A welcome break…

The 17 year cicadas are finally over and done with. They started showing up here and there and the drowsy drone of them was quite relaxing. We are used to the regular kind and that arrive later on in the summer. These only arrive every 17 years. 

When they showed up full force it was a different story and they wreaked havoc in regards to any outdoor activities for weeks on end. I don’t miss them at all!

This pretty display is at a neighbor’s…

hostas flag and stone

The weather’s been quite hot for this time of year but on Tuesday afternoon, June 28, a breeze came up and it started to cool off a bit. That night it went down to 55 degrees. What a welcome break that was !

I think that just about the entire neighborhood, including me, having watched the forecast, put off mowing the grass until the next day, which only hit about 78 degrees.

Later at dinnertime I was thrilled to be able to turn on the oven for some baking ( no central A/C here ) and frying.  A huge plate of fried zucchini and cauliflower went down the street to the kids but I saved plenty for myself  :)

It seems that they just got back from their vacation with the children but this past weekend these two were traveling again. They went to Virginia Beach to attend a wedding of a friend of my son’s. So much traffic… drive all day, enjoy a restaurant with other friends by the beach that evening, attend the wedding the next day, and drive back home all of the following day. At least they had someone take a nice photo of them at the beach  :)

tallica and Scott at Beach Cropped

Brent and Kate were with their mama that weekend, and Tallica’s twin sister had the other three, but it was up and down the street for me in regards to Merle and the cats for one day, and then my son had arranged for someone to stay overnight there on Saturday and take care of them on Sunday. Another welcome break, come to think of it.

On the day that it cooled off, the skies were so lovely that I grabbed the camera to take a few captures of them.

I encountered this little cutie on the way.

bunny rabbit end June

The heavens declare polaroid

cloud collage

clouds landscape

pole and clouds

Here is wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend! For us in the U.S.A, it is our Independence Day. 

Long may she wave.


Flags Fly in the Neighborhood on the 4th of July 2014

How time flies…my little grandson at our local parade a few years ago and he’ll be turning seven in a few weeks!

BRENT when he was little at parade

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Sometimes it’s all about how the light hits…

If you have followed this blog over the years, you will know that the little squirrels are regular visitors. I think that this one is the tamest of all. He showed up as a babe and while he won’t take from my hand, he’ll come within an inch of it. I love how the late afternoon light highlights his tail in the one shot  ( because if it wasn’t for their furry tails they’d look a bit more like rats and we wouldn’t be so fond of them ! :)

*update…he took a few from my hand on Monday morning early a.m.

squirrel collage 2

This photo was taken a few days later. It has nothing to do with the light, but rather the heat. It was over 90 degrees and his attitude mirrored mine! ( Wilting : )

Squirrel Chilling out in the Heat

Here are a few shots of what is blooming here right now; the shasta daisies are just starting, there are daylilies in the front and side and back, the privet bush is beginning to emit its heavy and intoxicating scent, and the foxglove is showing off.

blooms collage June 24

But sometimes it’s all about how the light hits the blooms. Then they are seen in a new perspective.

petunias light collage


flowers with sunlight

Just living is not enough..one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.     

Hans Christian Anderson


cloud for light post

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