The Nightmare on Pike Street and other stuff :)

On Wednesday , I was to pick up my grandson Brent at his elementary school at 3:25 and then Kate at her home after getting off the bus from her intermediate school around 4:00. ( 5 grands : two school districts :) 

I left my house at 3:00, thinking to swing by the bank and the grocery store prior to getting Brent, since it’s only 10 minutes to get to his school.

I pulled into his school at 3:29 after having sat in my car for 20 minutes….construction! Usually when something is going on you sit for about 5 minutes or so but they were repaving the road from my borough into the next town. Well, you don’t know this is going on….you just end up sitting. Needless to say I took a different way back when it was time to get Kate! :)

By Friday late afternoon, they were in my area, right up on the main street.


I had to run an errand.

10 minutes waiting my turn to get ON to the street. Coming back, hoping that I’d luck out and hit the correct timing…NOPE…20 minutes as they freed one lane of traffic, then two intersections.  Once I got home, I grabbed the camera and walked up for a few photos and asked the worker blocking my street how long this was going to go on.

She said that they hoped to finish up that evening and we chatted for awhile about the logistics of managing something like this. I told her that I was calling it The Nightmare on Pike Street :)


She was happy to talk and compared a job like doing a highway ( pretty straightforward ) with a small town area, with numerous intersections to manage as well as the normal traffic flow. She said that another issue that comes up is with the very elderly who have a hard time adjusting to driving in an opposite lane from what they are used to and driving next to all of this equipment lined up for ages…

I have tall grasses in several locations around my house. The other day looking out the window of the kitchen door, I saw numerous little sparrows enjoying a snack….there were at least four lined up and the grass stalk was bent over. Of course had I opened the door they’d have all flown off immediately….but they enjoy these for food.


There were a few days last week that had lovely skies….here is a shot taken off the back porch one early evening :


Here is a collage of two photos that were texted to me…the twins at their school party on Friday, and on Saturday afternoon the dog turned into a Ninja :)


I had been down there earlier. I’d gotten a call from my DIL mid-morning asking if I had honey. “Yes, send a kid down for it”…..

The next call was did I have parchment paper or could she use waxed ?  ” No, waxed is not heat-resistant if this is something for the oven. Just spray your pan really well; I’ve never used parchment paper in my life and have lived to tell the tale”.

I went down later on to taste this recipe which she’d been making for a party that they were going to attend. Pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, nuts, granola and other things coated with the honey and sugars and who knows what else. Oh MY was it ever good….

After quite a few cold mornings and having to run the furnace, and 3 or 4 frosts…I still have quite a few flowers still in bloom.


It went up to 75 degrees on the afternoon of October 29 / no complaints here about that! :)

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A few randoms…

  • I recently had roof work done and after the roofers took all of the shingles off the dumpster was almost completely full. 
  • When the dumpster company had delivered it, the roofers were here to help guide the trucker.
  • When someone came to pick it up the following week he had lots of trouble! It started to slide off the track, tilting as if it was going to lose the load of shingles onto my front yard. Then for some reason he decided to pull the dumpster out by a rope down the street…got it stuck on one of my railroad ties in the parking spot…pulled that out then ended up getting stuck again!
  • I texted my roofer friend and asked if someone could come and assist him since he was now stuck over the drainage pipe at the end of my neighbor’s driveway and was blocking that driveway as well.


  • The roofer was over here in ten minutes to help…turns out he had more experience with heavy equipment than the pickup driver did ( who was fairly new at it all :)  I felt so sorry for the guy…I can only imagine how frustrated and worried he was getting over time as this went on. 
  • The guys raked the driveway back in to good shape, repaired a bit of ripped-up-grass, and I had texted my son about it. He had some extra rebar ( spelling? ) to use with the railroad tie and it was all good.

Those pictures were taken with my phone : would you believe that I am still using my iPhone 3? Well it doesn’t want to answer calls quickly anymore so I think that I’m going to have to upgrade soon :)

It was Merle’s birthday not too long ago. This is my son’s dog that arrived at Christmas last year.

merle 3

He was such an adorable little thing and I took a bazillion photos of him. Here is a favorite from January when it looked as if he was in the clouds, but it was just snow :)

little merle in snow or clouds

For his birthday my DIL grabbed two burgers at McDonalds after work to use as his cake, lit a candle and had the kids sing to him after school.


I have been trimming bushes. This is a shot from last winter…see the thorns in this barberry bush?

Little sparrow

I had trimmed it in the fall, and it was torturous to trim…not wanting to leave even the tiniest branch on the ground, lest one of the dogs step on it.

But here is a shot of it from June! Just out of control : )


I had a friend chainsaw it down to the ground this week.  I didn’t want it dug up…I wanted it to grow again but I hope to keep it little and in control from now on.

I am working on other bushes myself….here a bit, there a bit. I have two garbage cans filled with branches ( and one can for my regular garbage ) and when those get picked up I have two huge piles with more.  I am far from done yet.

On October 26th we had a heavy frost. We’d had two prior to this but that Wednesday morning it was 32 degrees and the lawns and cars were white with frost beyond 9 a.m. Still, most of my flowers survived yet again, and still, our area is not at fall peak in regards to color. Most trees are still green!

One of the grandgirls after a recent book fair at the school :


Not a lot going on….not even pretty foliage to take photos of and the weather is going to warm up again a bit over the weekend.