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A Slice of Life / Randoms post :

I mentioned in a few previous posts that my oldest was home for the holidays. I had made some food on Thanksgiving for him to take out to my mom’s and he took a few photos of Brent, my little grandson, and his longtime girlfriend’s son Gabe playing outside.

We are in southwestern Pennsylvania and we are just as likely to have cold snowy weather around Thanksgiving as middle of the road chilly weather, but Thanksgiving and the day after were incredibly mild for this time of year. As you can see the boys only needed light jackets. My mom lives up on a hill and this is the view of the boys out in the front yard with farmland below.

Brent and Gabe at Mummys

brent and gabe at Mummys 2

A train tunnel runs underneath….now, when I was a kid, we went down to the road, turned left, walked down a country road for awhile, then turned right onto another road and got onto the tracks eventually, with minimal discomfort. My son decided to take Pearl and the boys through the tunnel and relive some childhood memories of his own.

Brent and Gabe on RR tracks cropped

However he took them right down over the hill, through woods and bushes and what-have-you, and they all came back with little burrs over all of their clothing, lol! That’s ok because the middle son started his turkey kind of late so dinner didn’t start when it should have either, and so no one was late in the end :) And this mama who had a break from hosting formal dinners for a lifetime didn’t care at all…just enjoying this stage where I only have to make a few things and not DO IT ALL! :) 

Anymore, when it comes to the grands, I don’t take as many pictures as I used to…I just steal the ones posted on Facebook that my DIL took and crop them a bit. Here are Brent and Javis all dressed up prior to a football banquet :

Brent and J dressed up Cropped

Javis started football this year and their team won the championship. Both Brent and Javis will be in wrestling over the winter :

brent and J at wrestling cropped

Moving on, since this is supposed to be a randoms post, enough of the kids :)  Autumn light…here it is dancing on my bed upstairs a week or so ago :

Kanga on bed with sun streaming in

Kanga and Light Design 2

While Kanga the cat might loll around on the bed sometimes, she also spends a lot of time watching the birds outside :

jenny wren collage

Jenny Wren is so vocal and noisy, no one could miss her / him!

jenny wren

Crabapple Tree Against a Lovely Blue Sky :

crabapples against blue sky

Well enough of the sunlight!

My oldest left to go home on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving and rain and gray dreary skies moved in to echo my mood seeing them leave, or should I say enhance that mood?  The news doesn’t help, either. Reading the news that morning I once again thought to myself that we are concerned about terrorists, yes, and should be….but what is going on in America ? There is terror all around us provided by American citizens. Every morning I see it afresh.

I decided to put away the fall decor and bring out just a little Christmas to start and try to get into a cheerier mood. Do you ever decide to do that ( just a little to start )  but once you’ve started you just end up dragging it all out? :)

Xmas house lit up

I’d say that I brought out about 80% of it that day with just a wee bit more to do.  I did a little sewing in between and some other things, but I was all stocked up, didn’t have to go anywhere, and that was nice.

tree in corner lit up

I was still in a ‘mood’, though. The kind where I was saying to myself  “and in a month I’ll have to put all of this away again!”

It’s okay to be in a mood. I knew why I was in it, and that if I just kept on, that the next morning when I got up I’d be happy  that it was all done and over with or at least most of it. The same attitude applied to standing at the ironing board prepping a lot of long skinny leaves for an applique project.   ” I should have NEVER started this project” says the one side of me. ” Just do it, a little at a time” says the other.

My son and Pearl and Gabe arrived back home safely and that was enough to be be thankful about for the day.

xmas holly hobbie etc on room divider

But the bonus  was when I checked in with Sheila’s blog : I am not sure how many of you have been aware about little Carter, Sheila’s granddaughter, but I’d been praying for her along with many other bloggers and when I read Sheila’s November 28th post I shed tears of joy.  Sheila’s powerful statement of ” We will live Thanksgiving every day from now on” puts everything in the world into the proper perspective.  ( HERE )

I have witnessed on several occasions the power of bloggers uniting together in prayer and I am so thankful to be part of this community that does so.  Carter is doing better but still requires prayer and we’ll continue to uplift her.

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Thanksgiving Week Sewing & a Little Cookie Decorating with the Grands

I hope that you all ( in the USA ) had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I did manage to get a bit of sewing in but there were some other creative endeavors going on as well :)

making cookies collage

I have this down pat by now. I have learned that if you have one young grandchild around, you can roll out dough and cut cookies or gingerbread men with them. If you have all or most of them, bake the cookies ahead and just decorate them with the children. Each child has a cookie sheet in front of them with icing, cookies, sprinkles, etc. The mess all goes onto the sheets and clean up is a breeze! :)

In regards to piecing….I continued to work on the indigo colors ( from RSC15 August ) for a RSC16 quilt down the line. Who knows how this will end up…I just wanted to start something that might turn out to be a nice gradient or total complete flop quilt for next year : ) There is no rhyme, reason or pattern..I am just playing. Maybe it’s my version of an improv quilt? Kaya if you are reading this what do you think? :) 

Hour glass blues section growing

I have three more rows ready to go…and then I’ll be out of indigo and will most likely stop for the moment.

November’s color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is lime green. I have a little lime green miracle to show you :)  This is southwestern Pennsylvania. We’ve had numerous heavy frosts and freezes but went into a warming trend and when I went to change the birdbath water on the day before Thanksgiving look what I found….Lettuce coming up! :)

Lettuce Nov 25

Slow Stitching : I did manage to finally finish my latest red & green applique block. This is a Benjamin Biggs block, though I changed the leaves on the corner buds and am not making a BB quilt;  just using some of the block patterns that I have for a generic quilt.

red and green with cherries FINISH

My son’s GF loves quilts and enjoyed seeing some of my projects. She and her son were very interested in learning to sew on the machine.

pearl at sewing machine cropped

I am sending her home to St. Louis with my Singer Confidence and some books and fabrics and notes on where to get a 1/4 inch foot, what thread to buy, etc. I had won a Melody Baby Lock at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival a few years ago, and of course I should keep the Singer as a back-up, but then again what if I never needed it and it just sat in the closet for a decade? It didn’t take me long to debate this in my mind and decide to gift her with it and she was just over the moon and back about it.

She’s dated my oldest son for over five years….she deserved a reward, right? :)  They are going home with a quilt as well.

I kept up with my circles for the week…I posted about starting Quilty 365 HERE    For Slow Sunday Stitching, I am going to hand quilt, which I haven’t managed to do all week. And I am also going to finish these orange peels for the lime green color of the month / Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I prepped them at the beginning of the month! Got one done last Sunday or so and that was it.

collage end of month post

The visiting trio left early Saturday morning and the rain and dreariness moved in to reflect my mood in seeing them go. I think that I’ll put the fall decorations all away, pull out a few Christmas ones and cheer myself up with that prior to settling down to sew something this weekend.

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