Early August Slice of Life

Here’s an early August Family & Gardening Slice of Life…

My DIL’s grandma passed away recently. She had a mild stroke and every member of her family and all of her friends and church friends and pastor got to spend time with her in the hospital and the rehab facility. When she had the next one and everything started shutting down it went very quickly, she was not in pain, she slept through it, she died at home within a matter of days, surrounded by family, and went peacefully.

My DIL’s twin sister found many treasures….one was a get well card that she’d made for her grandma when she was seven years old.

Another was this picture of their grandmother when she was a young girl; they are guessing that she was around 8 or 9 years old at the time.

Tallica Grandma as young girl

The funeral home had a lovely area in the back…what would have been a ‘morning room’ in a rich person’s home years ago. Windows on every side, window seats, wicker furniture, toys and books, and an area to make coffee or tea.

The children were quite enamored with this tea-making. I simply went down the hall and got some cold water from the fountain to ensure that it was not too hot.

brent and both girls

Brent and Aise

Another thing that the little ones like are cherry tomatoes. I noticed last year how they thought of them as candy, so this year I planted more of them.  A colander-full went down the road the other day, picked by Brent and Javis with my help, and another batch is ripening…

Their dad’s birthday is August 5th.  They are just going to have some people over in the evening…I made a jello poke cake with whipped  cream topping; always a favorite when the weather is hot and you just want a light dessert.

This is on the side of the house where I pull in and park my car. A few more zinnias have bloomed and I am still waiting on the sunflowers though it looks as if one should open any day now.

sunflowers growing use this one

orange zinnia

The hyacinth bean vine has her first bloom or two now.

hyacinth bean vine zinnias etc collage

The temperatures remain high; for instance it was around 94 degrees on the day of the funeral. I managed to get some bush trimming done one morning and grass mowed in the back, weeds pulled in the front, but it gets too hot too quickly.

Bees buzz happily around the Rose of Sharon bushes and the Russian Sage spilling over the sidewalk, but it is flies that surround the hydrangea each year. I trimmed this back quite drastically last year and it repaid me by growing to twice the height and width that I’d left it at in the fall.

hydrangea etc USE THIS collage

My grapevine was growing profusely as well. However most of the vines held no grapes. As I was trimming, the Bible verse section starting with  “I am the Vine, you are the branches”  started going through my mind and took on a whole new perspective. Whack, a vine branch falls. Whack, a vine branch falls. Whack, a vine branch falls.  “Please Lord don’t whack ME so much on my Judgement Day…I think I am going to try harder to be a better person.”

Seriously, the Lord of Love speaks in a still small voice and advises us for all of our lives things that we should trim. I just don’t obey enough.

Meanwhile, as I wait for my sunflowers to open, here’s a shot from a few years ago:

Orange Sunflower in Back

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Tuesday Treasures : Bunnies

I was out on the front porch one early morning and went to get the camera since I’d observed a bee enjoying the blooms on my yellow rose bush. When I went down the steps into my yard, I noticed several bunnies hanging out in my neighbors’ yard across the street. The neighbors were away for the 4th of July holiday weekend / the grass was getting a little long, and the bunnies seemed to love this.

bee and bunny collage

There were three of them and I caught them in various poses…though I was laughing so hard when they began to chase each other round and round at top speed at one point that I couldn’t get a good capture.

Having said that, they are not the brightest…this is the time of year that I have to start the car, gun it and beep the horn a few times lest there are some silly young bunnies underneath it… they are most certainly not as smart or clever as the squirrels.

This one sprawled out amazed me..he looked as if he’d been flattened by something : I don’t usually see them this way.

two bunnies one sprawled out

They are just adorable when young and venturing out…

bunny with ears up

Run Bunny Run ! :)

bunny running from the back

Last year I had a wee one hanging out here at my place…Somebunny’s Growing UP and More From Around Here” 

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