Catching up and a little quilting

I have had a few emails asking how I am doing so here’s a catch-up post.

In my previous post I’d said that I was laying around with my leg elevated after an accident…a few asked if I could at least hand quilt. Not really….all scrunched up with a bunch of pillows piled on top of each other at my feet…I just didn’t feel like trying. I watched a Netflix series, checked the news and weather online a bit, and read a lot.

Now I can walk around a bit more and don’t have to elevate it all of the time.

One of the books I thought to revisit here was Agnes Sanfords’ “The Healing Light“, quite appropriate for now. An old classic but still in print due to its enduring popularity and available on Amazon if you are curious. It is a wonderful book.

My DIL Tallica has been such a great help…the wound is on the back of my calf…she handles changing the dressings for me and she has the little kids doing this and that after school with her on a few days.

A picture from Aiselyn of Oma and her :) Tallica pointed out that her funny mouth symbol means a kiss.

Kate was in a play that I had to miss. Her school put on the Wizard of Oz…the tickets were 8.00 each and here were two grandparents missing it! I had the accident and another one was down with the flu. Tallica gave the tickets to her twin sister and niece…not to be wasted.

A teacher took this photo of the family for her after the play. Kate looks so proud and happy! :)

On Sunday they all came after church with take-out from The Texas Roadhouse. “It’s like a FEAST, Oma!” Aiselyn said, grinning from ear to ear.  After that, the children took out garbage, patrolled the yard for dog-poo, Tallica vacuumed, and Scott ran to the store to pick up a few things for me.

They are one busy family but I am so thankful for their help.

On Wednesday, a week + one day after this happened, it was time to see if I could drive a little. My son needed me to run him to a local garage where their van was. I did so and then he ran to the grocery store close by to pick up some fruit for me.

Though Tallica had been here in the morning changing the dressing, and the kids were here as well ( they come with her before school ) since I was in the car now I drove down there to see them after school for awhile. I have missed that as well as their dog! :)  The neighborhood is just coming in to bloom here and there….I took a few snapshots with my phone.

I had started sewing the binding on Stars and Spools before this happened. I had perhaps one side done. I am getting back into that…

And I will return to quilting this Scrappy Granny block.  I can’t really stand around for a long time prepping applique pieces at the ironing board and everything is so behind here that worrying about sewing is the last thing that I need to do, so I think that just picking up these two projects is all that I shall consider working on going forward for awhile.

I don’t have cable TV so the most that I watched of movies or series prior to this was an hour or two in the evenings on my computer. Thank goodness for the firestick that I got at Christmas time and the wifi.

I have probably watched more on the TV  in the last week than on the computer in the last six months :)  I went through 3 seasons of “Reign” ( Netflix )  finished all of “A Place to Call Home” ( Acorn TV / Amazon ) and am now starting on “War and Peace” ( also Acorn / Amazon ).

I have not been visiting blogs as much as I usually do but I’ll catch up down the line :) Thank you to everyone for your concern and I hope that you will enjoy your spring days that are upon us once again.

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Hobbling around due to the dog toy made for bears

My youngest has a pit and my middle son has a rottweiler-lab mix. Koopa the pit can kill a toy so quickly that it is amazing and it gets rather expensive. A few weeks back the boys’ dad bought Koopa and Merle each a large pink ball with a handle. It was made for horses so he thought it might last. Merle still has his. Koopas’ lasted a day or less.

This past Tuesday my youngest brought Koopa to play in the yard with a new toy that Nate thought might be hardier as he said it was made for bears. I thought he was joking…a big ball with rope on either end. Koopa had it out in the yard and I went to play and turned too fast or something when he still had the rope on his end and the rope sliced through my calf. It was heavy nylon…not the kind usually found in dog toys.

Very bad laceration. Much blood / very deep…started treating it at home up in the bathroom just pouring water on it…Nate ran for peroxide spray….after 5 minutes or so the DIL came with gauze, etc. and we headed to Med Express.

The doctor there would have preferred to send me on to the hospital but I put my foot down. I was there to stay. Well, she was concerned…this was through all the fatty layers and so close to a tendon and yet sew me up she did. She was muttering about how bad this was and she’d have to use mattress stitches. The wound was the size of my palm or larger.

Well I sew! What’s a mattress stitch? Do YOU sew, Doc? And off we went…with her explaining how it was easier to sew skin than clothes, except for MY situation where she was having troubles :) In the end I had my DIL take a photo with her phone to pass up to me so I could see what a mattress stitch looked like.

I had 19 of them! Don’t worry…I am not showing that photo! Gross!  :)

Tetanus shot, antibiotics…elevate the leg, use crutches or hobble only a wee bit. I am used to sitting at the table or in a chair, feet down, when I sew. I could see that sewing wasn’t going to be in the picture for days on end. And not much else. I am not in a lot of pain. If working through pain was the issue it wouldn’t be too bad….it’s the fact that if I blow it and this gets infected or pulls apart then I’d need to see a surgeon.

SO aside from a wee bit of computer time, hobbling to the kitchen to let the dogs out or get a little food….I am not doing much but reading and working my way through “Reign” on Netflix. The DIL has a medical background and she’s changing the dressings for the first few days …that doctor had me terrified about infection, swelling, surgery, premature death, the end of the world, lol…:)

The family is doing dog-poo patrol, carrying laundry baskets, bringing Dairy Queen Rocky Road, lots of pictures and hugs from the little kids, etc. Some sweeping and other things will get done over the weekend. Drives me crazy…I am usually the one to do for them :)

A bit of a blogging break here for awhile until I get back in to the swing of things…:)