SPRING and a Bit of Quilting

The neighborhood is awash in color. Some trees, such as my crabapple and a neighbors’ weeping cherry are already done blooming. Others are putting on their show now…and notice how green the lawns are?

The grass is thick and lush and growing profusely everywhere. Bright green lawns are sprinkled with canary yellow dandelions and within days of the last mowing the grass is a good six inches high again.

Because the injury to my calf is not yet fully healed I am still trying to take it a bit easy so I paid a friend to mow one time, my youngest who is here now can do it for awhile, and the DIL did it in between for me…. I posted this on Facebook mid-April :)

Red tulips in full force in a neighbors’ yard…

A miniature iris in my yard almost at the end of its bloom…

My lilac bush getting ready…

Naturally for the next block to hand quilt in Scrappy Granny I gravitated towards the block with purple and yellow and some Iris. That is finished and rather than have to do all four borders at the end I started on one since that row is complete now.

Honestly, I look forward to my ‘regular’ quilting in the outline of the block and the sashing more than the big-stitch quilting that I have tried out in the colored portions. I guess that I am just so used to the old way :)

Finishing up the border section and moving along…

It looks to be off and on rain all weekend here ; enjoy yours! :)

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Premature Miracle Twins Turn Seven

Aiselyn and Emya ( pronounced Eh-Mya ) were born at  26 weeks and 3 days and it was touch and go for those preemies for a long time. Later on , Emya had a hemangioma growth inside of her neck, requiring serious surgery that did not allow her to return home for months.

If ever little girls were surrounded by love and prayer it is those two. They are little miracle twins. Now they are often as tough or tougher than their brothers.

They turn seven years old on Tuesday and the family celebrated with a party on Sunday afternoon.

Because all of the children are eagerly looking forward to a beach vacation in July, their cake had a beach theme. ( but it is very clever…it is actually all pull-apart cupcakes which makes serving a tribe of cousins and little friends quite easy ! )

There was so much good food. An aunt made rigatoni & meatballs and I made a huge salad to accompany that. A neighbor made a crockpot full of a hot BBQ chicken dip, which was quite addicting. There was fried chicken and potato salad and my youngest grilled steak and vegetable kabobs as well as a pan of asparagus and other vegetables.

Last year their grandfather ( the one who recently died ) and I bought scooters, helmets, pads, etc. for the girls and then followed that theme on for the boys and Kate.

This year, after having gone through my THIRD umbrella at the Dollar Store ( turning inside out and breaking in the slightest wind ) and knowing that the same thing was going on with the childrens’ umbrellas….I went on to Amazon to order a good umbrella for myself as well as the girls. I did get them a few other things but the umbrellas were a hit : )

Here they were last year…I was worried that umbrellas and a few games wouldn’t match up to scooters but they seem to be equally happy :)

Girls and gear collage

Life goes on…we are in the midst of sorrow yet finding joy as we can :)

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