Summer reading, sewing and snacking

Unless it gets too hot, I love to read out on the front porch in the summer. This is the first book in a trilogy ( I picked up the 3rd book in the library, got hooked, and now I’ve gone back for the first one. )

The author has such an engaging writing style…she’s a masterful storyteller.

I read more in the summer than the winter, due to many more hours of natural light, so I can imagine myself going through several of her books….the library has quite a few of them.

All of this reading might take away from sewing and quilting time, though :)

While I had started to tie a quilt ( shown in my previous post HERE  ) and worked on that for two days off and on, I pulled out Scrappy Granny on Solstice to add some more stitches to the cable portion.

When I was a little girl living out in the country, while we attended a Methodist church in a town about 20 minutes away, in the summer we ( my sister and the neighbor girls ) went to the Presbyterian Vacation Bible School. We’d walk along the red dog gravel road behind my house about 1/3 mile and that would lead to the top of a large grassy hill. We’d walk down through that field to the little Presbyterian church below for VBS. I remember flannel board stories and memorizing the order of the books of the Bible, singing, crafts, and graham cracker and juice breaks. In the end we all got a little red Bible to take home.  There were probably 50 children attending.

BOY HAVE TIMES CHANGED ! :) Yes they learn some Bible stories at a local church but here is Brent climbing the major attraction. They just love this! And that is probably why over 300 children attend this VBS every year.

I picked the kids up after VBS one day and clearly they do expend some energy there and want to relax afterwards…they had a big lunch here and then I put on a movie for a bit.

Jesus in the morning and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the afternoon. MY boys played with those toys and watched the shows…those Turtles have stuck around for a long time.

Later on it was time to play outside and pick some lettuce from the garden and enjoy some Popsicles.

Another summer favorite is Italian Ices at a local spot called Ritas….the DIL got a nice shot of them here :

Back to Scrappy Granny and snacks…I have a a few popsicles that I am working towards for myself :)

Once I finish this quilting along the sashing and border,  I’ll have a two block area left. And the last block will be my summer popsicles.

Meanwhile, we’d had a heat wave for awhile that was a bit TOO hot for this time of year. A nice weather break moved in for two days or so. Along with that break were lovely skies and here are a few new blooms to accompany them :

Right around this time the Southwest is broiling in extremely record-setting high temperatures and tropical storm Cindy is hitting the gulf and many states are to be affected. Needless to say..thoughts and prayers are with those areas.

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Tying Quilty 365 ( and other quilts over time )

Sunday was my boys first Father’s Day without their father. The oldest who lives in Missouri doesn’t come home for Mother / Father days but the other two are used to doing something. I hoped that they’d get through it ok.

Scott ended up going to a swap meet with my DILs’ dad… ( car and motorcyle based, I think ) and they camped there and came home on Sunday afternoon.  The DIL and grands were working on a big breakfast-for-dinner for him when I was down there.

The youngest was invited to a friends house. That friend has a pool and Nate posted a video on my Facebook timeline of Koopa, wearing a doggie life vest, happily swimming in the pool alongside another dog.

Well it was another super hot day and I knew that I’d spend most of it indoors. I had gotten this far on my Elizabeths Pride applique.

While I was sewing I was thinking about quilting….as in while there was still much to be done in regards to hand quilting Scrappy Granny, I was close  enough to the end that I had most of my basting pins freed up now.

I really should use them to tie a quilt prior to using them for another hand quilting project.

Of the quilt tops that I have in finished or near to finished stages hanging in an upstairs cupboard, several will be tied and not hand quilted. When I hand quilt something and give it away, people don’t use it. It goes on display. If I tie it, people are snuggled under it on a couch, bed, or it goes to a picnic or football game or what-have-you.

I decided to pin baste and tie the Quilty 365 top. I won’t give that away…it can go on the twin mattress set upstairs that we had to get when the youngest moved in for awhile.

It is always fun when you go to quilt something ( hand, tying, or machine quilting ) that you finished awhile ago and now are revisiting …

I always use a curved needle. I purchased a set in JoAnn Fabrics ; there were four needles. Two are larger for tying with thick yarn and the smaller ones are just right for using crochet cotton.

Tied quilts hold up beautifully.

This is with my oldest in Missouri…he’ll be 40 soon and it went off to college with him:

The next two are on the girls beds at their house.

This one is displayed on a chair in their family room and often covers the kids on the couch.

And not too long ago I’d tied the Gradient quilt for my youngest and just washed that again recently and dried it on the line.

There are a few others that I am recalling….one or two go frequently to the football games with the kids. And anything hand quilted they display and never touch; same with my mother.

Here at my house the hand quilted couch quilts get plenty of use, though. My youngest was constantly under the Stars & Spools quilt that I had recently finished :)

Well, back to tying. It’s not as fun as hand quilting ; it is rather boring and tedious, but a little each day will get the job done .

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