Kanga Kitty & Hand Quilting

I think that it was Monday, late afternoon or early evening. I had the quilt out on the dining room table and had gone into the kitchen to get some dinner together. I had some leftovers and was going to make a nice salad. With Homegrown Tomatoes…yum! :)

When I came back in to the dining room I had to get the camera out. Kanga Kitty had already eaten her dinner and was all settled in for a relaxing session with the quilt in the hoop.

kanga sleeping on quilt

I don’t really want her shedding on it and will shoo her away when it is out for a hand quilting session but at this point, she had triumphed.

Oh I hope that you finish with your pictures but don’t expect me to get up ? ”  she asks.

Kanga on quilt looking at me

How did this kitty land here and get her name?

Years ago I took a dog to the vet to get it fixed. The vet had some cages in the waiting room from the Humane Society. In one of the cages was a litter of kittens with their mama, and one of them was this tiny little white ball of fluffy fur.

When I let her out, she began to hop all over the place like a kangaroo.  I was smitten. No self-control whatsoever.

I brought her home, tucked her  into bed with a still sleeping son, and went off to work.  ( We had another cat here then so food, litter box, etc. was already on site. )

Over the years it’s been a running joke between whatever sons were living here at the time that she’d seek out anything that they owned that was BLACK, and go shed her white fur on it…be it their clothes, parking herself inside a motorcycle helmet or on top of a gym bag, whatever…

kanga closeup

Well, once I loaded my photos on to the computer I did make her get up :)

As to the progress on the Stars and Spools, I finished up a second spool border and the cable, and am on to the third.

stars and spools quilting progress august 18

How about you ? Do you have cats or dogs that love to involve themselves with your quilting or crafting? I also have two dogs and one or both will be at my feet when I am sewing, or close by.

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Mid-August Outdoors

Blow and make a wish….I don’t know the real name of these; we always called them ‘Santa Claus’ and one had landed on the Hyacinth Bean Vine. Did you do this as a child if you had these white things floating around towards the end of summer ?

Santa Claus on Hyacinth Bean Vine

I had never seen him before but this guy came out from under my neighbor-across-the-streets porch on a weekend morning.

groundhog and bean vine collage

He seemed pretty shy and was not too thrilled to see me coming his way and he retreated immediately. Sorry, little guy.

If you use Facebook you will know what I am referring to when every few days or so they post some Memory of years gone by. That happened the other day and evidently 3 or 4 years ago, at right around this time, we were having a cold spell here in Southwestern Pa.

The memory showed the twin girls here in warm pajamas huddled under one of my quilts. I didn’t “Share’ the memory but I recall thinking that I’d love that weather to return right about now! Most of you who have been suffering through the same heat waves that we’ve been having would probably agree :)

floral collage assorted

Mid-August outdoors here lately has not been where you’d want to be very much unless it was early morning or late at night. Even on my early morning walks it felt as if I was in a steambath :)

Well, not everyone minds this weather…  this little fellow was contented, as were all of his friends buzzing around the Rose of Sharon bush as they do every year.

bee on rose of sharon bud

The pink bush is in the back and there’s a purple one on the side of the house. The pink bush prefers her photos taken against blue skies but the purple tells me to wait for grey ones.

purple rose of sharon

I have had a ridiculous amount of cherry tomatoes…bowls and bowls full of them have gone down the street for the grandkids. And by the next day they have all been eaten.

I have one more plant in a container and they will be done  Now it is the large tomatoes. I took 8 down there on one day and when I stopped in the next they’d all been consumed.

I so savored my first tomato on toast with mayo sandwich the other day! :) There is little to compare with that.

tomatoes collage

I had ‘snuck’ a few tomato plants down there as well in the early summer. A neighbor had offered me some perennials and when I transplanted them at their place, having my DIL help, a few tomato plants went in too. She had never gardened before and now with the success of the flowers and her tomatoes starting to ripen, she’s thrilled and wants to put in a small garden next year.

That’s all it takes. In the collage above, there are some cosmos growing in the back yard. When I was a little girl, my grandmother had me plant some cosmos seeds, since they are easy to grow. With that success, my experience in gardening was always a positive one….the first time is the most important one, I think :)

That doesn’t mean that there are not failures; we depend on the seeds, the weather, etc. I’ve have a different experiences in gardening every year….some better, some worse. This summer we had the 17-year cicadas show up for six weeks or so. No bush trimming or much weeding or anything could be done outdoors. They were an invasion. Then the torrential rains, heat waves, etc. I don’t consider this to be a great summer at all  but in the end, there’s always something to make me smile.

There’s a drowsy sort of hum around here right now from our regular late summer cicadas…and that I welcome.  They show up as a quiet muted background noise to signal a sound and feeling at this time of summer. Very different from the prior invasion ( Shown a bit HERE )

two photo collage

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