Sewing Review and Hand Quilting

Since I finished the middle portion of the Stars and Spools quilt on Wednesday, I’ve spent more time hand quilting the last few days. ( though with three absolutely torrential rains on Saturday, July 30th, water getting into the basement at my place and my son’s who is away, there was more time dealing with that than sewing or anything else that day :)

There was a funny post on Facebook by a friend of ours on Saturday morning.

She said that she pleasantly awoke to rain and thunder and the gentle lapping of the water by the lake. WAIT! Wake up…we are not AT the lake…that’s the basement flooding!   :)

Meanwhile the online weather site was posting a 50 percent chance of rain while also posting the Flood Warnings. Go figure :)

stars and spools for hQ and sewing review post

On Friday evening I was at the 3rd spool and had dug up a cable stencil that I knew that I had somewhere, hoping that it would fit in that one border section. It did.  I’ll be able to work on the spools and that border section as well as I go along.

working on quilting 3rd spool

Then, it’s very nice to have a variety of projects going on. At some point in the past I realized how difficult it was to keep track of where I was in regards to them. I was not naming them in tags, for instance….I tried to get a bit more organized this year and start a review that I’d update every few months. So this is for my records and most likely quite boring for you :) Yet were I to write it all down on a piece of paper, I’d wonder where I put it… keeping track on the blog is best.

sewing review collage

List : Originally from January, updated in mid-April /  latest end- of -July update in colored font 

  • 4 blocks red and green applique in hoop / hand quilting/ STILL NOT DONE; ON THE LAST BLOCK / Completed May 26
  • stars / spools/ hexies etc top to go into the hoop next/ Center portion completed on July 27th; started on the spools section July 28th
  • granny squares ( 2 rows completed / several loose) FOUR ROWS DONE NOW/ Two blocks created in July
  • someday spools ( a small pile )  STARTED STITCHING SOME TOGETHER
  • RSC : orange peels KEEPING UP WITH THESE ON A MONTHLY BASIS / 21 Blocks thus far; 15 are sewn into 3 sections
  • RSC ( fairly new ) gradient : DONE TO A CERTAIN POINT ( Up to a Border, etc ) 
  • Lori Smith Elizabeth’s Pride : 2 blocks ( applique )  completed  FOUR BLOCKS NOW
  • cake stand baskets : 4 blocks
  • whimsy blocks inspired by stonefields…quite a few done but have not touched for six months or more 22 WERE DONE; MAKING MORE NOW / Sewed most of the existing blocks into a table runner; started machine quilting off & on ; not done yet
  • house blocks ( applique ) : 3 done
  • red and green blocks ( next applique ) four blocks completed FIVE DONE WORKING ON 6th / 6th block was completed 
  • shenandoah botanical : four blocks  MADE SIX and ADDED BORDERS for a THROW SIZED TOP
  • clamshells…from way back …made a few :)
  • quilty 365 / ongoing KEEPING UP WITH IT / Still keeping up
  • 1857 Album Quilt : Sentimental Stitches : downloaded first three block patterns BEGAN TO WORK ON THESE IN FEBRUARY : CAUGHT UP IN APRIL / 14 BLOCKS COMPLETED / 24 Blocks completed
  • Hour Glass ( started Spring 2015 ) in cheery bright colors; 20 blocks completed / Seam Ripper out to fix a mistake, rows sewn back on and 10 more blocks were added in late July
  • Reproduction Fabrics Sampler or Row Quilt  : ONE SET DONE
  • Crossroads to Jericho for Rainbow Scrap Challenge : STARTED ABOUT TWO MONTHS AGO / WILL KEEP UP DEPENDING ON THE COLOR OF THE MONTH / Last addition was in June

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Sewing Under the “Heat Dome”

We already had high temperatures prior to what the weather people have been calling the “Heat Dome” arriving, which added even higher temps + humidity-misery into the mix.

I don’t have whole house A/C…just window units  in the dining room and living room, and the way the electric works here I have to turn them off at some point in the evening prior to running the one in my bedroom upstairs. Upstairs is easily 115 degrees in weather like this by the late afternoon so I have not been a happy camper…I prefer 72 degrees and under :)  If you live in an older home and have challenges like this I’d love to hear about it ( mine is steam heat so whole house air is not an option. ) 

Sitting under the ceiling fan in the dining room with the A/C blowing out cool air from across the room and sewing under the “Heat Dome”:

The RSC ( Rainbow Scrap Challenge ) color for July was pink. Angela suggested that we think of watermelon…we could accent our pinks with green if we wanted to. I took a look at Crossroads to Jericho and decided that since I already had pinks in it from February, that I’d leave it be for this month.

It occured to me that last summer I HAD started a project with lots of pinks in it and I dragged it out. I had 20 blocks sewn together, then I’d discovered that one of the hour glasses was positioned incorrectly. The seam ripper had come out at some point and then I lost track.

I thought that it would be nice to add the fixed block and its row and ten more blocks for the RSC since it had a decent amount of pink and green in it.

hour glass quilt top

I think that sewing those hour glass blocks was the first piecing that I’d done in quite awhile.  It seems that everything’s been applique lately. I was feeling a little burnt out in regards to applique but I also made two orange peel blocks for July’s RSC.

Use THIS collage for RSC watermelon etc post

Checking back on my blog it looks as if the end of March was the last time that I posted about Scrappy Granny. I had started it as a basic scrap quilt and then decided to just add on here and there with the RSC color of the month.

I made two pink related granny square blocks for July.

2 granny blocks pinks

It was only a day or so from feeling burnt out,  and I was back to applique.

I think that I might have just been feeling burnt out from the 1857 Album blocks; not sure. I might slow down on them. Rather than doing the 3 or 4 that are released each month, I might just work on one or two and give myself time for other projects.

I spent some time prepping some circles and then adding them and a few more leaves to the Flower Basket quilt center.

flower basket more circles and leaves

I have 3 or 4 circles left and then it’ll be back to prepping more.

As to other Slow Stitching I finally finished hand quilting the center portion of the Stars and Spools quilt.

stars and spools center quilting finished

I will probably be at it more regularly now, because every hoop full will have different fabrics to enjoy as I quilt the spools.

first spool in hoop

Maybe I should just quilt that cream border area as I go along:? I know that I have a cable stencil somewhere but I don’t think that it is narrow enough.  Perhaps just a basic outline ….not sure.

On Thursday the forecast was for another hot day with scattered storms. Typically we’ve been getting pop up torrential downpours every few days that last about 5-10 minutes and leave one feeling as if you lived in a jungle when they moved on.

Today ( Thursday )  the forecasters were wrong. The morning started out quite humid and the rain came, but it was a gentle on and off rain all day and the temps never went above 80 degrees. A welcome relief :)

water droplets rose of sharon

If you too have been under this Heat Dome I hope that you get some relief as well.

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