January 31st Springlike Weather & a Reminder/ Prayer and Fast Day


Snow couple in the house

Most of the latest snow has melted aside from areas here and there where shoveled snow has been piled up.

whats left of the snow

We had an unusually mild December and beginning of January and then the remainder of January has been quite cold.  A warm front arrived over the weekend and Sunday, January 31st had springlike weather that was amazing. It went as high as 63 degrees.

oh happy day

I took a stroll around the neighborhood in the morning, and then walked down to my son’s later on. They all went for a walk after that ( their morning was spent at a wrestling match ) and showed up here with the puppy, wanting to know if I’d like to keep him while they went to Pizza Hut. After two hours of non-stop play with my dogs, he collapsed and is snoring at my feet.

And while Lily gets frisky for a short while, she is clearly tired out from the shenanigans of the pup and my other dog.

Lily January 31

Another visitor with an ulterior motive is my youngest son. He moved to a new apartment with a new roommate and once again, without a washer and dryer,  is over here to do laundry. That’s okay…I see him more often now :)

A reminder to those of you who wanted to participate : February 1st is a prayer & fast day for Diana and John and anyone else on your prayer list. Fasting can be anything from giving up snacks to a modified fast of skipping a meal, a juice fast, a water and juice fast, a water and broth fast, a bread and water fast, a sunup to sundown fast where you can have a hearty breakfast first if you get up early, or whatever you can manage to do. If this is a day where it is impossible to fast in any way, then prayer and prayer alone.

Where two or three are gathered in My Name

There has been a wonderful response over at Nana Diana Takes A Break when she got the word out, and even if you already knew about it, Mimi, such a gifted writer, has a beautiful and inspirational post, not to be missed,  over at 247 Mulberry Lane.

There is power in united prayer…many of us have seen this in Blogland already. So let it continue and go stronger, Amen.  Acts 2: 1   “they were all together in one place ”    Then it was an upper room, now it is in the cloud :) 

Blue RSC16 & Two Applique Projects

Blue RSC :

January’s color for the RSC16  ( rainbow scrap challenge )  is blue, and due to having 5 Saturdays this month, I was able to also complete 2 blue HST blocks.  I have a small pile of more hourglass blocks sewn and trimmed for the gradient quilt, and my helper showed up as you can see. Just for fun I added a snow picture of my house to the collage…snow shows up as blue in the evenings or pre-dawn, rather than white.

RSC collage end Jan with blue snow

And, while I did a post about blue snow, white snow the other day and showed this photo in that, I can’t resist adding it to the blue RSC16 post.  This is my son’s puppy running towards me in the snow…it’s getting packed down, and it was later in the afternoon. The only thing that I did to this was crop it…I didn’t change the way the camera saw it…a mix of blue and white, and it looked to me as if he was in the clouds :)

little merle in snow or clouds

And then a wee bit more blue ( in the background of the DVD.) I cut out cable TV a few years ago. For Downton Abbey, I had to wait for DVDs to be ready to ship from Amazon.  SO happy when this arrived yesterday! :)

Downton Abbey


Sentimental Stitches is giving away free block patterns each month for the 1857 Album Quilt. A photo of the entire quilt can be seen HERE  I simply could not resist and downloaded the first three at the beginning of the month though I have just started now.

I decided to go with a different background color other than the usual Kona Snow or Ivory. I wanted something a wee bit darker, hoping for an aged or antique feel to it.

I did not want to spend much, though, and hoped to find something on clearance.  I ordered Marcus Fabrics Centennial Solids Boulder Buff at 4.99 per yard from Hancocks of Kentucky.  When it arrived it was a wee bit darker than I though it would be, with a peach shade to it. While it is a bit different than it appeared to be on my computer monitor, it will do.

Here is the first block in natural lighting.


I finished up the Shenandoah Botanical Album quilt block that I’d been working on here and there this month: ( many more can be viewed HERE )


I changed it a wee bit. I made the circles bigger so that I could fill the block a bit more and then there was a doo-dad in the middle and I just put a circle there instead. Between the quilty 365 circles, the circles for the 1857 album block and then these, I just figured what the heck, make another circle and be done with it :)

I have the 2nd 1857 Album block prepped and ready to go, aside from more diamonds which I’ll have to make. I have half of another Shenandoah block prepped as well, so I am free to stitch either or both! :)

There are always the Quilty 365 circles to prep & sew, and a new section to begin on the quilt…

circles and quilting picture pile

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