Harvey, Florida and various islands from Irma, Puerto Rico and other islands are in dire catastrophic states from Maria, Mexico has had 2 major earthquakes, and when I checked the news today Trump was fighting with the NFL and NBA.

Then there is the healthcare issue and…the possibility of nuclear annihilation with 8th-grade level insults going on between him and Kim Jong Un. But there WAS a story that made me smile and that is that Melania and schoolchildren were out planting and harvesting in the vegetable garden that Michelle had started. That was nice to see.

*I got a notice from my web hosting service the other day that ‘in a few days” my site might be down for awhile as they were moving servers ( or something or another :)  So if you come and it is down, hopefully it will be back up down the line! )

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I’ll be slow-stitching / hand quilting a bit, and joining up with the other Slow Stitchers at Kathy’s Quilts.