My mom : heart attack

My mom’s in the hospital. She had a fall preceded by a heart attack or the attack came after…not sure. She’s fairly housebound and gets around with a walker. My sister lives just a few minutes away so when my mom called her ( taking about two hours to crawl out of the bathtub to the phone…how awful! ) she and my brother-in-law went down and got her dressed and settled. At the time they didn’t know that she’d had a heart attack, and neither did she.

brent and mummy DS

Meanwhile as I pieced the events together, I had called her a few hours later. I don’t really talk about me and she doesn’t talk about her. She wants to hear what’s going on with the grandkids and great grands and we might discuss the weather and so she never mentioned anything about falling and what when on earlier!

Later, however, my brother-in-law stopped in and she couldn’t get up off the couch…extremely weak. So he called my sis and then they called 911.

After initial testing, we found out about the heart attack. She’s currently in the little hospital that is about five minutes from me. Down the line she’ll be moved to one much farther away when they run special tests to see if there are blockages. For the moment the cardiologist doesn’t want her moved. She has a blood infection, cellulitis, and a UTI. He wants her to be much more stabilized first and there are other tests that they can run there.

It’s a nice little hospital…all of the nurses thus far are very nice and the cardiologist is good-looking :)

brent and mummy

Mr. Good Looking mentioned today that he’d check the results of the echo cardiagram and that she’d probably have a stress test tomorrow. I asked how they did that for people that can barely walk let alone run on a treadmill!  He said they can do it just by using a certain medicine that mimics the stress test. Amazing…

MY stress test for the day was getting home and trying to get the grass mowed before the rain moved in again. This is such a ridiculous summer, weather wise. There’s been many a day that I think that it feels as if we are living in Seattle, yet they are currently having a dry spell and heat wave!

As to medicine, I took some to my mom today.  Here in PA., before our tomatoes are ripe, the next best thing to them is when Arkansas tomatoes hit the grocery store. I had one sitting on the windowsill for two days to assure that it would be fully ripe. You know how hospital food is…and she’d had little appetite thus far.  I cut that tomato up, put a little salt and coarse ground pepper on it, added about a teaspoon of Italian salad dressing, and took it along with me. It’s good that I did because any sane person would want that versus the peas / carrot mix served at lunch.

The good news is that this was probably a mild heart attack. She’s not in ICU or anything. So far having her at the hospital right down the road is nice…my sis and I will split shifts and I can easily run back and forth.   Still if you can say a little prayer, much appreciated :)


Prior to that I had taken some photos that I can use for a few quick posts here and there, and I hope that all goes well but I did want to let you know, in case I can’t visit around as much as I usually do. Or in case it’s all okay now but something worse happens… I am going to stay positive about this. There’s power in prayer and positive thinking! :)

And then I also have other medicine for her.  My DIL’s family had a surprise birthday party for her 80 year old grandma on Sunday afternoon and clearly some of the candy was blue.   I need to take this little grandson of mine to see his great-grandma as soon as I can get my hands on him again…though I imagine he’ll have a normal tongue on that day:

brent blue tongue

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