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The last few mornings have been crisp and chilly, and very much like fall weather.  Yet the afternoons are quite warm….we are between the two seasons right now.

I don’t trust this weather, as in we have had many a heat wave in October, so it’s not time to take the A/C units out of the windows just yet :)

As to constant heat and humidity, that is most likely over for the season : Adios, Summer….



I am not too familiar with Greek, Syrian, Lebanese, Indian, etc foods. Our area here in southwestern Pa. seems to mostly be influenced by Polish, German, and Italian cuisine.  I had my first taste of taboulleh last week when a close friend sent some home with my DIL, Tallica.  This friend had made it with her Syrian grandmother.

My oldest son, who was home at the time, was familiar with it but didn’t know what the grain was…and no one else at the house at that time had tasted it before. I texted Lisa, the friend who had made it, and asked what this tiny little ‘pasta’ was.  She told me that it was bulgar, #1, and they got it at some Indian store. That store is easily a half hour from me so when I went home, I checked out a few recipes, and ordered #2 red bulgar on Amazon.

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern vegetarian dish traditionally made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur, and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. ”  ( Wikipedia )

I have Amazon Prime, so the bulgar arrived within days, I purchased my other ingredients, and made a huge bowl. I took about 2/3 down to my son’s house and kept the rest. If you don’t like lemon, this will not appeal to you.  One grandson loves it and was here when I was making it. Another thinks it is ‘weird-tasting’ :)  The girls ? They eat anything :)


Just about every recipe online is the same, so if you want to try it, it is spelled both ways : as Taboulleh, or Tabouleh.


As to sewing and quilting, I’ve not done MUCH of either lately….though I’ve been plodding along a bit. I am almost done with an applique block, and in regards to hand quilting, I finished the cable quilting on Stars and Spools and moved on to the next border.



The larger appliques will be outlined and quilted ( such as the first two ) while the little basket won’t need that….just taking it as it comes :)

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Family Fun

This first weekend of Autumn was full of family fun….my oldest son had come home from St. Louis on Thursday evening.  He had not made it home for Christmas due to being ill with a flu, so he took all of the children to Toys R Us to pick out whatever they wanted  ( $ 50.00 limit ) that evening.  HA! Uncle Shawn is always fun but Santa in September rocks :)

We had a nice breakfast here on Friday morning before he set out to visit a few folks…on Friday evening he took the children to a movie WHILE THEIR PARENTS ESCAPED AND HAD A DATE NIGHT :)

On Saturday morning everyone went out to breakfast, then we had Brent’s soccer game and right after that was a football game.  The football team posts official photos all of the time and I’ve shared a few of Javis here off and on…here’s a new one:


I took my camera for Brent’s game since the soccer people don’t do that…



He looks happy, doesn’t he? :)


Scott, Tallica and Shawn :


While the official soccer games were going on, Aiselyn was busy amusing herself.



Later on, after the football game, my two oldest sons took off to meet their younger brother at a music fest and they’d camp overnight there.  ( From the music fest, my oldest would go on to spend a day with his dads’ side of the family and return home to St. Louis. )

Tallica had to stay at the football field and work the concession stand.

I took the kids home…they changed clothes and we headed off to a local park. This park has a playground, ballfields and a creek running below it.


We are not sure if the teacher at school said WOW due to Aiselyn’s art or how many kids and pets she was listing in her family :)


While Kate was not here on Sunday, and Scott was away with his brothers, I did get some of them in a Sunday morning photo prior to church, using my DIL’s phone :)


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