The Herr House : Built in 1719

I have some Andrew Wyeth prints in my home and came across a book in the library about the Herr House.

herr house collage

This Mennonite home was built in 1719 by Christian Herr, a distant relative of Andrew Wyeth the painter, who visited the home on several occasions to make sketches and watercolors.

Andrew Wyeth : the Herr House

Andrew Wyeth : the Herr House


The Mennonites came from the initial Anabaptist movement in Europe, and ” Historians generally agree that the original Mennonite settlers of Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania  were ethinically Swiss. Documents from William Penn’s government specifically refer to the Mennonites as “Swissers”.

Christian Herr’s family and community settled in what was then called the Conestogo area, named after the Conestogo Indians. Temporary shelters of tents and crude cabins were built at first, then log homes “reflecting Germanic styles from the immigrant’s past.”

Christian Herr built such a cabin and then later on,  built his stone house.

“The Mennonites and Conestogos not only tolerated each other but cooperated.  When the winters became cold, the Indians would take shelter and sleep side by side “of  a genial fire”.   The Indians might supply the settlers with fish or venison which they’d trade for bread.”

The book that I quoted  from is “A Modest Mennonite Home” by Steve Friesen, with an introduction by Andrew Wyeth, and photographs by John Herr, who played in the Herr House ( then deserted ) during visits to his grandfather, Elvin Herr.  The Herr House was eventually restored and the author, Steve Friesen, was the director of the Hans Herr House at the time of this book’s publication. It is a small book but holds a wealth of history on the Anabaptists, the Mennonites, William Penn and Pennsylvania, if you are interested in that history and can find the book in your local library or online.

Other than that, I thought that you might enjoy some of the photos of the house. I took these out on my front porch and have had to sharpen / enhance a few so that you could read the captions a bit better but I’ve not altered them very much :)

Herr House bedroom

Herr House Bible

Herr House Cellar with fruits and vegetables

Herr House Five Plate Stove

Herr house general photo

Herr House Kitchen View

Herr House second attic

Herr House Steps to the Attic

Herr House Swiss corner cupboard holds communion cups etc

As a quilter, I enjoyed finding this online to complete this post :





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End of September


cosmos against end of sept sky

Towards the end of September, and just entering into the fall season, much of the beauty of summer lingers on here.

Cooler mornings…but generally not needing a heavy jacket before school yet…( FB phone pic of my grandson  at the bus stop courtesy of my DIL )

brent ready for school cropped


And the pool is still open!

sparrow in birdbath

I recently finished up a quilt that I intended to give to my mom for Christmas. When my little grandson and I went out there this past weekend I gave it to her early.  HE wanted to give it to her so rather than wrap it, we folded it up and put it into a white garbage bag…..she had no clue, thinking that it was probably some school project or something :)  Here he is posing with it in her rocking chair, redoing her fall decor, and here is a view of the farmers’ fields below her property.

brent at great grandma's

Back home again : in a previous post I mentioned that the hyacinth bean vine was coming into bloom again…more have blossomed and a rose or two has returned. Nasturtiums, yarrow and russian sage are still going strong.

flower collage 2

While I do love fall, I hope that its colder temperatures hold off for awhile as I want to enjoy all of these dahlias that have just started blooming recently.

flower collage sept 25

New zinnias are blooming now as well. The tomatoes are still producing, though less and less and they are smaller now. Still, these “Early Girl” plants have never let up once they started and are a winner with me.  While I don’t like the job of trimming it, the barberry bush is always a beauty to watch with its subtle changes throughout the seasons.

zinnias tomatoes barberry

Speaking of trimming, there’s lots of yard work still in the picture before the colder temperatures arrive.  I have started trimming a few bushes here and there.  We have been in a bit of a drought lately with sporadic rainfall, so the latest mowing that I did was a quick one with the reel mower versus dragging the gas powered one out.

reel mower etc

“Just don’t trim this russian sage spilling all over your sidewalk until we bees are done with it! ”

bee on salvia

I don’t purchase mums when they first go on sale in August.  If I did, they’d be done by now. I wait until close to October and at that point, there is usually a good sale on them. The local grocery store often has a 2-day sale with specials throughout the store. One of the specials were mums for 2.99.  I looked for ones that were not in full bloom yet…those are the best if you want them to last throughout the fall season.  This little garden cart / wheelbarrow that I picked up for 20.00 at a thrift sale has gotten many a compliment from the neighbors and passers-by.  I removed 2 pots where the marigolds were breathing their last and replaced them with the mums.

garden cart with mums

One last photo….the sedum in the photo above has deepened to such a rich hue this year. I don’t recall it ever being quite this vibrant. Generally both of them remain a pretty salmon shade, like this one in the back of the house. I am not complaining though…I just love it. I attribute everything that’s been different this year to the strange weather and this is no exception.

sedum and grasses in the back

“I trust in Nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility.  Spring shall plant and Autumn garner to the ends of time.”
–   Robert Browning

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