A finished baby quilt and doggy birthday

pansies and tulips

On Wednesday we had a break from rain, cold, wind, gloom, etc. It was a lovely break. Since I’d finished up hand sewing the binding to the back of a baby quilt a few days prior, I thought that it would be a good day to wash it and then dry it on the line.

Here it is after I’d mowed the grass for the upteenth time already this spring:

baby quilt on line

I’d made a much larger quilt with these colors last year for my son’s house and family. This little quilt used up some of the remaining fabrics. I quilted it with white thread to blend in with the back. There’s an applique butterfly in the patchwork section and then I appliqued little fussy cut owl hexies around a border. The outer portions are machine quilted, the squares inside are hand-quilted with simple wavy lines…four or five to a square.

quilt collage use this one

It was also my dog’s birthday that day. I have two dogs, and while I don’t know Jugsy’s birthday, having gotten him from the Humane Society, I do know Lily’s. Lily moved here from a neighbor’s home when they had to transfer to another state.  Her *real* mama reminds me on Facebook when it is Lily’s birthday. So she had freshly mown grass to roll around in and as it happened, she had turkey and mashed potatoes too.  I decided to cook a turkey breast in the crockpot as the price of lunchmeat has gotten ridiculous around here. The dogs were very happy with my decision.


Here is the larger quilt that I made last year. This was a tied quilt. My bed is queen-sized and I had the quilt on there for a few pictures prior to taking it to my son’s home where it would work nicely as a full sized comforter or twin spread.

Finished purple and green pieced and tied quilt

It’s back to chilly weather and rain showers again :)


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First loose tooth and the twin’s birthday

My little grandson’s first loose tooth. It seems that he was just GETTING his first tooth! :)

brents loose tooth

He was very excited about this so of course we had to take a picture! : )

This was taken last weekend when the twin’s birthday was celebrated.  If you doubt that we grow jaded and lose our sense of wonder as we grow older just look at two of the boys’ expressions when the candles were being lit :

cake collage

The house was jam-packed. My DIL has a large family…while some of us were outside with the children and their bikes for awhile, coats were needed as the weather has been very chilly the last few days.

I did get pictures of the girls without jackets though we hurried! They are posing on their grandfather’s motorcycle here.

girls collage

My DIL is a twin. Her sis is in the cake collage above, over by the fridge. These little girls, just turning five years old, were preemies weighing around 2 lbs. when they were born.


Aiselyn Closeup

Mya ( who had a serious operation a few years ago for an hemangioma that was growing inside of her neck. It was very serious and she was in a coma for quite awhile after the surgery and then needed rehab. ) I knew my DIL before her and my son started dating and remember those days and the worry and prayers that were lifted by so many.

These two girls are little miracles. )

Emya Closeup

When my son and DIL were married, I photographed the wedding. One of the pictures that I took was this one :

Best Friends T and M

That was her and her best friend.

Here they are now with the happiest little girl in the world baby :

Tallica Mindy and Baby

As to that loose tooth and where does the time go…it was just yesterday :)

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