Around here lately…Thanksgiving transition to Christmas ( the Holidays )

I cooked some Thanksgiving food here, then there was a small family and neighbor Thanksgiving at my sons’ house on the day, then a very big Thanksgiving get-together on Black Friday, which even found this mama doing a whiskey shot with the boys…something called “Fireball”.  Now, I don’t like whiskey but I always liked fireballs and redhots and so this shot went down easily, but I preferred the Riesling that my DIL had for us ladies :)

Here’s a different kind of ‘shot’…one of the grandkids and their cousins. It was in the mid 40’s so they could be outside without coats for a bit…


On Saturday a big tupperware container of all foods related to Thanksgiving that I had here went home to my youngest son on top of his laundry basket :)

I was never so happy to just have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner after non-stop turkey for four days.

And what do people do after all that eating and drinking ? They do this :


Next it was time to drag out the Christmas stuff ( which is helter-skelter between the basement, a closet upstairs, etc. )


I had a Christmas cactus for a good 10 years that faithfully bloomed around the holidays and at least once in the summer. It finally died off and I did not replace it last year but I picked up two when they were on sale at the grocery store recently ; one for me and one for my DIL. I was thrilled to see the first bloom.


Other than that, nothing was new…in fact, just as I did in the Autumn of 2015, I decided to downsize. That year I had given my DIL a good 2/3 of my fall decor to use at their place, and this year I decided to send to send a good bit of my Christmas decor to them as well.

I took 3 huge boxes down…mostly related to the houses, little people, trains, my Nativity set etc.






While I have enjoyed these decorations that I purchased over the years, the children will enjoy them on a daily basis at their own home. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas as a child are not which presents I recieved ( I only recall a few ) but enjoying the village and train under the tree, the nativity set, and the choir made of candles and the elves, Santa’s workshop etc that was on our mantle.   Christmas Memories as a Little Girl ” 

Meanwhile, one of the dishes that the neighbors had brought to my sons’ house on Thanksgiving was an interesting green bean dish…it was beans roasted in the oven with mushrooms and onions, parmesan and panko bread crumbs. They had diced up the mushrooms and onions so small that I couldn’t get a handle on what I was tasting…it almost had an oriental dish taste to it. Lindsay said that she’d found the recipe on Pinterest. 


love to cook ornament

I found a few online recipes similar to her rendition and can’t wait to make my own soon :) This is the time of year that we think about old tried and true holiday recipes as well as exploring new ones …

From my kitchen to yours…let’s hope that any new ones turn out great :)


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Thanksgiving Week : Eating and Quilting & a Birthday

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ( for those of you in the U.S.A. )  We had the bitter cold and wind the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, as many of you did as well.   I am usually up before sunrise and on Sunday, once daylight came and I saw the snowflakes swirling around and a little bit on the ground, I decided to bake.  The first snow always inspires me that way :)

I made Toll House cookies and frosted chocolate brownies and took most of them down to the Tribe of grandkids.

I finished up the Airship Propeller Block and another little basket on Sunday afternoon.


On Monday, while the wind persisted, the rain and snow had cleared out and we had lovely blue skies…inspiration for working with some blues.


While I did a little prep work early a.m.  on the blues, sewing had to wait. There was a birthday to celebrate that evening.  Kate was turning 11.


More sweets and treats to eat and a bit of family fun…


Now on to finish those first blues that I’d been prepping…


And more eating. Our Thanksgiving dinner is to be held at my sons on Black Friday at 4:00.  I am quite relieved to not have to host these holiday dinners anymore :)

There are usually around 20 or more down at my sons. I am  to make broccoli casserole, pumpkin pies, and stuffing ( do you call it stuffing or dressing? around here it is stuffing :)

Well, I’d purchased a turkey split breast and had it in the crockpot mid-week and then I just couldn’t get my mind off of stuffing, so I made a bit of that, some mashed potatoes and a sweet potato and corn. I had a sort of mini-Thanksgiving meal here to tide me over until the ‘real deal’ on Friday.

I worked on another Airship Propeller block. It is the red, white and blue one ; there are five completed thus far.


And there are four Little Baskets. These will just be an applique project off and on….generally when cutting out something else, I’ll add a basket template or two to the fabric.


As to Stars and Spools …I finished up the second border area and have started on the third.


Enjoy your weekend ! :)

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