Ducks & Kids & Second Breakfasts

While my DIL took the girls to Kindergarten Orientation one morning the week before school started,  I took the boys to the playground close by.

If you cross the field, there is a creek below.  We enjoyed the bright morning light shining on the spiderwebs, and they posed for a picture.

brent and javis

This is the creek that hosted all of the Canadian Geese and later on their babies, in the spring and early summer. Back then I would just see one or two ducks but many geese. This reminded me of that time.

My youngest son had posted this picture from his phone on Facebook of the duck’s eggs by the pine tree in his yard. He lives close to the park.

duck eggs nate photo

A few days later, I went down to visit nesting Mama Duck.

Had I not known from him that she was under the large pine tree I’d have never seen her. As it was, I walked around the tree twice before finding her in this cleverly camouflaged nest. Can you see anything?

camo cannot see pic

A little closer now from a different angle :

camo duck

She just stayed there quietly while I took a few pictures. I marveled at her composure. I did not try to get too close, nor try to touch her but surely she was afraid or apprehensive at my presence? Yet she stayed the course, and stayed on her eggs.

mama mallard

As I was snapping photos of her I kept thinking of virtues such as humility, patience, perseverance, and faithfulness.

Humility because while her Mallard duck spouse is garbed in brilliant colors she is plain.

mama duck

Her clothing is plain because of her purpose…which is to be able to fulfill her mission, safely camouflaged in order to do so.

mama duck camo

Looking at her I was reminded of human beings who work behind the scenes selflessly, or anonymous donors, versus the sort of people who get more attention due to their fine feathers.

As to patience, perseverance and faithfulness, there was heavy machinery clanging not too far away, a train going by in the distance, and then this strange human circling the nest taking pictures.

mama closeup

She made me think about how blessed the animal kingdom is, when you consider it. She’s got an inner programming to sit on these eggs and protect them. She’s got an instinct and intuition to rely on that tells her to stay there because I am harmless and mean her no ill will.

Now were she a human, just sitting there on the eggs and praying…God would tell her “it’s ok…this is not a situation that you have to worry about, such as a raccoon coming along. This is just some harmless lady. ”  And then, being human, she’d say ” OH God spoke to me! But wait, no…that was probably just my imagination. And I’d be crazy not to worry…what if? And what if this, and what if that, and oh I just remembered something else to worry about and of COURSE God wouldn’t really answer me…what was I thinking! I must be nuts. I am not some saint that God would really answer.” And pretty soon she’d be shaking and a nervous wreck or fighting within herself between the several voices going on in her all-too-active mind.

( ask me how I know :)

Mama Duck had none of this turmoil. She had the “peace that passeth understanding ”  and I probably learned more in spending 10 minutes with her than in reading 10 books about that.

mama duck peace

mama duck last pic

I need to remember Mama Duck every time I worry about something, give it to God, and then take it right back to worry about again.

I need to remember Mama Duck every time that I consider words such as trust, and peace, and phrases such as staying the course.

Meanwhile, the creek was full of ducks when the boys and I were there, and I like to think that some of them were her babies :)

ducks and sunlight

ducks collage

Back to the world of human beings and growing boys.

boys at park collage

Even though they’d had their breakfast, I was informed, after being at the park for 45 minutes or so, that they were starving.

We came back home and they had a ‘second breakfast’ consisting of sandwiches, which was their request. And amazingly enough, in two hours time, they were hungry for lunch as well !

boys polaroid 2nd breakfast

Personally I think that little kids just see their grandmas and it raises their appetites because everything taste better at Grandma’s house, right? I know that it did when I was little ! :)

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End of August : Applique, Etc.

Early in the week, I worked on this :  at one point, I’d decided to just call this a finish, and quilt it down the line as a wall hanging or display piece.

Spool Star small top finished

But I changed my mind and here and there had made some hexie-things etc. …

This week I added a thin red border all around,  and then  appliqued some of what I’d made so far into a wider one for one side.

Late afternoon lighting on the laundry line….I don’t have a design wall, sorry…

one border on medallion quilt

I have another border piece cut, and three more stars to work with ( not from this week…made over time) to applique, but I’ll hold off until I’ve made some more items…

for the next border

Mid-week, I decided to join Angela’s rainbow scrap challenge. I’ve seen Kathy working on orange peels here and there, but in a recent post she showed her progress, and that inspired me. August’s colors were indigo or dark scraps. I made a few blocks.  Then I kept thinking that if I got bored with them, or wanted to use a color of the month for something else, why not have something else going.

I have two books full of scrappy quilts that I’ve had around here forever. I decided to do this quilt. The book says that “Judy Cantwell collected black prints for  years with the idea of making this quilt someday. ”  I think it would be nice in various hues. I am not a good piecer so it will be interesting to see how badly I can mutilate all of the triangles! :)

In the bleak midwinter from the book

Seriously, I am showing this because I cut out enough for one block on Saturday. On Saturday I decided to get that ready, get another round of orange peels prepped, and at least get started on the next Rose Applique block.

For the Rose Applique, I’d only had a few flowers prepped…I sewed 3 together and got started on the block. While I was at the ironing board fooling around with stems, I prepped some more circles for flowers, hexies for the stars/ spools medallion quilt, and another set of orange peels. There’s leaves and such to do but it’s a start.

Rose applique prep

Speaking of roses, while it’s warming up again, my little rose bush loved the cool front that we had recently as much as I did. Generally she just puts off a flower here or there. Suddenly she was like “YEAH! I LOVE THIS WEATHER! ” :)

yellow roses

For Slow Sunday Stitching I have quite the choice…hand quilt ( almost done with that ) or this or that project shown above, but I think that I’ll concentrate on more Orange Peels while I am so enthused about them. The ones that I made earlier in the week are HERE.

orange peels to work on

There is a 2nd-grader’s football game in the middle of the day on Sunday and a JoAnn fabrics store close by  the game location. I don’t need anything but one or two thread colors. Can I visit that store after the game and only walk in and out with what I need? Hopefully….

Meanwhile when I contemplate going to a grandchild’s football game, it seems as if it was just yesterday that I was sitting on the bleachers watching my sons  play football!

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