Quilts & Bird’s Nests have a few things in common…

Lots of yard work and other things going on this past week, and as to sewing I just focused on hand-quilting. I spread it out to see if I was at least half-way done : yes, and maybe a bit more than that.

crosses and losses quilt collage end May

Making quilts involve some work. They take awhile to construct and hand-quilt or quilt on a domestic home machine, or tie with yarn or other medium, and there is also a huge variety of styles and sizes to consider prior to beginning the quilt.  ( An FYI for the readers who do not quilt : some people also outsource the quilting to long arm quilters, in which case they have created the top of the quilt, and the other person is their partner in finishing it up.  A quick explanation of that is HERE  on Wikipedia: ) 

Sometimes when a beginner makes a quilt, they are a bit quirky. Sloppy. They are used and loved, but the beginner wants to do better on the next one.

Kind of like this bird’s nest under the awning of my house a few years ago :

Between the dog hair and the dryer sheet, which I suppose was their curtain, I was not quite sure what to think of that nest, but it lasted the entire season. So even if my quilts are not perfect thus far, if they don’t fall apart in the washer and dryer, and little kids like to cuddle under them, they have served their purpose, just like the dryer-sheet nest.

Another year, newlyweds must have built their nest because it kept falling down and I think that they had to rebuild it several times before settling in. OH, does that ever remind me of my best friend the seam ripper! : )

I am no longer a beginner to quilting but I still have such a long way to go. What helps me are the people who are experts…you know who you are…and you inspire me.  At this point in your quilting careers you are master architects, kind of like this year’s bird nest which just amazed me.  Two tunnel entranceways; one on either side!

sparrow nest

Now, after several wind storms, and constantly flying in and out of the nest, it is a bit shabbier. Yet it is still holding strong and keeping the children warm. Some of you ( you know who you are ) make the most amazing quilts, perfect, or almost perfect in every way…masterpieces…and then they go on to your beds, or your children’s beds, or your grandchildren’s beds. They might get a wee bit of wear and tear over the years but they are still masterpieces, and you can be proud to be the architects of them.

I like to think that this couple is the newlywed couple of a few years back…who had to keep rebuilding their nest, and that this is their two door or tunnel masterpiece after they just kept persevering and learning :) Even though the wind has wreaked a bit of havoc here…it still stands strong and the babies are still safe, and this couple flies in and out of both sides feeding those babies all day long. And they couldn’t wait for me to leave the area, either!

bird nest and parents

There is a saying that “practice makes perfect”.  I do not agree. There are people in this world, whether they are artists, violinists, writers, engineers or quilters….that have more talent than others. They are what we call ‘gifted’.  I think that their practice makes perfect. Their gifts are there to inspire the rest of us to just try to get better over time. And now that I am older and have honestly faced the fact that I can’t do one damn thing perfectly, it doesn’t bother me.  I find it freeing :)

I am free to do the best that I can, and let the masters inspire me to keep trying.

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A few blooms

While my lilac is done, and the snowball bush is dropping its  blossoms, a few more bushes are coming into bloom now.

bush collage

As the show winds down in my yard, my neighbor, who is my sister’s MIL, has a new show starting up for me to enjoy. Her yard is adjacent to the back of mine.  Her lilacs and peonies and these purple flowers have burst in to bloom, and a bit later, I’ll savor the sight of an azalea and rhododendron on the side of her house.

mom berti flower collage

My brother-in-law had knee surgery last year so I dug up a portion of her garden and got some tomatoes in for her. This year he was back at it on Memorial Day. She’s 92 and she still wants her tomatoes and peppers :)

I determined to do a few things differently this year.  Everything by seed or bulb…no purchased flowers.  I started some in containers on the porch and finished up by sowing zinnia and other seeds into the ground on Memorial Day weekend.

So here, there and everywhere are seedlings or the future hope of them, and some are in this little garden cart that I picked up for 20.00 at a used-stuff sale a month or so ago.

seedlings collage

I weakened, however when I went to the grocery story the day after Memorial Day. The reason is that well established hibiscus in large pots usually go for 15.00 and up. The store was having a sale on 1 gallon pots; 3 for 12.00. To my delight I spied a few hibiscus among them and so I purchased this one for 4.00. I could not resist the pretty color and I transplanted it into a larger pot when I got home.


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