Slice of Life : the park, flowers and a baby bunny

A few days ago I saw a tiny little bunny that had ventured out a wee bit from the flowers and foliage in the front ot my house. This was the best picture that I could get of him before he went to hide again.

A few days went by and I was weeding in that area, and then later mowing close by to it, hoping that if he was still around, that I was not scaring him to death or anything.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, I had 3 of the grands for the afternoon and we went to a local park. It’s about two minutes away and I like it because while there are swings, slides, and climbing apparatus, there is also a creek in the back. In the spring we see Canadian Geese and ducks there.

I only had my old phone with me so I couldn’t capture the myriad bees and butterflies that were swarming this bush….I have no clue what it is ( do any of you know? ) but I did get a closeup of the flowers, which almost looked like a mix between a flower and a berry to me.

We had a kid-approved lunch of hotdogs, beans and chips prior to heading out to the park.  Once in the water I instructed them in the art of making mud-pies ( “I feel so FREE” Aiselyn said, which just cracked me up! : )

Their brother eventually ventured in as well after spending most of his time on the swings.

Back home we had some watermelon, and later on, I was thrilled to see the baby bunny was still around and had ventured out for HIS meal.

So tiny and precious!

Well just an ordinary slice of life here :)

This little bunny reminded me of one a year or two ago and a favorite photo of it. I looked it up :

How about you? :)  Do you enjoy the birds & critters as much as I do ? :) 

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More Applique ( Elizabeth’s Pride ) & a Birthday

I had just mowed for the upteenth time, so I threw my latest two Elizabeth’s Pride blocks out onto the lawn :)

While I was out there with the camera….last year I’d trimmed this PeeGee Hydrangea drastically, and then it doubled in size!  It’s due to all of the rain….my neighbors hydrangea went crazy as well.

It is just coming in to bloom. The white blossoms will turn pink as the season progresses. Meanwhile, under the awning just beyond it, sparrows build a nest and raise a family. This is the latest nest, for the second batch so far ; notice the green ribbon! :)  I usually take a photo every year of their crazy nests…

My grandson turned 8 years old yesterday.  I had ordered a Nerf gun and target set and Kanga was enjoying the Amazon box for awhile. If you have cats, you know that they’ll sit on anything new, even if it is a piece of paper on the table.

My Facebook Memories popped up with a favorite photo collage of when he was a toddler, absolutely delighted with his new skill of taking his socks off and on.

How time flies, except when you are weeding or mowing the grass :)

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