Quilting Projects End of March

I did not do a sewing post over Easter weekend so this is a bit of a hodge podge of quilting projects worked on before and after Easter.

I didn’t sew very much at all Easter week, aside from some hand quilting.  I did manage to work on two orange peel blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and then after Easter I appliqued another one, and pieced another Granny Square block in March’s purple shades. I had enough variety then to sew another row together. I initially started this as a scrap quilt but now I just do a block or two each month in the RSC shades for this Scrappy Granny quilt.

purples and granny square collage for post

I finished one 1857 Album block prior to Easter and another one after. And here you can see what a difference lighting makes. All of the blocks are the same background color but the six shown on the bottom of the collage are the true background color.

1857 blocks thus far collage end of March

I am not caught up with all of the blocks released for this project and wonder if I ever will be. Many other things have languished while I’ve worked on these.

I have kept up with Quilty 365.  I switched from circles to hexies for the latest panel out of sheer boredom with circles, as I was in the midst of prepping circles for other things as well :)

While I usually mark the New Moon of each month with a crescent moon it was fun to note the date of March’s full moon with this novelty fabric. I’ll usually note birthdays and other things such as holidays. I’d started this project right around the time of the Paris attacks. How awful to be noting two attacks during Easter week :(

quilty 365 collage

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Slice of Life Easter Week

I hope that you all had a wonderful Passover and Easter. Here’s a slice of life from my Easter week.

Spring had arrived early in my area.

I have a neighbor with an extensive amount of perennials who invited me to come dig some up. This is just one area that I was allowed to invade :) I waited until our two nights of heavy frost were over lest I shock the plants too much, and then I went down with my shovel and some containers.

neighbor garden

I kept a few iris and a daylily for myself and the rest went down to my son’s house. My DIL will become a gardener over time and this was her second lesson. Last year her first lesson was the planting of  few hostas that her aunt brought over. This year I dug one hole, showed her what we had to do, handed her the shovel and had her dig and I planted.

Little Merle wanted to help…we were cracking up! He must have viewed the garden shovel as a big stick and was barking at it, wanted to play with it, and tried to get ahold of it to drag it around!

If you are new to this blog or do not follow it closely, Merle is a Rottweiler-Lab mix puppy that came from Santa on Christmas for the grandchildren.

He was quite tiny at Christmas.  At Christmas, he came up to my dog Jugsy’s nose ( Jugs is a Rott / Husky mix ) and now look at them on Good Friday…little Merle is up to 35 lbs. and still growing.

merle and jugsy collage

Little Merle had always been attracted to my various tall grasses when he was little…now on Good Friday he was not only jumping in to them but chewing on them as well…

merle grasses group

He hasn’t been down here for awhile, like he was in January, so he was pretty excited. When he was very little and in the first stages of potty training I had him here alot. Now if my son & DIL are going to be away for a length of time I just walk down there and let him out for awhile. And if he doesn’t have me laughing at HIS antics, there is always one of their cats! : )

Kee in Sink

Meanwhile back to Good Friday : Inside the house we were coloring eggs  ( and yes the children have garbage bag shirts over their nice clothes : )

egg decorating group

Then I wonder if it is like this with you others who are grandparents. Are the children always hungry when they come to your house? I had some cake and milk anticipating this. However, even though their parents had fed them lunch just two hours prior, suddenly they needed to eat cake, milk, pizza and soup, and then half of the eggs that they’d dyed!  When I was little, we lived next to my grandparents and I could eat dinner at my house and go visit them to see what they had after that, and eat theirs too! :) It’s some kind of magic, I think. Being in the presence of a grandparent expands your stomach…

My niece came over for awhile to visit with us.

Look at the beautiful Easter bread that she’d baked ( her photo, borrowed from Facebook. )

Shae's Easter Bread cropped

As to our Easter dinner, a month ago my DIL had asked if I wanted to host or should they? At the moment it felt as if we’d just had the whole ham / turkey / mashed potatoes thing with Thanksgiving and Christmas just yesterday, and I half-jokingly replied ” let’s just go get Chinese? ”   AH my son loved this idea. Shouldn’t at least one holiday dinner be a break versus a burden? We were all on board so a large crowd of us went out for Chinese, relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and didn’t have to peel one single potato or wash one dish :)

The children were all wearing bunny ears from their Easter baskets when we entered the restaurant. One pair was left back at the house :

merle with bunny ears edit

When we returned from dinner yet another horrific news story for the week, this time the Christians in Pakistan targeted by terrorists. First Brussels and now this. No words :(  

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