Started a new blog…

For all of my life, I’ve been an avid reader and a good half of my reading had something to do with spirituality.

Now, that reading might have ( and still does ) pertained to religion, to “New Age” to “Self-Help” to comparative religion, to mythology, to memoirs about cooking in an Orthodox Jewish home with the writer’s MIL, to the Bible, to Edgar Cayce, to Buddhism, to historical fiction, to Jungian archetypes and how they affect us, to the Mother Goddess in history,  and so much more.

You would THINK that I’d be a damn saint by now, but I am not, What’s with THAT? :) 

But due to this interest of mine I started another blog. And since I am not a saint by now, I won’t be ‘preaching’ to you on the blog. Aren’t you lucky! :)

I wanted to name it something simple like SacredStuff. com but any simple names are all taken up. So the blog is called The Sacred Eclectic. It is to be a mix…devoted to soul and spiritual journeys but just a little of my own here and there. Not too much of me, I hope, since I am not a damn saint yet : )

I am Word Press and familiar with it so I looked at a lot of the free themes, but in the end chose Mantra which I also use for FLB. Mantra can be very fancy…with images, sliders, all sorts of things on the front page. But I like it because I can make it simple, where you just get to the reading of the post.

Having said that it’s been awhile since I set up a blog so it took longer than I’d anticipated. I still have to do an About Page, but I wanted to get a few posts up first.

There are many beautiful WP themes that don’t have enough pages, widget areas etc. There are more complicated themes where you need to know code or get help from a designer. I did not want to go that route!

The money that I have invested in this so far, is in using Feed Blitz versus Feedburner. Feedburner is free but I keep hearing that it’s on its last legs. Should that happen it would be complicated to migrate FLB over to another feed. So I didn’t want to have to do that with this new blog.

I decided for this new blog to use Feed Blitz for  the RSS feed as well as email subscriptions.

Those options are on the site now for you, should you want to subscribe.

I threw up a few Google ads ( we make nada off of ads like those unless they are clicked on ) and may search out a few more options to finance the Feed Blitz solution but for now, I spent enough time on setting this up :)

I am spinning off to this 2nd blog since FLB is basically a lifestyle blog. So while here and there, I might have a post on something geared to spirituality, or care of the soul, I don’t want that to be FLB’s focus. FLB’s focus is caring for the soul by photographing blue jays and squirrels and grandkids and cooking and sewing :)

The Sacred Eclectic will be a different variety, though I don’t have a specific plan in mind. I am winging it hopefully with some angel’s wings for guidance.  I do think that I would like to reference other blogger’s posts and stories on a specific day each week down the line, and for you readers that do not blog that could be a text sent in email with a photo or something…Just brainstorming here :)  I  feel that we all have stories…and I’d like this new blog to be a mix of stories from our generation and gifted writers and saints and seekers from the past as well.

The Sacred Eclectic,  still being worked on a bit is HERE.

Update…I just added an ABOUT page, with text from this post,  with this selfie from a year ago that took me a good 20 tries to do.  I am all ABOUT being behind the camera not in front of it! :) Selfies are hard, lol.

selfie for shop about page

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Sewing end of March

Two rounds of snow in the last few days and some Easter egg dyeing going on.

Snow and Easter Eggs Collage for Blog

I have not been sewing much lately but I did finish up the hand quilting portion of this baby quilt and started to machine quilt around the borders on Saturday.


I have two borders to finish up and then I’ll apply binding. I’ll be hand-stitching it to the back later on today, joining the other slow stitchers over at Kathy’s Quilts.

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